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Stanford Course Reviews

Stanford University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
NSUR 210Operative Neuroanatomy Using Virtual Reality and Cadaver Lab55551
AFRICAST 109Running While Others Walk: African Perspectives on Developme...00000
AMSTUD 143MAmerican Indian Mythology, Legend, and Lore00000
ANES 302WObstetrical Anesthesia Clerkship (Away)00000
AMSTUD 68SNew Orleans: An American City?00000
AFRICAAM 199XPreparation for Senior Thesis00000
AMSTUD 186DAsian American Art: 1850-Present00000
ACCT 802TGR Dissertation00000
AFRICAAM 48QSouth Africa: Contested Transitions00000
AFRICAST 235Designing Research-Based Interventions to Solve Global Healt...00000
AMELANG 100AFirst-Year Amharic, First Quarter00000
AMELANG 221CBeginning Tigrinya, Third Quarter00000
AFRICAAM 146LStudies in Ethnomusicology: Musics of Africa and the African...00000
AMSTUD 120BSuperhero Theory00000
ACCT 213Financial Accounting - Accelerated00000
AMSTUD 155DThe Asian American Movement: A History Of Activism00000
AFRICAAM 241JAfrican Americans in Germany00000
ANES 72QThe Art of Medical Diagnosis00000
AA 257Design of Multifunctional Composites00000
ANTHRO 30QThe Big Shift00000
AFRICAAM 28Health Impact of Sexual Assault and Relationship Abuse acros...00000
ALP 302The Corporate Entrepreneur: Startup in a Grown-Up Enterprise00000
AA 279CSpacecraft Attitude Determination and Control00000
AFRICAAM 80QRace and Gender in Silicon Valley00000
AMELANG 128BFirst-Year Hebrew, Second Quarter00000
AMELANG 134AFirst-Year Igbo, First Quarter00000
AMELANG 187AFirst-Year Yoruba, First Quarter00000
AFRICAAM 124FThe Mothership Connection: Black Science Fiction Across Medi...00000
AMSTUD 48NThe American Songbook And Love Poetry00000
AA 300Engineer Thesis00000
AMSTUD 104America At Play: A History Of Leisure In The United States00000
AFRICAAM 160JConjure Art 101: Performances of Ritual, Spirituality and De...00000
AMSTUD 130AIn Sickness and In Health: Medicine and Society in the Unite...00000
AA 240BAnalysis Of Structures00000
AMSTUD 150AColonial and Revolutionary America00000
AFRICAAM 211Education for All? The Global and Local in Public Policy Mak...00000
AMSTUD 168DAmerican Prophet: The Inner Life and Global Vision of Martin...00000
ACCT 609Financial Reporting and Management Control00000
AMSTUD 251JThe End of American Slavery, 1776-186500000
AFRICAAM 265GAfrican-American Independent Film- On Both Sides Of The Came...00000
ANES 280Early Clinical Experience in Anesthesia00000
AA 174APrinciples of Robot Autonomy I00000
ANES 370Medical Scholars Research00000
AFRICAST 195Shifting Frames00000
ANTHRO 65Looking out from California: Introduction to North American...00000
AA 274Principles Of Robotic Autonomy00000
AFRICAST 301AThe Dynamics of Change in Africa00000
AFRICAAM 43Introduction to English III: Introduction to African America...00000
AMELANG 71BAccelerated Second-Year Swahili, Part 200000
AA 203Optimal and Learning-based Control00000
AMELANG 101BSecond-Year Amharic, Second Quarter00000
AFRICAAM 55FThe Civil War and Reconstruction Era, 1830 to 187700000
AMELANG 129ASecond-Year Hebrew, First Quarter00000
AA 280Smart Structures00000
AFRICAAM 101QBlack & White Race Relations in American Fiction & Film00000
AMELANG 140CFirst-Year Yiddish, Third Quarter00000
AMELANG 141CSecond-Year Yiddish, Third Quarter00000
AMELANG 154ASecond-Year Twi, First Quarter00000
AFRICAAM 117Maroon Freedom: Black Resistance, Autonomy, and Fugitivity i...00000
AMELANG 190BThird Year Yoruba- Second Quarter00000
AA 289Robotics and Autonomous Systems Seminar00000
AMSTUD 12AIntroduction to English III: Introduction to African America...00000
AFRICAAM 135AIslam in America00000
AMSTUD 57Q10 American Photographs00000
AA 229Advanced Topics in Sequential Decision Making00000
AMSTUD 91AAsian-American Autobiography/W00000
AFRICAAM 155JGlobal Black Feminism00000
AMSTUD 110DWar and Peace in American Foreign Policy00000
AA 801TGR Engineer Thesis00000
AMSTUD 124AThe American West00000
AFRICAAM 180SThe Black Music 1980s: Turntables, Beat Machines and DJ Scho...00000
AMSTUD 135Deliberative Democracy and its Critics00000
AA 146AAircraft Design00000
AMSTUD 145Silicon Valley00000
AFRICAAM 200XHonors Thesis and Senior Thesis Seminar00000
AMSTUD 153Warhol's World00000
ACCT 340Alphanomics: Informational Arbitrage in Equity Markets00000
AMSTUD 159BAmerican Photography Since 196000000
AFRICAAM 229Literature And Global Health00000
AMSTUD 185American Studies Internship00000
AA 248EAerial Robot Design00000
AMSTUD 218Islam, Race and Revolution: A Pan-American Approach00000
AFRICAAM 252CThe Old South: Culture, Society, and Slavery00000
AMSTUD 261Personal Narratives in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studi...00000
ACCT 617Applications of Contract Theory in Accounting Research00000
ANES 207Medical Acupuncture00000
AFRICAAM 428Intersectional Justice in Education Policy and Practice00000
ANES 300EAnesthesia Operating Room Clerkship00000
AA 115QThe Global Positioning System: Where on Earth are We, and Wh...00000
ANES 306PCritical Care Core Clerkship00000
AFRICAST 119Novel Perspectives On South Africa00000
ANTHRO 3Introduction to Archaeology00000
AFRICAAM 18BJazz History: Bebop to Present, 1940-Present00000
AMELANG 144An Introduction To Persian Literature, An Aesthetic Traditio...00000
AFRICAST 209Running While Others Walk: African Perspectives on Developme...00000
AA 93Building Trust in Autonomy00000
AA 135Introduction to Space Policy00000
AA 214ANumerical Methods in Engineering and Applied Sciences00000
AA 284AAdvanced Rocket Propulsion00000
AFRICAAM 107DRise And Fall Of Atlantic Slavery, 1500 To 190000000