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Suny Delhi Course Reviews

State University of New York at Delhi

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
AUTO 128Automotive Electrical II00000
BIOL 218Animal Anatomy and Physiology00000
ATHL 165Women's Soccer Yr 100000
ATHL 420Men's Lacrosse Yr 400000
ATHL 245Women's Basketball Yr 200000
ATHL 120Men's Lacrosse Yr 100000
AUTO 248Lab Practical IV00000
ARCH 220Commercial Doc and Detailing00000
ATHL 205Men's Cross Country Yr 200000
ARCH 345Sustainable Systems I00000
ATHL 375Women's Swim & Dive Yr 300000
ATHL 285Women's Volleyball Yr 200000
ARTS 115Freehand Drawing00000
ATHL 465Women's Soccer Yr 400000
ANTH 100Cultural Anthropology00000
AUTO 162Automotive Chassis II00000
ATHL 145Women's Basketball Yr 100000
BIOL 125Food Microbiology00000
AECT 340Estimating and Planning II00000
BIOL 290Ind. St. Ecological Research00000
ARCH 300Arch Digital Design II00000
ATHL 225Men's Soccer Yr 200000
AECT 380Career Seminar00000
ATHL 265Women's Soccer Yr 200000
ARCH 370Architectural Design IV00000
ATHL 350Women's Cross-Country Yr 300000
ATHL 310Men's Golf Yr 300000
ARTS 104Ceramics I00000
ATHL 400Men's Basketball Yr 400000
AECT 480Reinforced Concrete Design00000
ATHL 435Men's Tennis Yr 400000
ARTS 310The Art of Healing Landscapes00000
ATHL 485Women's Volleyball Yr 400000
AECT 300Design-Build Management II00000
AUTO 138Engine Performance I00000
ATHL 135Men's Tennis Yr 100000
AUTO 228Advanced Computer Systems00000
ARCH 125Architectural Design Graphics00000
BIOL 105Wildlife Of North America00000
ATHL 155Women's Golf Yr 100000
BIOL 150Biology of Beer00000
ACCT 400Auditing I00000
BIOL 240Genetics00000
ATHL 180Women's Tennis Yr 100000
BIOL 300Immunology00000
AECT 370Site Engineering and Design00000
ATHL 215Men's Indoor Track Yr 200000
ARCH 315Special Topics in Arch Revit00000
ATHL 235Men's Tennis Yr 200000
AECT 100Orient. Arch. & Construct. Tec00000
ATHL 255Women's Golf Yr 200000
ARCH 355Architectural Prototyping00000
ATHL 275Women's Swim & Dive Yr 200000
AECT 395CM Internship II00000
ATHL 300Men's Basketball Yr 300000
ARCH 401Portfolio Preparation00000
ATHL 340Men's Outdoor Track/Field Yr 300000
ATHL 320Men's Lacrosse Yr 300000
ARCH 496AdvSty/Portfolio Prep-Arch Ren00000
ATHL 365Women's Soccer Yr 300000
AECT 415Sustainable Building Practices00000
ATHL 385Women's Volleyball Yr 300000
ARTS 110History of Rock Music00000
ATHL 410Men's Golf Yr 400000
AECT 292Independent Study 200000
ATHL 425Men's Soccer Yr 400000
ARTS 290Independent Study In Fine Arts00000
ATHL 455Women's Golf Yr 400000
ALHT 202Statistics & Research Methods00000
ATHL 475Women's Swim & Dive Yr 400000
ATHL 105Men's Cross Country Yr 100000
AUTO 121Introduction to Automotive Lab00000
ACCT 350Federal Income Tax00000
AUTO 135ASE Electrical II WE00000
ATHL 130Men's Swim & Dive Yr 100000
AUTO 152Automotive Chassis I00000
ANTH 300Survey of World Cultures00000
AUTO 218Manual Trans. & Drive Lines00000
ATHL 140Men's Outdoor Track/Field Yr 100000
AUTO 235Engine Performance-Emissions00000
AECT 310Residential Building System II00000
AUTO 256Automotive Chasis II00000
ATHL 150Women's Cross-Country Yr 100000
BIOL 115Animal Behavior00000
ARCH 140Architectural Design I00000
BIOL 135General Biology II00000
ATHL 160Women's Indoor Track Yr 100000
BIOL 210Botany00000
ACCT 220Intermediate Accounting II00000
BIOL 225Human Anatomy & Physiology II00000
ATHL 175Women's Swim & Dive Yr 100000
BIOL 246General Ecology Lab00000
ARCH 250Architectural Digital Design I00000
ATHL 190Women Outdoor Track/Field Yr 100000
ACCT 125Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 250Federal Income Tax00000
AECT 280Mechan, Electr & Plumbing Syst00000
AECT 401Indep. Study Construction Mgmt00000
ARCH 430Architectural Design V00000
ATHL 330Men's Swim & Dive Yr 300000