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Stockton Course Reviews

Stockton University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CMDS 5905Diagnostic Methods Application00000
COMM 3401Audio II00000
BIOL 3504Conservation Biology: Live From Costa Rica00000
CIST 4381It Infrastructure Management & Compliance00000
BSNS 5345Information Systems And Strategies For Business00000
BIOL 3121Wildlife Management00000
COMM 2307Quantitative Methods in Pr Research00000
ARTV 2121Photography: Film and Darkroom I00000
BIOL 4321Cancer Biology00000
ARTV 3116Philosophies of Art00000
CIST 3222Database Systems00000
CHEM 2010Chemistry For Life Science I W/ Lab00000
BIOL 2260Anatomy and Physiology II for Health Sciences With Lab00000
CMDS 5421Educational Auditory Management00000
ANTH 3650Origins Of The Modern World00000
COMM 1100Professional Development00000
BIOL 3360Neurobiology00000
COMM 2408News Media & Politics00000
AMST 5019Identity Narratives In Black Culture00000
COMM 4909Stories of Atlantic City Internship00000
ARTV 2220Package Design00000
BSNS 5205Acct Analysis for Managers00000
AMST 5033Archival Studies00000
BSNS 5800Bsns Graduate Special Project00000
ARTV 3339Art In The Shadow Of Rome00000
CHEM 3550Advanced Biochemistry00000
CHEM 3025Organic Techniques00000
BIOL 2110Genetics00000
CIST 3470Application Development00000
ANTH 2315Grant Writing00000
CMDS 5120Language Disorders In Young Children00000
BIOL 2600Scientific Literacy00000
CMDS 5901Clinical Practicum I00000
AMST 5000Proseminar In American Studies00000
CMDS 6440Motor Speech Disorders00000
BIOL 3160Developmental Biology00000
COMM 2209Special Topics In Media Production: Digital Storytelling00000
ARTV 1164Introduction to Two-Dimensional Digital Design00000
COMM 2406Business And Professional Presentation00000
BIOL 3435Evolutionary Mammalogy00000
COMM 3309Media, Civil Rights & Social Change00000
AFRI 2122A History Of Black Protest & Civil Unrest00000
COMM 4300Practicum00000
BIOL 4211Molecular Evolution00000
COUN 5135Assessment and Testing00000
AMST 5026The Vietnam War00000
BIOL 4900Paws Discovery Farm00000
ARTV 2269Sculpture I00000
BSNS 5232Business Analytics For Managers00000
AFRI 3122An Afrocentric Approach to American History00000
BSNS 5349Managing Technological Change00000
ARTV 3235Painting: Special Topics: Digital-Material Painting00000
BUSA 3135Predictive Analytics00000
ANTH 1105Intro To Physical Anthropology00000
CHEM 2125Chemistry II Lab00000
ARTV 4961Senior Project in Painting II00000
CHEM 3440Computational Methods00000
CHEM 3310Laboratory Methods I W/ Lab00000
BIOL 1270Anatomy & Physiology I for Nursing W/Lab00000
CIST 1206Statistics00000
ANTH 2237Jewish Culture00000
CIST 3381Information Assurance and Security00000
BIOL 2150Principles of Physiology W/Lab00000
CIST 3475It Project Management00000
AFRI 3190Black Power00000
CIST 4600Senior Seminar00000
BIOL 2415Prep. For Tropical Marine Biol00000
CMDS 5310Speech Sound Disorders00000
ANTH 3325Gender, Sexuality, & the Body00000
CMDS 5470Speech-Language Pathology in the School Setting00000
BIOL 3105Biostatistics00000
CMDS 5903Clinical Practicum III00000
AFRI 2112The History of Black Education00000
CMDS 6210Acquired Adult Language Disorders00000
BIOL 3150Comparative Anatomy00000
CMDS 6470Counseling in Comm Disorders00000
ANTH 4810E-Portfolio00000
COMM 2204Media, Culture, And Society00000
BIOL 3190Cell Biology00000
COMM 2304Principles of Journalism00000
AMST 5008The U.S. And The World00000
COMM 2402Video Production00000
BIOL 3419Ecological Forest Management00000
COMM 2412Media Aesthetics00000
ARTV 1172Form, Color & Content00000
COMM 3302Advanced Public Relations00000
BIOL 3445Food And Agriculture Lab00000
COMM 3315Pr Crisis Communication00000
ACCT 3310Acct: Government & Not-For-Profit00000
COMM 3918Editing Internship00000
BIOL 4110Bioinformatics00000
COMM 4902Wlfr Internship00000
ARTV 2168Printmaking I00000
BIOL 4230Neuroscience00000
ACCT 2110Financial Accounting00000
ACCT 5401Special Topics In Accounting00000
AFRI 3148Black Comedy: What Lies Beneath The Surface00000
ANTH 2162The Archaeology Of Food00000
BIOL 1205Cells and Molecules Lab00000
CHEM 3350Biochemistry Lab Methods00000