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Suny Maritime Course Reviews

State University of New York Maritime

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENGR 428Computerized Control Systems00000
ENGR 484Electric Drives00000
ENGR 314Engineering Economics00000
ENGR 398Control Systems Theory00000
ENGR 351Heat Transfer00000
ENGR 110Intro to Engineering Practice00000
ENGR 461Ship Design II00000
CHEM 322Organic Chemistry Laboratory00000
ENGR 347Strength of Materials00000
ENGL 090Practice In Writing And Reading I00000
ENGR 390Applied Electronics00000
ENGR 366Ship Structure00000
ENGL 452Technical Writing and Studies in Technology and Civilization00000
ENGR 423Hvac System Design00000
CHEM 222Organic Chemistry Lab00000
ENGR 450Marine Engineering Design III00000
ENGR 244Dynamics00000
ENGR 473Ship Dynamics00000
CHEM 121General Chemistry I00000
ENGR 494Introduction to Renewable Energy Resources00000
CS 101Computer Laboratory00000
ENGR 349Transport Processes Laboratory00000
CHEM 123General Chemistry II00000
ENGR 363Ship Statics00000
ENGL 101Freshman English I00000
ENGR 385Instrumentation & Measurement00000
ENGR 371Applied Naval Architecture00000
ENGL 416Literature of the Sea00000
ENGR 395Electric Machines00000
CHEM 220Environmental Chemistry00000
ENGR 418Mechanical Engineering Design I00000
ENGL 478Asian Cinema00000
ENGR 425Facilities Engineering Design I00000
CA 000Consortium Agreement00000
ENGR 444Engineering Project Management00000
ENGR 242Statics00000
ENGR 454Vibrations00000
CHEM 312Environmental Chemistry Laboratory00000
ENGR 471Ship Design III00000
ENGR 292Digital Electronics00000
ENGR 481Communications Theory00000
BIO 320Invertebrate Zoology00000
ENGR 489Electrical Design II00000
ENGR 344Thermodynamics00000
ENGR 495Marine Electrical Systems00000
CHEM 122General Chemistry I Lab00000
ENGR 348Strength of Materials Lab00000
CSH 500Cad Ship Exp & Recency (Int'l)00000
ENGR 350Analog Controls00000
BIO 415Ichthyology00000
ENGR 354Marine Engineering Design I00000
ENGL 090FWriting & Reading I For Foreigners00000
ENGR 365Ship Form And Graphics00000
CHEM 124General Chemistry II Lab00000
ENGR 368Ship Design I00000
ENGL 102Freshman English II00000
ENGR 384Power Electronics00000
ENGR 380Introduction to Electric Machinery00000
ENGL 414Irish Literature00000
ENGR 387Analog Electronics00000
CHEM 213Materials Science II00000
ENGR 394Electromagnetic Fields00000
ENGL 423Shakespeare00000
ENGR 396Machine Learning00000
BIO 425Evolutionary Biology00000
ENGR 412Ocean Engineering00000
ENGL 475Film II00000
ENGR 419Mechanical Engineering Design II00000
CHEM 221Organic Chemistry00000
ENGR 424Hvac Systems Operation Management00000
ENGR 100Engineering Graphics00000
ENGR 426Facilities Engineering Design II00000
BIO 315Marine Biology00000
ENGR 440Marine Engineering Design II00000
ENGR 120Programming for Engineers00000
ENGR 446Marine Engine Theory & Application00000
CHEM 311Environmental Chemistry00000
ENGR 453Modern Concepts00000
ENGR 243Transport Processes00000
ENGR 456Computer Aided Engineering00000
CHEM 100Introductory Chemistry00000
ENGR 462Ship Resistance And Propulsion00000
ENGR 290Circuit Analysis00000
ENGR 472Sail Boat Principles And Design00000
CHEM 321Organic Chemistry00000
ENGR 476Power Boat Principles and Design00000
ENGR 312Machine Design00000
ENGR 483Control Systems Theory00000
BIO 202General Biology II00000
ENGR 488Electrical Design I00000
ENGR 341Fluid Mechanics00000
ENGR 490Power Electronics & Electric Drives00000
CRX 000SUNY Cross Registered Course00000
ENGR 345Engineering Statistical Analysis00000
BIO 201General Biology I00000
BIO 210Ecology00000
BIO 416Fisheries Science00000
CHEM 212Materials Science I00000
ENGL 103Freshman English II for Engineers00000
ENGR 383Signals And Systems00000