Stanford Course Reviews

Stanford University

AFRICAST 302Research Workshop00000
AMELANG 145CSecond-Year Modern Persian ,Third Quarter00000
AFRICAAM 111AIDS, Literacy, and Land: Foreign Aid and Development in Afr...00000
AFRICAST 113VFreedom in Chains: Black Slavery in the Atlantic, 1400s-1800...00000
AFRICAAM 156Performing History: Race, Politics, And Staging The Plays Of...00000
AFRICAAM 47History of South Africa00000
AMELANG 126Reflection on the Other: The Jew and the Arab in Literature00000
AA 284BPropulsion System Design Laboratory00000
AFRICAAM 132Social Class, Race, Ethnicity, And Health00000
ACCT 213Financial Accounting - Accelerated00000
AFRICAAM 238JThe European Scramble for Africa: Origins and Debates00000
AFRICAAM 194Topics in Writing & Rhetoric: Contemporary Black Rhetorics:...00000
AFRICAAM 18CSugar and Slavery, Race and Revolution: The Caribbean 1450-1...00000
AFRICAST 211Education for All? The Global and Local in Public Policy Mak...00000
AA 273State Estimation and Filtering for Aerospace Systems00000
AMELANG 84BAccelerated First-Year Turkish, Part 200000
AFRICAAM 78Art + Community: Division, Resilience & Reconciliation00000
AMELANG 135CSecond-Year Igbo, Third Quarter00000
AA 212Advanced Feedback Control Design00000
AMELANG 185CSecond-Year Turkish, Third Quarter00000
AA 300Engineer Thesis00000
AFRICAAM 146LStudies in Ethnomusicology: Musics of Africa and the African...00000
AA 228Decision Making under Uncertainty00000
AFRICAAM 169ARace and Ethnicity in Urban California00000
ACCT 523Board Governance00000
AFRICAAM 216Jazz and Literature00000
AFRICAAM 200ZHonors Thesis and Senior Thesis Research00000
ACCT 802TGR Dissertation00000
AFRICAAM 251JThe End of American Slavery, 1776-186500000
AA 251Introduction to the Space Environment00000
AFRICAST 142Challenging the Status Quo: Social Entrepreneurs Advancing D...00000
AFRICAAM 41Genes and Identity00000
AFRICAST 246LStudies in Ethnomusicology: Musics of Africa and the African...00000
AA 199Independent Study in Aero/Astro00000
AMELANG 15TIntermediate to Advanced Turkish Conversation00000
AFRICAAM 58AEgypt in the Age of Heresy00000
AMELANG 101CSecond-Year Amharic, Third Quarter00000
AA 279BAdvanced Space Mechanics00000
AMELANG 129BSecond-Year Hebrew, Second Quarter00000
AFRICAAM 101QBlack & White Race Relations in American Fiction & Film00000
AMELANG 141CSecond-Year Yiddish, Third Quarter00000
AA 135Introduction to Space Policy00000
AMELANG 153BFirst-Year Twi, Second Quarter00000
AFRICAAM 119Novel Perspectives On South Africa00000
AMELANG 187CFirst-Year Yoruba, Third Quarter00000
AA 214BNumerical Methods For Compressible Flows00000
AFRICAAM 136BWhite Identity Politics00000
AA 802TGR Ph.D. Dissertation00000
AFRICAAM 150BNineteenth Century America00000
AA 141Atmospheric Flight00000
AFRICAAM 159James Baldwin & Twentieth Century Literature00000
ACCT 332Mergers and Acquisitions00000
AFRICAAM 180SThe Black Music 1980s: Turntables, Beat Machines and DJ Scho...00000
AA 236ASpacecraft Design00000
AFRICAAM 199Honors Project00000
ACCT 609Financial Reporting and Management Control00000
AFRICAAM 209On the Run: Fugitivity in the Early Black Atlantic00000
AFRICAAM 200XHonors Thesis and Senior Thesis Seminar00000
ACCT 692PhD Dissertation Research00000
AFRICAAM 223Literature and Human Experimentation00000
AA 242BMechanical Vibrations00000
AFRICAAM 241Race, Justice, And Integration00000
AFRICAAM 10AIntroduction to Identity, Diversity, and Aesthetics: Arts, C...00000
AFRICAST 111Education for All? The Global and Local in Public Policy Mak...00000
AA 174BPrinciples of Robot Autonomy II00000
AFRICAST 122FHistories of Race in Science and Medicine at Home and Abroad00000
AFRICAAM 30The Egyptians00000
AFRICAST 195Shifting Frames00000
AA 257Design of Multifunctional Composites00000
AFRICAST 229Literature And Global Health00000
AFRICAAM 44Post-Civil Right Black America00000
AFRICAST 299Independent Study or Directed Reading00000
AA 121QIt IS Rocket Science!00000
ALP 300The Founder's Right Hand: From Inspiration to Launch00000
AFRICAAM 50BNineteenth Century America00000
AMELANG 70AAccelerated First-Year Swahili, Part 100000
AA 274APrinciples of Robot Autonomy I00000
AMELANG 100CFirst-Year Amharic, Third Quarter00000
AFRICAAM 68SNew Orleans: An American City?00000
AMELANG 106AFirst-Year Swahili, First Quarter00000
AA 203Optimal and Learning-based Control00000
AMELANG 128AFirst-Year Hebrew, First Quarter00000
AFRICAAM 81Media Representations Of Africa00000
AMELANG 134CFirst-Year Igbo, Third Quarter00000
AA 280Smart Structures00000
AMELANG 140CFirst-Year Yiddish, Third Quarter00000
AFRICAAM 106IStanford Dance Community: Inter-Style Choreography Workshop00000
AMELANG 144BFirst-Year Modern Persian, Second Quarter00000
AA 108NSurviving Space00000
AMELANG 146CThird-Year Persian, Third Quarter00000
AFRICAAM 117JRace, Gender, and Sexuality in Contemporary American Film00000
AMELANG 154ASecond-Year Twi, First Quarter00000
AA 290Problems in Aero/Astro00000
AFRICAAM 124FThe Mothership Connection: Black Science Fiction Across Medi...00000
AA 100Introduction to Aeronautics and Astronautics00000
AA 115NThe Global Positioning System: Where On Earth Are We, And Wh...00000
AA 149Operation of Aerospace Systems00000
AA 240BAnalysis Of Structures00000
ACCT 612Financial Reporting Seminar00000
AFRICAAM 204Race, Colonialism, and Climate Justice in the Caribbean00000