SU Course Reviews

Southern University and A&M College

CMPS 455Special Projects00000
CRIN 212Ed Computer Lit00000
CHEM 132General Chemistry00000
CMPS 310Game Programming00000
CHEM 440Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory00000
BIOL 409Intro to Biostatistics00000
COUN 500Intro to Professional Counseli00000
ARTS 440African American Art00000
CHEM 250Organic Chemistry00000
BHVS 561Clinical Psychodiagnostic Assm00000
CMPS 001Certification-AWS Cloud Founda00000
CIEN 327Construction Materials Lab00000
BIOL 232General Microbiology00000
CMPS 385Legal Issues in Inform Tech00000
AGSC 472Seminar in Agricultural Issues00000
CMPS 534Digital Data Network00000
BIOL 505Graduate Seminar II00000
COUN 512Practicum in Counseling 100 hr00000
AGSC 302Prin of Crop Production00000
CRIN 357Math Act For Elem School Teach00000
BHVS 551Orientation to the World of Wo00000
CHEM 342Biochemistry Laboratory I00000
AGSC 311Ornamental Horticulture00000
CIEN 224Statics00000
BHVS 576Marriage & Family Therapy00000
CIEN 483Senior Design II00000
CIEN 458Construction Engineering00000
BIOL 107General Biology Laboratory00000
CMPS 200Discrete Structures00000
AGSC 440Animal Nutrition00000
CMPS 360Scientific Programming00000
BIOL 341Vertebrate Histology00000
CMPS 412Theory of Computing00000
AGSC 121Animal Science00000
CMPS 502Computer Organization00000
BIOL 442Animal Physiology00000
CMPS 592Adv Topics in Info Systems00000
ARTS 130Foundation Drawing00000
COUN 506Behavioral Research Methodolog00000
BIOL 540Reproductive Physiology00000
COUN 521Dynamics of Play Therapy00000
ACCT 435Advanced Auditing00000
CRIN 324Sec School Meth and Materials00000
CHEM 221General Organic Chemistry Lab00000
CRIN 402Evaluation Procedures00000
AGSC 307Plant Pathology00000
CHEM 314Physical Chemistry Laboratory00000
BHVS 556Group Processes00000
CHEM 422Chemistry 422-01 Senior Research Projects00000
AGEC 000Dept Comprehensive00000
CHEM 455Microcomputers in Chemistry00000
BHVS 571Bereavement Counseling00000
CIEN 311Comp Aided Design in Civil Eng00000
AGSC 342Soil and Water Management00000
CIEN 421Water and Wasterwater Analysis00000
BHVS 581Play Therapy00000
CIEN 480Special Topics in Civil Eng.00000
CIEN 463Air Pollution Control00000
BIOL 104General Biology00000
CIEN 516Ground Water Pol & Remediation00000
AGSC 421Animal Breeding00000
CMPS 111Computer Science Seminar II00000
BIOL 209General Botany00000
CMPS 290Micro Comp Appl in Bus00000
AGSC 000Agricultural Science Dept Comp00000
CMPS 350Web-Based Programming00000
BIOL 241Comparitive Anatomy00000
CMPS 372Cloud Computing00000
AGSC 452Agricultural Mktg Mgmt00000
CMPS 400Operating Systems00000
BIOL 402Cell & Molecular Biology00000
CMPS 426Network Security Fundamentals00000
ACCT 360Acctg For Not For Profit Orgs00000
CMPS 493Foundations of Crypthography00000
BIOL 430Pathogenic Microbiology00000
CMPS 525Software Engr: Development00000
ARAB 101Elementary Arabic II00000
CMPS 574Research Techn in Microcomp00000
BIOL 501Seminar00000
COOP 201Professional Development00000
AGSC 211Poultry Production00000
COUN 503Social and Cultural Diversity00000
BIOL 533Microbial Physiology00000
COUN 509Pre-Practicum in Counseling00000
ARTS 250Drawing00000
COUN 517Bereavement Counseling00000
BIOL 552Topics In Biomedical Sciences00000
CRIN 000Dept comprehensive00000
ACCT 301Intermediate Accounting II00000
CRIN 230Child Psychology00000
CHEM 212Biochemistry Laboratory00000
CRIN 337Elementary Reading Methods00000
BHVS 230Child Psychology00000
CHEM 234Biochemistry00000
ACCT 200Financial Accounting Principle00000
ACCT 310Tax Accounting00000
AGEC 333Financial Management00000
AGSC 412Special Problems00000
BHVS 584Found of Mental Health Counsel00000
CIEN 470Reinforced Concrete Design00000