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STC Course Reviews

South Texas College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENGL 1302Composition II-Rhetoric (F2F)52441
ELPT 2447CAPSTONE:Elect.Test/Maint(F2F)00000
KINE 1123Softball I (F2F)00000
MRMT 1307Medical Transcription I00000
ITNW 1413Computer Virtualization00000
DMSO 1342Inter. Ultra. Physics-HYBRID00000
MATL 0024Business Alge Sup Course (F2F)00000
CNBT 1309Basic Construction Management00000
COSC 1301Intro. to Computing (F2F)00000
ENGL 2326American Literature (F2F)00000
FIRS 1433Firefighter Certifi VII (F2F)00000
HRPO 2306Benefits and Compensation00000
DEMR 1323HVAC Trouble. & Repair-HYBRID00000
ITSE 2421Object-Oriented Program-HYBRID00000
CITP 4345Data Comm. -Convergent Technol00000
LMGT 1319Intro. to Bus Logistics00000
ECRD 1211Electrocardiography-HYBRID00000
MDCA 1352Med. Assistant Lab Proced.-F2F00000
BUSI 2305Business Statistics (F2F)00000
MUAP 1226Applied Clarinet II (F2F)00000
CNBT 1446Construction Estimating I(F2F)00000
ENGR 2406Intro to Digital Systems (F2F)00000
CDEC 1417Child Dev. Assoc. Trng. I(F2F)00000
CPMT 1404Microcomp. Sys. Software (F2F)00000
FITT 2313Exercise Science (F2F)00000
HART 1401Basic Electric for HVAC (F2F)00000
HPRS 1106Essent. of Medical Term-HYBRID00000
CSIR 1355Industry Certifications00000
INDS 1445Commercial Design I00000
CITP 3302Adv. Networking (Networking +)00000
ITSC 1409Integrated Software App.I(F2F)00000
DFTG 1480Cooperative Education00000
ITSY 2459Security Assmt. & Audit-HYBRID00000
BMGT 1309Info & Project Mgmt00000
LGLA 1303Legal Research00000
DRAM 1330Stagecraft I HYBRID00000
MATH 1414College Algebra + SI Sup.(F2F)00000
CJLE 1506Basic Peace Officer I (F2F)00000
MCHN 2435Advanced CNC Machining (F2F)00000
ELPT 1357Industrial Wiring (F2F)00000
MHSM 3411Health Care Information Tech00000
AUMT 1416Auto Susp. & Steer. Sys HYBRID00000
MUAP 1213Applied Bassoon I00000
EMSP 2205EMS Operations-HYBRID00000
MUAP 1230Applied Trombone II (F2F)00000
CDEC 1341CDA Preparation for Assessment00000
ENGR 1201Introd. to Engineering (F2F)00000
CNBT 2442Construction Management I00000
FIRS 1313Firefighter Certi III (F2F)00000
AUMT 2421Auto Electr. Diag & Rep HYBRID00000
FIRT 1333Fire Chemistry I00000
COSC 2330Adv. Structured Languages00000
GOVT 2306Texas Government (F2F)00000
CETT 1409DC/AC Circuits-HYBRID00000
CPMT 2166CPSTNE: Computer Tech. Prac.00000
HART 2438CPSTN:A/C Install/Start-HYBRID00000
HART 2588Internship-HVACR Technology00000
HITT 1349Pharmacology for Health Info.00000
CRIJ 1313Juvenile Justice System (F2F)00000
HRPO 2188Internship: HR Management00000
CHEM 1407Intro Chem II Non Sci Mjr(F2F)00000
HUMA 2323World Cultures00000
DANC 1305World Dance (F2F)00000
ITCC 2443Network Security00000
BIOL 2406Environmental Biology00000
ITNW 2164CAPSTONE: Network Practicum00000
DFTG 1325Blueprint Read & Sketching-F2F00000
ITSC 2166Capstone:Cybersecurity Pract.00000
CITP 3321Adv Database Security & Mgt00000
ITSY 2400Operating Sys Security-HYBRID00000
DFTG 2428Capst: Arch. Draft-Comm.HYBRID00000
KINE 1109Bowling I (F2F)00000
AUMT 1267Practicum II-GM00000
KINE 1304Personal/Community Health I00000
DMSO 2342Sono. of High Risk Obst-HYBRID00000
LGLA 1355Family Law00000
CJLE 1259Intrmed Span for LawEnforcemnt00000
MATH 1316Plane Trigonometry (F2F)00000
DRAM 2355Script Analysis (F2F)00000
MATH 2414Calculus II (F2F)00000
BNKG 1340Money & Finan Mrkts-HYBRID00000
MCHN 1338Basic Machine Shop I (F2F)00000
EECT 1407Convergence Technologies00000
MDCA 1254Med Assisting Cred Exam Review00000
CJSA 1325Criminology00000
MHSM 3304Comm for Health Care Prof00000
ELPT 1445Commercial Wiring (F2F)00000
MHSM 4551Health Care Mgt Practicum00000
ARTS 2317Painting II00000
MUAP 1205Applied Flute I (F2F)00000
EMSP 1472Emergent Issues in EMT-HYBRID00000
MUAP 1219Applied Music Composition I00000
CNBT 1359Project Scheduling00000
HIST 2327Mexican-Amer. History I (F2F)00000
ENGL 1301Comp I-CoReq INRW0030 (F2F)00000
ARTS 1311Design I (F2F)00000
ARTS 2357Photography II00000
BIOL 1406Bio for Science Majors I (F2F)00000
CHEF 1345International Cuisine (F2F)00000
CPMT 2445Computer Sys Troubl.-HYBRID00000