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STAC Course Reviews

St. Thomas Aquinas College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIO 330Physiology of Exercise Science00000
CA 315Electronic Field Production00000
GESP 6106Practicum00000
ART 403Graphic Design Internship00000
HOSP 101Introduction to the Hospitality Industry00000
GESP 2602Classroom Org & Mngmnt00000
BUSA 381Operations Research00000
ENG 411Directed Thesis Workshop00000
HIST 301Genocide/Crimes Agst Humanity00000
FR 210FR Communication-Oral/Written00000
ART 318Art Since 194500000
ACCT 400Accounting Internship00000
GED 7501Educational Leadership00000
BIO 172General Biology II00000
BIO 309Biophysics00000
BIO 432Lab Research:Biolog Sciences00000
GESP 5201Assessing Students with Mild Disabilities00000
CA 213Content Dev Public Relations00000
ART 337Photographic Concepts00000
CHEM 303Quantitative Chem Analysis Lab00000
FIN 400Introduction to Econometrics for Finance00000
HIST 324Immigrants in America00000
ART 420Brand Development00000
HRSJ 201Human Rights & Social Justice00000
FYS 101First Year Seminar00000
ART 241Self Expression Workshop00000
ART 205Drawing Skills & Processes00000
GED 3603Diversity Themes in Adolescent Literature00000
ART 335Web Design00000
BIO 173General Biology I Lab00000
BIO 101Human Biology00000
GED 7603Administrative Internship00000
BIO 307Microbiology00000
ART 309Developmental Art Therapy00000
BIO 406Immunology00000
GESP 2708Action Research Evaluation00000
BUSA 208Data Analysis and Presentation00000
ENG 375Global Literature Focus: The LatinX Experience00000
CA 199Theatre Workshop00000
GESP 5314Literacy: Reading and Writing Instruction Secondary00000
CA 241Video Magazine Production00000
ART 216Introduction to Ceramics offered at the Rockland Center for...00000
CHEM 173General Chemistry I Lab00000
HIST 101History of the United States I00000
CHEM 403Biochemistry00000
ART 402Advanced Painting00000
HIST 314The 1960's00000
FR 101Conversational French I00000
HIST 400Self-Directed Research00000
ART 229Techniques and Methods in Therapeutic Art00000
HOSP 301Service Technology and Innovation00000
FS 301Bioinformatics00000
ACCT 204Intermediate Accounting II00000
ASTR 101Astronomy00000
ART 101Introduction to Art00000
GED 2101Psychology of Learning/Models of Teaching Childhood00000
ART 233Creativity & Creative Process00000
ART 217Sculpture00000
GED 3601Expanding Literacy: Language Development in Adolescence00000
ART 300Advanced Typography00000
BIO 171General Biology I00000
ART 327Publication Design00000
GED 6204Organizing and Supervising the Literacy Program00000
ART 345Digital Media Art00000
ART 247Studio Friday Workshop00000
ART 424Design Portfolio00000
GED 7506Supervision of Instruction00000
BIO 130Environmental Biology00000
BIO 253Anatomy & Physiology Lab I00000
BIO 252Anatomy & Physiology II00000
GEOG 300World and Regional Geography00000
BIO 320Neuroscience00000
ART 203Two Dimensional Design00000
BIO 403Biochemistry00000
GESP 2606Mild/Moderate Disabilities: Teaching Methods00000
BIO 408Biochemistry II00000
ENG 326The Victorian Age00000
BUSA 205Business Law I00000
GESP 5005Autism and Low Incidence Disabilities00000
BUSA 302Business Statistics00000
ART 325Applied Art Therapy00000
CA 115Introduction to Acting and Stage Direction00000
GESP 5304Literacy: Reading and Writing Instruction Childhood00000
CA 200Blogging: Creation, Content Development and SEO00000
ENG 400Advanced Narrative Writing00000
CA 220Introduction to Mass Media00000
GESP 5403ASD: Curriculum & Instruction00000
CA 301Broadcast Journalism00000
ACCT 304Advanced Accounting II00000
CA 420Video Magazine Production00000
GLOB 203Global Cultures: Italy00000
CHEM 252Organic Chemistry II00000
FIN 299Finance Internship00000
HIST 122Revolutions to World Wars, Since 184800000
ACCT 203Intermediate Accounting I00000
ACCT 410Accounting Internship00000
ART 239Buddhist & Hindu Art00000
BIO 120Introduction to Microbes00000
GED 3102Research Methods in Literacy/Education00000
ART 227Digital Studio00000