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St. Kate'S Course Reviews

St. Catherine University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ECON 3460WGlobal Financial Issues00000
EDUC 3920Student Teaching and Seminar in World Languages and Cultures...00000
COMM 3090Communication in Organizations00000
DPT 7145Clinical Education III00000
CRST 2994Topics: Discrimination and Disparities: Economics and Politi...00000
CHEM 1110General Chemistry I with Lab00000
EDUC 3130Methods and Materials in Physical Education00000
ASL 2500Fingerspelling Lab00000
CRST 1120Economics of Social Issues00000
BIOL 2410Advanced Anatomy and Physiology with Lab00000
DPT 6025Transitional Care II00000
CRST 3401WLanguage as Power00000
BUSI 2502Global Business00000
ECON 1080Statistical Analysis for the Social Sciences00000
ARTH 1100Introduction to Art History: Ancient Through Medieval00000
EDUC 2040Historical, Cultural and Social Foundations of Early Childho...00000
CHEM 4601Internship00000
EDUC 3754Secondary Family and Consumer Science Methods00000
ART 1020Art and Artists00000
EDUC 5360Early Childhood Mathematics00000
BIOL 1120Biology of Women with Lab00000
CRST 2151WSociocultural Aspects of Dress00000
ART 2300Painting: Oil00000
CRST 3250History of Civil Liberties and Civil Rights in the U.S.00000
BIOL 2710Foundations of Biology III with Lab00000
DPT 5010Outpatient Physical Therapy I00000
CRST 3480World Englishes: Past and Present00000
BIOL 4354Molecular Biology: Animal Development with Lab00000
DPT 7110Clinical Education III00000
ART 3400Advanced Wheel-Thrown Pottery00000
ECED 1000Introduction to Early Childhood Education00000
BUSI 4753Business Practicum00000
ECON 2994Topics: Discrimination and Disparities: Economics and Politi...00000
APPD 4604Internship00000
ECON 4604Internship00000
CHEM 3320Physical Chemistry II with Lab00000
EDUC 3015Methods and Materials in Mathematics00000
ARTH 4000Methods in Art History00000
EDUC 3551Literacy in the Content Areas: Secondary00000
COMM 1000WIntroduction to Communication: Women and Social Change00000
EDUC 3860Student Teaching and Seminar in Physical Education: Secondar...00000
ACCT 4140Accounting Systems00000
EDUC 5100Early Childhood Practical Life00000
COMM 4994Topics: Public Relations Writing00000
EDUC 5620Early Childhood Student Teaching Practicum I00000
ART 1370Making Better Photographs: Essential Principles of Photograp...00000
CRST 2050WFoundations of Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity00000
BIOL 1720Foundations of Biology II with Lab00000
CRST 2250Critical Hmong Studies00000
ACCT 4753Accounting Practicum00000
CRST 3162Migration, Citizenship, Community00000
BIOL 2610Human Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab00000
CRST 3340Criminal Justice: From Policing to Punishment00000
ART 2370Photography and Digital Storytelling00000
CRST 3451Development Economics: Examining Poverty and Inequality00000
BIOL 2984Topics: Introduction to the Mississippi River with Lab00000
CSCI 1120Algorithms and Computer Programming II00000
CRST 3560Women in America to 192000000
BIOL 3300Evolutionary Biology with Lab00000
DPT 5040Rehabilitation I00000
ART 3180Illustration Design00000
DPT 6055Clinical Education II00000
BIOL 4850WSenior Seminar00000
DPT 7131Rehabilitation IV00000
APPD 4050Fashion Illustration00000
DPT 7160Ethics and Leadership Summit00000
BUSI 3652Business Law Contracts00000
ECED 2300Early Childhood Education Accreditation and Standards00000
ART 4800Senior Seminar for Studio Art Majors00000
ECON 2610Principles of Microeconomics00000
CDC 3000Chemical Dependency/Addiction and Recovery: Assessment and I...00000
ECON 3350Financial Markets and Institutions00000
ACCT 4130WAuditing00000
ECON 3610Microeconomic Theory00000
CHEM 2020Organic Chemistry II with Lab00000
EDUC 1000Introduction to Early Childhood Education00000
ARTH 2650WModern Art00000
EDUC 2090General Methods: K-12, Secondary00000
CHEM 4400Biochemistry with Lab00000
EDUC 3050Methods and Materials in Social Studies00000
ART CISSCore Integrated Study Seminar: The Art of Biology00000
EDUC 3490Literacy Methods for Teaching the Intermediate Grades00000
CLAS 2470Ancient Rome00000
EDUC 3751Secondary Mathematics Methods00000
ASL 2010Introduction to American Deaf Culture00000
EDUC 3780Advanced Secondary Methods00000
COMM 2050Media, Culture and Society00000
EDUC 3910Student Teaching and Seminar: Middle Level00000
ACCT 2312Financial Accounting II00000
EDUC 5030Earth and Space Science for Educators00000
COMM 4600Leadership and the Art of Persuasion00000
EDUC 5220Early Childhood Music and Movement00000
BIOL 1110Environmental Biology with Lab00000
CORE 2000WThe Reflective Woman00000
ACCT 2130Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 3150Income Tax00000
APPD 2500Fashion Illustration and Portfolio Development00000
ART 2600Figure Drawing00000
BIOL 3222Cell Biology: Evolutionary Developmental Biology00000
CRST 4600Leadership and the Art of Persuasion00000