Suny Buffalo State Course Reviews

State University of New York Buffalo State

CIS 391Information Systems Project Management00000
CNS 643Technology and Conservation of Objects II Laboratory00000
BUS 305Workforce Diversity in the Twenty-First Century00000
CHE 360Introduction To Inorganic Chemistry00000
BUS 403Consumer Behavior00000
BIO 619Plant Ecology00000
CNS 603Conservation Imaging: Technical Examination and Documentatio...00000
ANT 312Archaeology of North America00000
BUS 340Securities00000
ANT 412WSeminar In Cultural Anthropology00000
CHE 201Organic Chemistry I00000
BUS 660Managerial Analytics And Decision Making00000
BIO 361Biology Seminar00000
CHE 699Thesis Seminar and Defense00000
ALT 490Senior Seminar00000
CIS 488Internship00000
BME 301WPrinciples Of Business/Marketing & Technology Education00000
CNS 620Technology And Conservation Of Paintings I00000
ADE 594Foundations In Online Teaching00000
COM 210Introduction to Media Writing00000
ANT 332Gender And Archaeology00000
BUS 365Entrepreneurship00000
ADE 695Methods And Techniques Of Educational Research00000
BUS 440WLeadership & Ethics00000
ARA 101Beginning Arabic I00000
CHE 111Fundamentals of Chemistry I00000
BXE 627Curriculum II: Applied Strategies In Bilingual Special Educa...00000
BIO 312Human Anatomy and Physiology II00000
CHE 301Analytical Chemistry00000
AED 510Art Materials Workshop00000
CHE 497Statistical Chemical Analysis00000
BIO 600Foundations Of Graduate Studies In Biology00000
CIS 151Computer-Based Information Processing I00000
ACM 614Statistical And Data Analysis Software For Math And Science...00000
CIS 435Coder as Designer00000
BIO 670Advanced Data Analysis00000
CNS 600Conservation Imaging: Technical Examination And Documentatio...00000
ANT 200Explorations in Anthropology00000
CNS 610Polymers In Art & Conservation00000
BME 590Instr Strat Bus&Marketing00000
CNS 632Technology and Conservation of Works of Art on Paper II00000
AAS 361Race And Progress00000
CNS 694Master's Project I00000
BUS 325Human Resource Management00000
COM 301Principles of Public Relations and Advertising00000
ADE 618Introduction To Online Teaching And Learning In Adult Educat...00000
BUS 350Current Practices in Business Technology00000
ANT 381Religion, Magic, And Culture00000
BUS 369Organizational Change and Development00000
AAS 421Black Drama In America00000
BUS 424International Business Communication00000
ANT 488Internship in Anthropology00000
BUS 534Selected Topics In Business Studies00000
AED 300Foundations In Art Education00000
BXE 623Policies And Practices Of Bilingual Special Education00000
BIO 101Human Biology00000
CHE 101General Chemistry I00000
CAS 301Perspectives On Child Abuse And Advocacy00000
BIO 308Survey Of Human Anatomy And Physiology00000
CHE 113Laboratory for Fundamentals of Chemistry I00000
AED 315Arts In Living00000
CHE 203Organic Chemistry Laboratory I00000
BIO 316General Microbiology00000
CHE 315Environmental Chemistry And Technology00000
ACM 601Mathematical Modeling and Applications II00000
CHE 470Biochemistry I00000
BIO 440Applications In Biotechnology00000
CHE 628Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy00000
AED 675Youth Culture00000
CHI 202Intermediate Chinese II00000
BIO 612Trophic Interactions00000
CIS 370Systems Analysis and Design00000
AAS 341African-Americans And Civil Rights00000
CIS 420Database Management Systems00000
BIO 629Fisheries Management00000
CIS 473Enterprise Systems Design And Administration00000
ANT 100Human Origins00000
CIS 495Student Ambassador00000
BIO 699Capstone Experience in Biology00000
CNS 602Conservation Imaging: Technical Examination and Documentatio...00000
ACM 641Design And Analysis Of Experiments00000
CNS 606Conservation Imaging: Technical Examination and Documentatio...00000
BME 415Student Teaching in Business Education00000
CNS 614Conservation Science: Inorganic Materials In Art And Conserv...00000
ANT 301Indigenous Peoples Of Eastern North America00000
CNS 624Technology And Conservation Of Paintings III Seminar00000
BSC 189Success Strategies00000
CNS 640Technology And Conservation Of Objects I00000
AAS 230Dance Techniques From The African American Perspective00000
CNS 646Technology and Conservation of Objects IV00000
BUS 324Business Communication00000
CNS 699Internship00000
ANT 324The Human Skeleton00000
BUS 334Business Law I00000
AAD 100Introduction to the Visual Arts00000
AAS 321The African American Family00000
AAS 485Advanced Seminar In Africana Studies00000
AED 302Functions And Practice In Art Education00000
BIO 214Introduction To Cell Biology00000
CEL 301Community Perspectives And Experiences00000