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Stark State Course Reviews

Stark State College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CSE 236Anlyzng Sftwre Req and Dev Sol00000
DMA 145Medical Nutrition Therapy Directed Practice00000
CET 123Architectural Draft II00000
COM 228Nonverbal Communication00000
CFS 275Ethical Hacking00000
BIO 130Ocean Studies00000
DAS 130Dental Practice Coordination I00000
ASL 123Introduction to Interpreting00000
CET 237Interpreting Construction Doc00000
AUT 173Honda Steering and Suspension00000
CJS 227Criminal Justice Pract And Sem00000
CHM 142General Chemistry II00000
AUT 230Technical Project00000
CSE 221Android Development 100000
AOT 237Legal Office Applications00000
CUL 222Advanced Cookery-Prep IV00000
BUS 124Business Analysis With Alg00000
DHY 121Head/Neck And Oral Anatomy00000
AIT 220Industrial Robotics00000
DTR 235Medical Nutrition Therapy I00000
AUT 123Eng Diagnosis and Maj Serv00000
CFS 140Biometric Applications00000
AOT 107Digital Technologies00000
CHM 122Gen/Org and Biol Chemistry II00000
AUT 185Cat Internal Combustion Engine00000
CJS 124Policing00000
CHM 243Biochemistry I00000
AUT 223Adv Auto Electronics00000
COM 126Intro to Mass Comm00000
AOT 227Admin Procedures And Systems00000
CPD 224Adv Microsft Sql Srvr Dtbse00000
BIO 123Prin of Hum Struct and Fun00000
CSE 231BJava Programming B00000
AIT 124Principles Of Rigging00000
CUL 123Fundamental Cooking-Prep I00000
BIO 241General Genetics00000
DAS 122Dental Assisting Radiography00000
ARL 221Ind Layout And Trigonometry00000
DET 121Engineering Drawing00000
CDC 224Chemical Dependency and Ethics00000
DHY 222Dental Pharmacology00000
ACC 229Computerized Accounting Applications00000
DTR 226Comm Nutrition Dir Practice00000
CET 227Surveying I00000
EDU 121Intro Early Childhood Educ00000
AIT 226Robotic Vision00000
CFS 129Cryptography00000
AUT 128Automotive Diesel Engine Performance00000
CFS 257File Systems Analysis00000
ACC 234Advanced Payroll00000
CHM 100Exploring Science and Technology00000
AUT 182Cat Operator Safety Training00000
CHM 141General Chemistry I00000
AOT 127Wp-Microsoft Word00000
CHM 241Organic Chemistry I00000
AUT 188Cat Steering Systems00000
CIS 223It Project Management00000
CIS 121Help Desk and Comp Sup Concept00000
AUT 194Automotive Co-op 400000
CJS 221Criminology00000
AOT 140Virtual Assistant Fundamentals00000
COM 122Interpersonal Communication00000
AUT 225Auto Drivetrain 100000
COM 226Organizational Communication00000
AIT 121Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)00000
CPD 221Oracle Database:Pl/Sql Pr00000
BIO 101Intro to Anat and Physio00000
CSE 122Programming Logic and Problem Solving00000
AOT 232Aot Practicum00000
CSE 227C# Programming00000
BIO 126Science, Energy, & the Environment00000
CSE 232Advanced Java Programming00000
ACC 225Auditing00000
CUL 120Sanitation and Safety00000
BIO 200Ecology00000
CUL 125Culinary Nutrition/Menu Planning00000
ARL 125Metallurgical Inspection00000
CUL 225Advanced Portfolio Management00000
BTD 223Business Co-Op--Acctg00000
DAS 125Dental Assisting Specialty00000
AIT 134Preventive And Predictive Maintenance00000
DAS 226Expanded Dental Assisting I00000
CDC 122Fund of Chem Dep Pract I00000
DET 126Customizing Autocad00000
ARL 239Large Line Unit Comp Assembly00000
DHY 125Dental Materials00000
CDL 122Cdl-Class A-Adv Oper & Maint00000
DHY 231Dental Hygiene Theory II00000
ACC 131Taxation I00000
DTR 123Applied Nutrition00000
CET 223Structural Design I00000
DTR 229Professional Dietetics00000
ASL 222American Sign Language Practicum/Seminar00000
CET 234Architectural CAD (Revit 3D BIM)00000
ACC 121Princ of Accounting00000
ACC 221Intermediate Acct I00000
ACC 238Financial Statement Analysis00000
AOT 130Editing, Proofreading and Language Skills00000
AUT 191Automotive Co-op 100000
CIS 126Fundamentals of Info Systems00000