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Suny Oneonta Course Reviews

State University of New York at Oneonta

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ARTS 354Figure Painting00000
BIOL 221Ethnobotany & Medicinal Plants00000
ANTH 342Understanding Stone Tools00000
ARTS 280Artists Books I00000
ARTH 214Hist Northern Renaissance Art00000
ANTH 252The Incas & Their Ancestors00000
BIOL 111Biological & Med. Terminology00000
ALS 278African-Atlantic:Popular Cult.00000
ARTC 545African American Art00000
ALS 398Seminar In Women's And Gender00000
ARTS 242Figure Drawing I00000
ARTH 294Special Topics: Art History00000
ANTH 230Primate Behavior00000
ARTS 310Basic Photography II00000
ALS 255Marked Bodies00000
ASTR 108Descriptive Astronomy00000
ANTH 313Ethnohistory00000
BIOL 203Elementary Microbiology Lec00000
AHIS 263Slavery And Resistance00000
BIOL 282Ecology00000
ALS 353Sex & Race In Science & Tech00000
ARTH 110Survey Of The Visual Arts II00000
AHIS 294Sptp: Native Amer Women's Hist00000
ARTH 218Art Of The 20Th Century00000
ANTH 145Prehistoric World Cultures00000
ARTS 237Ceramics I00000
ARTS 203RAdv. Studio I: Printmaking00000
ANTH 220Linguistic Anthropolgy00000
ARTS 260Printmaking I00000
ALS 100Black And Latino Experience00000
ARTS 303NAdv. Studio II: Painting00000
ANTH 239History Of Human Evolution00000
ARTS 340Drawing III00000
AHIS 244Civil War & Reconstruction00000
ARTS 380Artists Books II00000
ANTH 271Anthro Of Food And Nutrition00000
ASTR 271Stars And Galaxies00000
ALS 264Jim Crow To Black Power00000
BIOL 133Investigative Biology Lab00000
ANTH 336Forensic Anthropology00000
BIOL 212Genetics Lec00000
ACCT 394Sptp: Tech & Data Analytics00000
BIOL 248Histology00000
ANTH 393Hist - Anthropological Thght00000
BIOL 303Lab Methods Human Physiology00000
AHIS 267U.S. Foreign Relations To 191400000
ARTC 551Independent Study: Art00000
ALS 395Senior Sem: Africana&Latino St00000
ARTH 212Hist European Medieval Art00000
AHIS 200Gods/Devils Of Atlantic World00000
ARTH 216Hist 19Th Cen Euro Painting00000
ANTH 130Intro Biological Anthropology00000
ARTH 220Images Of Women In Western Art00000
ALIT 207Environmental Literature00000
ARTS 140Intro To Studio 2D Design00000
ANTH 203Peoples & Cultures - Caribbean00000
ARTS 230Sculpture I00000
ARTS 203NAdvanced Painting Intensive00000
ANTH 217Visual Anthropology00000
ARTS 240Studio 2D Design II00000
ALIT 365Race And The American South00000
ARTS 250Watercolor Painting I00000
ANTH 227Cultural Identities00000
ARTS 262Serigraphy I00000
AHIS 240American Colonial History00000
ARTS 294Sptp: Figurative Painting I00000
ANTH 236Medical Anthropology00000
ARTS 303JAdv. Studio II: Drawing00000
ALS 223Graffiti/Street Art Francophon00000
ARTS 320Studio Illustration II00000
ANTH 250Anthropology Of The Southwest00000
ARTS 351Watercolor Painting II00000
ACCT 333Acct Govt&Non-Profit Org00000
ARTS 363Serigraphy II00000
ANTH 254Archaeology Environmntl Change00000
ASL 101Intro American Sign Language I00000
ALS 260Philosophy Of Protest00000
ASTR 270Our Solar System00000
ANTH 294Sptp:Trans. Anth For Work Wrld00000
ASTR 376Topics In Modern Astronomy00000
AHIS 254Social & Intell Hist Of U.S. I00000
BIOL 131Organismal Perspectives In Bio00000
ANTH 331Human Skeletal Anatomy00000
BIOL 194Sptp:Genetically Eng. Machines00000
ALS 273Race Gender Class And Culture00000
BIOL 206Human Anatomy & Physio II Lec00000
ANTH 338Bioarchaeology00000
BIOL 217Quantitative Biology00000
ACCT 225Cost Accounting00000
BIOL 238Dendrology00000
ANTH 355Applying Cultural Research Met00000
BIOL 259Marine Biology00000
ALS 290Women, Race & The Law00000
ARTC 530Survey Of American Folk Art00000
ACCT 100Financial Accounting00000
ACCT 321Advanced Accounting00000
AHIS 208The City In American Culture00000
ALIT 240The American Renaissance00000
ANTH 211Religion, Magic And Myth00000
ARTS 210Darkroom Photography I00000