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Suny Oswego Course Reviews

State University of New York at Oswego

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ART 448CreativeCode for Vis Artist II00000
BIO 203Human Biology00000
ART 111Freshmen Colloquium00000
ART 395Graphic Design Facility Manage00000
ART 304Motion Graphics I00000
ANT 402Teaching Anthropology00000
ART 565Grad History Graphic Design00000
AED 540CED Art Prac &Student Teaching00000
ART 225Intro to Printmaking00000
ANT 211Anthropological Theory Part II00000
ART 365History of Graphic Design00000
ART 317Web Media I00000
ANT 354Forensic Anthropology00000
ART 414GraphicDesigPracticum00000
ADO 543Field Placement III: Science00000
ART 514Grad Prob in Graphic Design00000
ARA 102Continuing Elementary Arabic00000
AST 401Advanced Astronomy00000
ADO 340Content Methods: Science00000
BIO 325Behavioral Biology Lab00000
ANT 111Archaeology & Human Evolution00000
ART 250West Hert I-Survy Art I00000
ADO 353Field PlacementIII:Social Stud00000
ART 311Transfer Student Colloquim00000
ANT 301T:Culture of the Haudenosaunee00000
ART 348Creative Code for Vis Artist I00000
ART 325Printmaking-Intaglio00000
ANT 339Archaeology of Americn SW00000
ART 374Asian Art Through Silk Road00000
ADO 523Field Exp III:2nd Foreign Lang00000
ART 408Publication Design00000
ANT 372Peoples&Cultr of China00000
ART 423Adv. Problems in Illustration00000
ADO 320Content Methds:2nd/ForeignLang00000
ART 500GRST Art Therapy Principles00000
ANT 452Religion & Magic00000
ART 530Graduate Ceramics00000
ADO 594Interdisciplinary Methods00000
AST 100Astronomy00000
ART 103TEMM:Photo/InDesign Nonmajors00000
BHI 698Graduate Internship in BHI00000
ACC 330Federal Tax Accounting I00000
BIO 304Insects and People00000
ART 210Drawing I00000
BIO 363Great Lakes Environ. Issues00000
ADO 350Content Methods:Social Studies00000
ART 243Intro to Digital Photography00000
ANT 198FYSC:The Talking Dead00000
ART 260Wood Design00000
ACC 430Auditing00000
ART 308Branding & Packaging Design00000
ANT 280Biological Anthropology00000
ART 313Digital Illustration I00000
ADO 420Student Teaching00000
ART 322Drawing for Transfer Students00000
ANT 303Eth.TreatmentofNonhumanPrimate00000
ART 345Sculpture00000
ART 333ST:Photography Projects00000
ANT 337Archaeology,Hist Pres & CRM00000
ART 356History Of Photography00000
ADO 513Field Placement III: English00000
ART 368Chinese Art00000
ANT 344Language And Culture00000
ART 387Modern Art and Mass Culture00000
ADO 310Content Methods; English00000
ART 400Figure Drawing II00000
ANT 356Culture History of theIroquois00000
ART 411Drawing IV00000
ADO 533Field Placement III: Math00000
ART 418Adv 3-D Modeling & Animation00000
ANT 383Disease & Human Behavior00000
ART 431Ceramics IV00000
ACC 320Managerial Accounting00000
ART 471T:SCAI:ResearchProblemsArtHist00000
ANT 430Advanced Archaeology00000
ART 510Graduate Drawing00000
ADO 553Field Placement III:Soc Studie00000
ART 519Graduate Critique00000
ANT 455Human Growth/Development00000
ART 545Graduate Sculpture00000
ADO 330Content Methods: Mathematics00000
ART 580Res Museum Studies00000
ART 100Intro to the Visual Arts00000
AST 350Observational Astronomy00000
ADO 596Student Teaching Grades 7-12 B00000
BFR 500Cognition and Forensics00000
ART 106Design Concepts II-3D00000
BIO 110Biology Seminar00000
ACC 301Intermediate Accounting I00000
BIO 220Diversity of Life00000
ART 207Digital Media00000
BIO 316Laboratory in Genetics00000
AED 560Art Education Action Research00000
ART 215Painting I00000
ACC 201Principles of Accounting I00000
ACC 305Accounting Information Systems00000
ACC 431Federal Tax Accounting II00000
ADO 421Cross Cultural Student Teach00000
ANT 331Digging Up the Past00000
ART 340Black & White Darkroom PhotoI00000