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Stark State Course Reviews

Stark State College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CSE 229.Net Development00000
DET 230AutoCAD Inventor with 3D Printing and Scanning00000
CET 234Architectural CAD (Revit 3D BIM)00000
CPD 221Oracle Database:Pl/Sql Pr00000
CHM 141BGeneral Chemistry I B00000
BUS 221Microeconomics00000
CUL 226Pantry and Garde Manger00000
AUT 184Cat Hydraulic Systems00000
CFS 257File Systems Analysis00000
AUT 222Engine Sys Per Diagnosis00000
COM 223Interviewing I00000
CIS 126Fundamentals of Info Systems00000
BIO 142General Biology II00000
CSE 122BProgrammng Logic &Prob Solv B00000
AUT 123Eng Diagnosis and Maj Serv00000
CUL 122Food Fundamentals00000
CET 121Bldg Mat And Con Met00000
DAS 225Dental Morphology for the Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliar...00000
AOT 224Legal Office Procedures00000
DHY 224Periodontics II00000
AUT 191Automotive Co-op 100000
CHM 101Intro to Chemistry00000
AOT 237Legal Office Applications00000
CHM 242Organic Chemistry II00000
AUT 230Technical Project00000
COM 121Effective Speaking00000
CJS 121Intro to Criminal Justice00000
BIO 128Climate Studies00000
COM 229Persuasion00000
ASL 123Introduction to Interpreting00000
CPD 225Data Mining And Data Warhousng00000
BTD 222Business Co-Op00000
CSE 224Android Development 200000
AOT 128Document Development and Website Maintenance00000
CSE 232Advanced Java Programming00000
CDC 223Chemical Dependency and Prevnt00000
CUL 221Bakery & Pastry-Prep III00000
AUT 173Honda Steering and Suspension00000
DAS 125Dental Assisting Specialty00000
CET 225Sustainable Bdg Srvce Sys00000
DET 124Working Drawings00000
AIT 137Cad/Cam00000
DHY 131Fund Dental Hygiene Prac00000
CFS 136Princ Of Information Security00000
DHY 231Dental Hygiene Theory II00000
AOT 228Virtual Administrative Assistant Procedures00000
CFS 280Digital Media Forensics00000
AUT 194Automotive Co-op 400000
CHM 122Gen/Org and Biol Chemistry II00000
AIT 221Advanced Cnc Programming00000
CHM 142General Chemistry II00000
AUT 225Auto Drivetrain 100000
CHM 244Biochemistry II00000
AOT 240Virtual Assistant Fundamentals00000
CIS 223It Project Management00000
AUT 277Honda Computerized Engine00000
CJS 227Criminal Justice Pract And Sem00000
CJS 129Corrections00000
BIO 125Medical Terminology00000
COM 125Intro to Communication Theory00000
ARL 239Large Line Unit Comp Assembly00000
COM 227Intercultural Communication00000
BIO 130Ocean Studies00000
CPD 122Oracle Dtbse: Intro To Sql00000
AOT 110Introduction to Administrative Assisting00000
CPD 223Oracle Databse: Architecture and Administration00000
BIO 222Pharmacology00000
CSE 121Mobile Develop Architecture00000
ASL 222American Sign Language Practicum/Seminar00000
CSE 221Android Development 100000
BUS 121Business Administration00000
CSE 226XAML Development00000
AIT 125Commercial Plumbing00000
CSE 231AJava Programming A00000
CDC 122Fund of Chem Dep Pract I00000
CST 121Modeling and Simulation00000
AUT 128Automotive Diesel Engine Performance00000
CUL 124Meat & Fish-Prep II00000
CDL 121Cdl-Class A-Safe Oper & Contro00000
CUL 223Catering, Beverage and Food Services00000
AOT 132Records Management00000
DAS 122Dental Assisting Radiography00000
CET 125Soil Mechanics00000
DAS 130Dental Practice Coordination I00000
AUT 181Intro To Cat Lift Trucks00000
DAS 227Expanded Dental Assisting II00000
CET 228Surveying II00000
DET 131Pro/ENGINEER (Creo Parametric)00000
AIT 101Basic Machines00000
DHY 124Periodontics I00000
CET 237Interpreting Construction Doc00000
DHY 222Dental Pharmacology00000
AUT 187Cat Electrical Systems00000
CFS 140Biometric Applications00000
ACC 235Forensic Accounting00000
AIT 122Machine Tools00000
AIT 227Advanced 3-D Printing00000
ARL 129Fundamental Of Cnc Operations00000
BIO 122Anatomy and Physiology II00000
CJS 221Criminology00000