Suny Maritime Course Reviews

State University of New York Maritime

ENGR 243Transport Processes00000
ENGR 425Facilities Engineering Design I00000
NVSC 551Naval Science Laboratory00000
CHEM 311Environmental Chemistry00000
TMGT 8340Dry And Wet Bulk Vessel Operations00000
NAVG 212Navigation II: Oceans00000
ENGR 371Applied Naval Architecture00000
MNST 8106Maritime Piracy And Predation00000
PS 410The Business Of Towing00000
MT 412PDeck Lic Sem: Navigation Pract00000
CA 000Consortium Agreement00000
TMGT 8502Principles of Supply Chain Management II00000
MTOD 525Cadet Commercial Vessel Shipping Limited Tonnage II00000
ENGL 103Freshman English II for Engineers00000
METE 350Synoptic Meteorology00000
ENGR 348Strength of Materials Lab00000
NVSC 211Navigation00000
ENGR 395Electric Machines00000
ENGR 100Engineering Graphics00000
ENGR 454Vibrations00000
MNST 9100Capstone00000
TMGT 7060Systems Analysis & Operations Research00000
ENGR 290Circuit Analysis00000
TMGT 8465Advanced Topics In Shipping00000
MT 435Maritime Security00000
BIO 315Marine Biology00000
TMGT 8550Maritime Physical And Cyber Security Risk Management And Mit...00000
MTEO 561Small Vessels Engineer I00000
CHEM 212Materials Science I00000
MATH 212Differential Equations00000
CS 101Computer Laboratory00000
NAUT 416Bridge Resource Mngt (Unl Lic)00000
ENGL 475Film II00000
ENGL 414Irish Literature00000
ENGR 314Engineering Economics00000
NVSC 150Naval Science Laboratory00000
ENGR 363Ship Statics00000
MNST 7102The History Of American Sea Power00000
ENGR 385Instrumentation & Measurement00000
NVSC 351Naval Science Laboratory00000
ENGR 418Mechanical Engineering Design I00000
CHEM 213Materials Science II00000
ENGR 444Engineering Project Management00000
PHYS 201Engineering Physics II00000
ENGR 461Ship Design II00000
ENGR 242Statics00000
PS 414Bridge Resource Management (Limited License)00000
MT 321Introduction to Cargo Operations and Ship Stability00000
TMGT 8140Seminar In Shipping Economics00000
CHEM 312Environmental Chemistry Laboratory00000
TMGT 8440Maritime Law00000
MT 412DDeck Lic Sem: Deck Safety00000
TMGT 8491The Terrorist Threat Today00000
ENGR 341Fluid Mechanics00000
TMGT 8520Global Transportation and Supply Chain Security00000
MT 601Independent Study In Marine Transportation I00000
BIO 201General Biology I00000
TSES 202DInstructional Maintenance-Deck00000
MTEO 521Cadet Commercial Vessel Shipping Assistant Engineer I00000
BIO 416Fisheries Science00000
MATH 101Calculus I00000
CHEM 122General Chemistry I Lab00000
MTO 120Primer Of Towing00000
CHEM 221Organic Chemistry00000
ENGL 101Freshman English I00000
CHEM 322Organic Chemistry Laboratory00000
MTOE 562Marine Engines and Auxiliary Machinery II00000
ENGL 090FWriting & Reading I For Foreigners00000
MATH 446Operations Research00000
ENGL 416Literature of the Sea00000
NAUT 476Fast Rescue Boat Operations And Small Boat Handling00000
ENGR 110Intro to Engineering Practice00000
CHEM 123General Chemistry II00000
ENGR 292Digital Electronics00000
NVSC 101Introduction To Naval Science00000
ENGR 345Engineering Statistical Analysis00000
METE 610SPCL TPCS(Extreme Meteo Event)00000
ENGR 351Heat Transfer00000
NVSC 201Leadership & Management00000
ENGR 366Ship Structure00000
ENGL 452Technical Writing and Studies in Technology and Civilization00000
ENGR 383Signals And Systems00000
NVSC 311Evolution Of Warfare00000
ENGR 390Applied Electronics00000
MNST 8101Music of the Sea00000
ENGR 398Control Systems Theory00000
NVSC 450Naval Science Laboratory00000
ENGR 423Hvac System Design00000
BIO 415Ichthyology00000
ENGR 428Computerized Control Systems00000
PE 350Intercolleg Athletic Participation00000
ENGR 450Marine Engineering Design III00000
MNST 8111Environmental Humanities: Arks and Archives00000
PS 103Water Safety & Survival Mariners00000
BIO 210Ecology00000
CHEM 100Introductory Chemistry00000
CSH 500Cad Ship Exp & Recency (Int'l)00000
ENGR 349Transport Processes Laboratory00000
MTDO 525Cadet Commercial Vessel Shipping Limited Tonnage II00000
TSES 301EInstructional Maintenance-Engine00000