St. John's Course Reviews

St. John's University

HON 2003Catholic Vision & Imagination55541
ALH 3204Clinical Medicine 200000
ANT 1020Intro To Anthro: Physical00000
ART 105Introduction To Curating00000
ALSK 6060Mediation:Representing Clients00000
AIS 664Acc Info: Cyber-Security00000
ANT 2445Carribean Cultures00000
ACT 4347Actuarial Science Vii00000
ADV 301Soc & Dgtl Media Adv Comm Tool00000
ALH 4152Clinical Immunology I00000
ALH 4166Urinalysis & Body Fluids II00000
ALSK 3075Tenants Rights Advocacy Clinic00000
ADV 4601Seminar In Adv Comm00000
ALSK 9010Economic Justice Clinic-Pt I00000
ACT 605Life Contingency Mathematics I00000
ANT 1155Language & Intercultural Comm00000
AIS 4359Sustainability Acc Attestation00000
ARA 1020CCore:Arabic Level II00000
ACC 2371Intermediate Accounting I00000
ART 1030The Visual Arts00000
ACTV 1060Ny International Law Review00000
ALH 4161Clinical Bacteriology II00000
ACC 4344Advanced Accounting II00000
ADV 502Legal Aspects Of Adv Industry00000
ALH 4203Clinical Orthopedics Rotation00000
ALH 4211Senior Competencies Component00000
ALSK 2085Deposition Practice00000
ADV 3500His Of Adv & Evol Of Adv Princ00000
ALSK 5020Refugee Immig Rts Lit Clin-Pt200000
ACC 4400Accounting Internship II00000
ALSK 8041Bread & Life Immigr Clinic II00000
AIS 624Info Technology Auditing00000
ALSK 9080Advanced Clinic Practice00000
ACC 654Int'L Financial Reporting I00000
ANT 1060Global Poverty00000
AIS 685Advanced Internal Auditing00000
ANT 2000Anthropol of Human Rights00000
ACT 2322Actuarial Science II00000
ANT 4270Measurement, Eval & Rsrch Meth00000
AIS 4385Advanced Internal Auditing00000
ARA 4953Ind Study: Arabic Level III00000
ACC 608Internship: Acc/Assur/Adv III00000
ART 600Internship I00000
ALH 3215Health Hist & Phys Diagnosis I00000
ART 1050Drawing Experiments00000
ACC 3352Financial Statement Analysis00000
ALH 4155App,Analys,Lab Prac Clin Che I00000
ADGV 1000Administrative Law00000
ALH 4163Clinical Immunohematology II00000
ACC 622Global Managerial Acc II00000
ALH 4170Advancd Sem: Clinical Lab Sci00000
ADV 450Data, Analytics And Insights00000
ALH 4206Clinical Elective Rotation00000
ACC 4348Advanced Auditing00000
ADV 2100Intro to Advertising Comm00000
ALSK 1020Alternative Dispute Resolution00000
ALSK 1040Legal Research Advanced00000
ALSK 2070Prosecution Clinic Part I00000
ADV 3400Integrated Adv Comm00000
ALSK 3025Intro to Advocacy Intl Ll.M.00000
ACC 4358Sustainability Acc & Reporting00000
ALSK 4010Domestic Viol Lit Clinic-Pt I00000
ADV 4402Modern Adv Account Mgt00000
ALSK 6030Adv Trial Adv:Jury Selection00000
ACC 638Bus Entities & Combinations00000
ALSK 8000Drafting: Contracts00000
AIS ROMETravel To Rome00000
ALSK 8080Criminal Defense Clinic Pt II00000
ACT 602Finanical Mathematics II00000
ALSK 9050Drafting: Adr Documents00000
AIS 628Internal Auditing00000
ANT 1010CCore:Intro to Anthro:Cultural00000
ACC 606Internship: Acc/Assur/Adv I00000
ANT 1040Culture and Global Change00000
AIS 668Acc Info: Analytics & Forensic00000
ANT 1110Kinship, Family And Gender00000
ACT 611Modern Actuarial Statistics00000
ANT 1770Classical Archaeology00000
AIS 3356Principles Of Internal Auditng00000
ANT 2220Anthropology Of Pandemics00000
ACC 1008Fundamentals of Acct II00000
ANT 2750The North American Indian00000
AIS 4361Advanced Fraud Examination00000
ANT 4990Anthropology Seminar00000
ACT 3335Actuarial Science V00000
ARA 2050Arabic Level 500000
ALH 3201Ethics,Prof & Behavioral Med00000
ART 102Modern Museum:His, Ther Prac00000
ACC ROMEAccounting: Rome/Florence00000
ART 200Collections Management00000
ALH 3209Emergency Medicine00000
ART 925Maintaining Matriculation00000
ACTV 1030Journal Civil Rights &Econ Dev00000
ALSK 2015Externship Placement00000
ALH 4149Immunology In Clinical Lab Sci00000
AADA 4003Aada Semester III00000
ACC 601Fin Statement Analysis II00000
ACC 625Acc, Ethics, & Professionalism00000
ACC 4352Financial Statement Analysis00000
ADV 3200Advertising Print Production00000