SUNO Course Reviews

Southern University at New Orleans

CISP 510Object Oriented Design00000
CRMJ 330Juvenile Justice and Delinq00000
BIOL 342LNEnvironmental Biotech Lab00000
CISP 320Systems Analysis & Design00000
CDFS 321Child Dev in the Family00000
BIOL 220Pathogenic Microbiology and Immunology00000
COMM 305Intercultural Communication00000
AERO 302LLeadership Studies II Lab00000
CDFS 300Parent And Family Relations00000
BADM 125NPersonal Finance00000
CISP 166NComputer Prod Applications II00000
CDFS 445NAdm. of Programs for Children00000
BIOL 125LGeneral Biology II Laboratory (Science Majors)00000
CISP 451Project Management00000
AERO 201LDevelop of Air Power Lab00000
CISP 685Information Security Foundations00000
BIOL 310LIntroduction to Bioinformatics Laboratory (Science Majors)00000
CRMJ 200Evidence00000
ACCT 202Introduction to Managerial Accounting00000
CRMJ 430Criminal Justice Practicum00000
AERO 402Nat Security Affairs II00000
CDFS 303Lifespan Dev in Family Context00000
ACCT 342NAccounting Intermed II00000
CDFS 341Family Resource Mgmt.00000
BADM 301NPrinciples of Finance00000
CHEM 415LNForensic Chemistry Lab00000
CDFS 470NSpecial Topics CDFS00000
BIOL 106General Biology II (Non-Science Majors)00000
CISP 250NFund of Information Systems00000
AERO 102LNFoundations os USAF II Lab00000
CISP 428NNetwork/Internet Security Mgmt00000
BIOL 204LBotany Laboratory00000
CISP 502NFinancial Management00000
ABCP 436Psychopharmacology00000
CISP 633Applied Project Management00000
BIOL 274Human Anatomy and Physiology00000
COMM 210Fund of Public Speaking00000
AERO 301LNLeadership Studies I Lab00000
COMM 312NSmall Group Communication00000
BIOL 325Molecular Biology00000
CRMJ 302Sentencing00000
ABCP 418NResearch Method in Add Behav.00000
CRMJ 412Special Topics on C J00000
BIOL 496NSenior Comprehensive00000
CRMJ 500Criminal Justice Systems00000
ACCT 320Cost Accounting00000
CDFS 302NCurrent Issues in CDFS00000
BADM 101NIntroduction to Business00000
CDFS 312Values and Ethics in CDFS00000
ABCP 422Gambling Addiction00000
CDFS 324Patterns of Family Interaction00000
BADM 250Business Communication00000
CDFS 395Children, Families, Pub Policy00000
ACCT 410Federal and State Taxes00000
CDFS 453Research Meth in Child Dev...00000
BADM 324Real Estate Principles00000
CHEM 241LOrganic Chemistry Lab00000
CHEM 101Introductory Chemistry00000
BIOL 100Biology Seminar00000
CHEM 450NSpecial Problems and Seminar (Hybrid)00000
AERO 101Foundations of USAF00000
CISP 200Programming I00000
BIOL 124LGeneral Biology I Laboratory (Science Majors)00000
CISP 260E-Business and Web Application Development00000
ABCP 432Counselor Certification and Case Presentation00000
CISP 415Database Management Systems00000
BIOL 202LNEnvironmental Science Awareness Lab (Hybrid)00000
CISP 435Applications of Information Security00000
AERO 102LFoundations os USAF II Lab00000
CISP 480E- Commerce00000
BIOL 217LGeneral Microbiology Laboratory00000
CISP 503Supply Chain Mgmt Systems00000
ABCP 325NApplied Addict Counsel Theory (Hybrid)00000
CISP 603System Analysis and Design00000
BIOL 221LNImmunology and Serology Lab00000
CISP 660NDatabase Management00000
AERO 202NEvol of Air/Space Power II00000
CISP 698Research & Appl. Development00000
BIOL 306Biochemistry I00000
COMM 230Interpersonal Communication00000
ABCP 499NAddict Counsel/Ethics Supervis (Hybrid)00000
COMM 310Debate & Argumentation00000
BIOL 324Cell Biology00000
COMM 330NComm, Soc Media/ Pop Culture00000
AERO 302LNLeadership Studies II Lab00000
CRMJ 220Corrections Process00000
BIOL 341NPrinciples of Ecology00000
CRMJ 310Criminal Justice Research Methods00000
ABCP 310NAddiction Counseling Theory00000
CRMJ 410NCriminal Law and Procedure00000
BIOL 494NSenior Seminar (Hybrid)00000
CRMJ 418NJuvenile Delinquency00000
AERO 401NNational Security Affairs I00000
CDFS 201First Aid and Safety00000
ABCP 230NClinical Docu & Report Writing (Hybrid)00000
ABCP 321NBehavioral Addictions00000
ABCP 425NInternship00000
ACCT 462NAuditing00000
BADM 366NProduction Management00000
CHEM 112General Chemistry II00000