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Suny Cortland Course Reviews

State University of New York at Cortland

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MAT 201Statistical Methods31331
SCI 304Plants & People00000
SPM 675International Sport Law00000
AFS 301WEB:Leading People&Eff Comm I00000
SPM 336Intermed Digital Video Stream00000
SAB 413Egypt, American Cairo00000
WGS 552Gender Issues in Education00000
REC 344Commercial and Entrepren. Rec00000
REC 449WEB: Resource Policy & Mgmt00000
SHH 481Clinical Practicum II00000
SHH 689Master's Thesis00000
SPA 308Advanced Spanish Composition00000
REC 610WEB:Wilderness&American Cultur00000
SPM 610WEB: Org Behavior Leadership00000
REC 105Windsurfing00000
THT 329WEB: TP: Acting for the Camera00000
SAB 471Ghana: Univ of Ghana, Legon00000
AED 694Student Teaching: Adolescence Mathematics II00000
PSY 491Spec Std:Neurodiagnostic Techn00000
ANT 103Archaeological Principles00000
REC 429TP: Adaptive Wilderness Excur.00000
SHH 668Language Disorders-Birth to 500000
PWR 129WEB: TP: Grammar HIIT00000
REC 478BL: Exped Learn Pract00000
SOC 302Methods of Soc Research II00000
SOC 355WEB:Gender & The Life Course00000
SOC 493Methods of Social Research I00000
REC 570BL:Outdoor Education Practicum00000
SPA 330Musica Contem Esp Hispanoam00000
PWR 412Advanced Creative Writing00000
SPM 447WEB:Intercollegiate Admn&Govrn00000
REC 698Research in Recreation00000
SPM 647WEB: Intercollegiate Athlt Mgt00000
PSY 429TP:Clinical Health PSY in Prac00000
THT 120Acting I00000
SAB 433WEB:India:Fieldwork in Hea Mgt00000
THT 450Senior Showcase00000
REC 211Adaptive Skiing & Snowboarding00000
AED 643Meth II: Teach Sci Mid/Sec Sch00000
SAB 629Special Topics Study Abroad00000
AFS 201WEB:Team&Leadership Fund I00000
PSY 311HYBR: Motivation00000
AFS 401WEB:Nat SecAff/Prep Act Duty I00000
SHH 360Teach Child w/Limited Eng.Prof00000
ANT 229TP:Gender Issues Global Contex00000
PSY 496Research Assistant I in PSY00000
SHH 643Clinic Prac&Sem:Instrumnt00000
REC 438Design & Admin of TR Services00000
SHH 674Neuromotor Speech Disorders00000
PSY 331Psyc Child with Disabilities00000
SOC 230Prejudice & Discrimination00000
REC 473Camp Leadership00000
SOC 333The Police00000
PWR 295Intro Professional Writing00000
REC 529TP: Rec. Administration00000
SOC 371Sociology of Medicine00000
SOC 378Cross-Cultural Study:Sex Crime00000
SOC 475Sociology of Religion00000
REC 546Legal Aspects of Leisure Serv.00000
SPA 102Beginning Spanish II00000
PWR 395Revising and Editing00000
SPA 317Literary Types in Spanish00000
REC 603Hist/Theor. Persp: Rec & Leis00000
SPM 301Cross-Cultural Persp SPMG00000
PSY 404HYBR: Appl Rsrch Methods -Psy00000
SPM 420Sport Entrepreneurship00000
REC 683BL: Comp. Exam: Rec & Leis00000
SPM 466Strat Mgmt of Sport Organ00000
PWR 497Senior Sem: Prof Writ00000
SPM 625WEB: Int'l Sport Hist & Gov00000
SAB 403Jamaica: Gospel Choir Tour00000
SPM 665WEB: Applied Sport Research00000
PSY 231Child Psychology00000
SPM 686Thesis in Sport Management00000
SAB 425Germany: Sport U, Cologne00000
THT 229TP:Race in American Theatre00000
REC 110Bike Touring (Mountain Biking)00000
THT 426Advanced Scene Study: Styles00000
SAB 456Venezuela, Merida00000
WGS 269WEB: LGBTQ Literature.00000
PSY 437HYBR:Assess Student w/Disabil.00000
AED 578Master's Project & Colloquia00000
SAB 493Costa Rica: Veritas University00000
AED 665Particip-Observer Experience00000
REC 271Foundations of Recreation00000
AFS 141WEB: Ini Military Experience I00000
SCI 129TP: LSAMP STEM Seminar00000
AFS 241WEB:Intermed Military Exper I00000
POL 470WEB: Justice & Society00000
AFS 341WEB:Jr.Offc Leadershp Exper I00000
SHH 281Speech Science00000
AFS 441WEB:Advanced Leadership Exp00000
REC 407Evaluation & Research00000
SOC 399Steriliz., Reprod Tech & Abort00000
SHH 473Neuropathlgy-Speech-Lang00000
POL 403Constitutional Law I00000
POL 489Moot Court00000
PSY 345WEB: Intro to Brain & Behavior00000
PWR 330Rhetoric in the Public Sphere00000
REC 536WEB:TR Interventions II00000