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StMU Course Reviews

St. Mary's University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PS 4387Tests and Measurements53451
CJ 3303International Justice System00000
CN 8194Professional Identity in Counselor Education and Supervision00000
CS 3340Software Engineering00000
CN 7188Family Play Therapy00000
CH 3411Organic Chemistry I00000
CR 3305Law and Society00000
BA 7315Applied Business Analytics00000
BA 7375MBA Internship00000
CM 2333Business and Professional Communication00000
CM 3360Media Production00000
CN 6283Mft Person Therapist Training00000
BL 3430General Physiology00000
CN 7367Community Counseling and Social Justice00000
BA 3351The Legal Environment of Business00000
CN 8364Doctoral Internshi in Marriage and Family Therapy II00000
CH 4350Spec. Topics Chemistry/Biochem: Signal Transduction00000
CR 3360Sex Crimes & Violent Crimes00000
AE 6385Advanced Statistics00000
CS 4369Cryptography Principles and Practice00000
BA 7340Human Resources and Healthcare Management00000
CM 3331Free Lance Writing00000
AN 3309Medical Anthropology00000
BIO 3313Big Data Concepts00000
CM 4350Senior Capstone in Communication Studies00000
CM 4368Issues in International Communication00000
CM 9324The Law and Ethics of Mass Communication00000
BL 3002DAT Preparation00000
CN 6357Counseling Practicum00000
AR 3381History of Art Applied00000
CN 7302Social/Cultural Issues in Counseling00000
BL 4110Senior Biology Seminar00000
CN 7383MFT Internship Completion00000
AE 3388Grant Writing00000
CN 8324Process of Supervision in Counselor Education00000
CH 4125Chemical Reseach00000
CN 8385Advanced Statistics00000
BA 6000XContinuous Graduate Enrollment00000
CR 3335Survey of Forensic Science00000
CJ 2310Criminal Procedure and Evidence00000
CS 2313Object Oriented Programming I00000
AC 4355Research in Federal Taxation00000
CS 4330Computer Networks00000
CJ 4304Independent Study In Criminal Justice/ Criminology: American...00000
CS 6185Internship00000
AN 2331Cultural Anthropology00000
CM 3320Interpersonal Communication00000
BA 7345Predictive Modeling00000
CM 3342Technical Writing00000
AC 4367Information Systems Controls and Audit00000
CM 3391Argumentation and Debate00000
BA 9375Leaders, Strategy, & Society00000
CM 4363Visual Communication Design00000
AR 1301Drawing I00000
BIO 4311Bioinformatics Programming with R00000
CM 4394Communication Research Methods00000
CM 6000XContinuous Graduate Enrollment00000
CM 8396Project00000
BL 2233Cell & Molecular Methods00000
CN 6000XContinuous Graduate Enrollment00000
AR 2362History of Art: Renaissance to Present00000
CN 6352Career Planning00000
BL 3311Food & Nutrition I00000
CN 7112Internship Completion00000
AC 8361Financial Accounting Research and Communication00000
CN 7212Internship Completion00000
BL 3464Evolutionary Biology00000
CN 7351Human Growth and Development00000
AR 4391Special Topics in Art: Collage00000
CN 7375Child Development and Play Therapy00000
CH 1101General Chemistry 1 Lab00000
CN 7399Thesis Direction00000
AC 4306Accounting for Governments and Not-for-Profits00000
CN 8314Supervision Internship00000
CH 3433Physical Chemistry I00000
CN 8359Doctoral Internship I00000
BA 4333Business and Professional Ethics00000
CN 8375Working With Latino Families00000
CH 4310Intermediate Organic Chemistry00000
CN 8393Leadership, Advocacy and Service00000
AE 5388Grant Writing00000
CR 3325Criminology00000
CH 4452Biochemistry II00000
CR 3339Forensic Victimology00000
BA 6320Introduction to Business Analytics00000
CR 4308Internship in Forensic Science00000
CJ 2350Ethics in Criminal Justice00000
CS 3110Junior CS Seminar00000
AC 3310Intermediate Accounting I00000
CS 4275Advanced Topics: Internship00000
CJ 3330Research Methods in Criminal Justice00000
CS 4362Comp Security & Privacy00000
BA 7333Values Driven Leadership Lab II00000
CM 7345Applied Persuasion: Public Communication, Policy, and Leader...00000
CM 1311Voice and Diction00000
AC 2301Financial Accounting00000
AC 3350Business Law00000
AC 5306Accounting for Governments and Not-for-Profits00000
AR 1312Color Theory00000
BL 1302General Biology for Non-Majors II00000