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Suny Geneseo Course Reviews

State University of New York at Geneseo

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CURR 625Assmt-BasedInstrPrac-TESOL-Lec00000
ENGL 188Exp: Intro to Graphic Novels00000
BIOL 348Plant Diversity-Lec00000
COMN 345Theories of Interpersonal Comm00000
CHEM 104Chemistry & Society00000
BIOL 230Principles of Microbiology-Lec00000
ECON 376Labor Economics00000
ARTH 115F/Hist-Body&Representation-Lec00000
BIOL 385Sr Sem in Biochem: (subtitle)00000
ARTH 199Ds:Arth17300000
COMN 211Discussion & Group Dynamics00000
CHEM 302Biochemistry I00000
BIOL 103Human Biology-Lec00000
COMN 488Exp: Teaching in Communication00000
ANTH 388Experimental: Women in Prehist00000
ECON 210Intermed Microeconomic Theory00000
BIOL 314Biodiversity-Lec00000
EDUC 350Student Teaching-High Sch Educ00000
ANTH 231S/Language and Gender00000
ENGL 342World Litg:African Migration00000
ARTH 172F/HisWstArt:Renaissance-Rococo00000
BIOL 535Immunology00000
ANTH 302Medical Anthropology00000
CHEM 211Organic Chemistry I00000
ARTH 250F/Contemp Art & Globalization00000
CHIN 201L/Intermediate Chinese I00000
CHEM 329Topics in Physical Chemistry00000
ARTH 387Research Methods in Art Hist00000
COMN 267Television Production-Lec00000
ANTH 343Cross-Cul Persp-Women's Health00000
COMN 363Advanced Television Production00000
BIOL 188Exp:1st Yr Research Lab00000
CURR 515International Children's Lit00000
ANTH 207S/M/Ancient Civ of North Amer00000
DANL 210Data Preparation & Management00000
BIOL 266Anatomy & Physiology II-Lec00000
ECON 345Economics of Sports00000
ARBC 201L/Intermediate Arabic I00000
EDUC 206Practicum: Dimensions of Teach00000
BIOL 334Biology of Cancer-Lec00000
EDUC 603Fnd of Educ:School & Society00000
ACCT 530Accounting Theory & Research00000
ENGL 310Medieval Literature00000
BIOL 365Anatomy&Physiology I-Lec00000
ENGL 366ConEarlyLit: Old Engl Lit&Lang00000
ANTH 235S/M/Ancnt Civ-Mesomerica&Andes00000
BIOL 392Genome Analysis-Lec00000
ARTH 174F/Visual Culture Today00000
BLKS 225F/Black Cinema00000
AMST 201U/TopAmSt: Legacies of Slavery00000
CHEM 119N/Introductory Chemistry Lab00000
ARTH 203F/Renaissance Eur:ClassiclCult00000
CHEM 224Principles of Organic Chem II00000
ANTH 309Top:Evol&Environ-human health00000
CHEM 318Advanced Organic Chemistry00000
ARTH 281F/M/Pre-Columbian&Latin; Am Art00000
CHEM 393Honors Research00000
CHEM 340Modern Analytical Chemistry00000
ARTH 310Gender and Art00000
COMN 107Foundations of Media Writing00000
ANTH 334Social Anthropology00000
COMN 248Perspectives-Organizatnl Comm00000
ASTR 106N/The Solar System Laboratory00000
COMN 288Exp:Comm Diversity & Inclusion00000
ANTH 188Exp: First Year Experience00000
COMN 354AdIs-MdCm:Mass Media & Youth00000
BIOL 116N/General Biology Laboratory00000
COMN 368Research in Media&Cultural St00000
ANTH 380Top-CulAnt:Anth at the Margins00000
CURR 316Teaching Sci&Math to Children00000
BIOL 215Plant Diversity-Lec00000
CURR 611Materials/Methods-Reading/Lit00000
ACCT 502Advanced Financial Accounting00000
DANC 331Dance Composition I-Lec00000
BIOL 242Biology of Vertebrates-Lec00000
ECED 355Diversity&Inclusion-EC Classrm00000
ANTH 421Contemporary Theory in Anth00000
ECON 310History of Economic Analysis00000
BIOL 301Laboratory in Cell Biology00000
ECON 362Intro Data Analytics-Business00000
ANTH 215S/M/Ancient Civ of Old World00000
ECON 525Managerial Economic Analysis00000
BIOL 318M/Health and Developing World00000
EDUC 331Student Teaching Primary00000
ARTH 110F/History of Drawing-Lec00000
EDUC 488Exp:Student Teaching MS Ed00000
BIOL 342Parasitology-Lec00000
EDUC 699DS: The Nature of Learning00000
ACCT 270Managerial Accounting I00000
ENGL 301AdvPoetryWksp: Borrowed Rhyme00000
BIOL 361Plant Physiology-Lec00000
ENGL 329Amer Vis: Black Masculinities00000
ARTH 160African Amer Art Hist Survey00000
BIOL 378Microscope Techniques00000
ACCT 103Intro to Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 335Acct & Fin Top-Entrepreneurshp00000
ANTH 101S/M/Exploratn-Human Diversity00000
ANTH 316Human Ecology00000
ARTH 288Exp:Renaissance Art&Theory00000
CHEM 361Modern Chemistry Laboratory00000