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SU Course Reviews

Southern University and A&M College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CIEN 482Senior Design I00000
CRIR 335Elementary Mathematics Methods00000
BIOL 552Topics In Biomedical Sciences00000
CIEN 361Structural Analysis00000
CHEM 220General Organic Chemistry Lab00000
BIOL 350Genetics00000
CMPS 271Java Programming00000
ARTS 130Foundation Drawing00000
CHEM 108General Chemistry Laboratory00000
BHVS 551Orientation to the World of Wo00000
CIEN 201Surveying00000
CHEM 312Physical Chemistry Lecture00000
BIOL 106General Biology Laboratory00000
CIEN 462Design of Water & Sewage Plt00000
AGSC 430Physiology of Reproduction00000
CMPS 101Intro to Computer Concepts00000
BIOL 506Biostatitics & Experiment dsgn00000
CMPS 334Data Networks00000
ACCT 300Intermediate Accounting I00000
CRJU 247Criminal Procedure00000
ARTS 330Ceramics00000
CHEM 132General Chemistry00000
AGEC 212Applied Economic Principles00000
CHEM 234Biochemistry00000
BHVS 559Theories of Vocational Dev00000
CHEM 443Inorganic Chemistry00000
CHEM 340General Biochemistry Lecture00000
BHVS 583Tech & Methods of Beh Counsel00000
CIEN 311Comp Aided Design in Civil Eng00000
AGSC 312Meats00000
CIEN 424Soil Mechanics00000
BIOL 231Microbiology Lab00000
CIEN 475Solid/Hzd Waste Mgmt.00000
AGSC 431Animal Science Problems00000
CIEN 516Ground Water Pol & Remediation00000
BIOL 433Microbial Physiology00000
CMPS 190Prog. Tech. & Algo. Dev. I00000
AGSC 462Resource Economics00000
CMPS 302Computer Organization00000
BIOL 533Microbial Physiology00000
CMPS 360Scientific Programming00000
AGSC 214Farm Management00000
CRJU 211Criminology00000
BUSP 100Intro to Business & Entreprene00000
CRJU 363Terrorism00000
ACCT 330Internal Auditing00000
CHEM 113General Chemistry Laboratory00000
BHVS 230Child Psychology00000
CHEM 210Organic Chemistry Laboratory00000
AGSC 305Soil Fertility & Plant Nutr00000
CHEM 230Organic Chemistry Lecture00000
BHVS 554Practicum In Counseling00000
CHEM 243Quantitative Analysis Lab00000
AGSC 000Agricultural Science Dept Comp00000
CHEM 314Physical Chemistry Laboratory00000
BHVS 563Substance Abuse00000
CHEM 425Intermediate Organic Chemistry00000
CHEM 342Biochemistry Laboratory I00000
BHVS 579Personality & Dev Dynamics00000
CHEM 455Microcomputers in Chemistry00000
AGSC 304Forage Crops And Pasture Management00000
CIEN 299Cooperative Education00000
BIOL 000Dept Comprehensive00000
CIEN 325Intro to Env Eng & Sci00000
AGSC 412Special Problems00000
CIEN 421Water and Wasterwater Analysis00000
BIOL 109General Biology00000
CIEN 461Urban Water Resources Systems00000
AGSC 411Special Problems00000
CIEN 469Steel Design00000
BIOL 241Comparitive Anatomy00000
CIEN 480Special Topics in Civil Eng.00000
AGSC 110Orientation to Agricu Science00000
CIEN 511Solid/Hazardous Waste Mangmt00000
BIOL 409Intro to Biostatistics00000
CMPS 000Dept Comprehensive00000
AGSC 452Agricultural Mktg Mgmt00000
CMPS 110Computer Science Seminar I00000
BIOL 502General Toxicology00000
CMPS 200Discrete Structures00000
ACCT 000Departmental Comprehensive00000
CMPS 291Adv Tech Using Spreadsheets00000
BIOL 530Advanced General Virology00000
CMPS 305Social Networking00000
ARAB 100Elementary Arabic I00000
CMPS 350Web-Based Programming00000
BIOL 540Reproductive Physiology00000
CMPS 370Object Oriented Programming00000
ACCT 340Acctg Information Systems00000
CRJU 201Criminal Justice I (Online)00000
BIOL 600Thesis00000
CRJU 232Criminal and Civil Investigati00000
ARTS 200Understanding the Visual Arts00000
CHEM 000Dept Comprehensive00000
ACCT 301Intermediate Accounting II00000
ACCT 461Adv Busn Law for Accountants00000
AGSC 321Veterinary Science00000
AGSC 211Poultry Production00000
BHVS 575Beh Sci Research Method00000
CHEM 422Chemistry 422-01 Senior Research Projects00000