SSU Course Reviews

Savannah State University

COMM 4111Film & Television Editing00000
CSCI 4510Artificial Intelligence00000
CHEM 1212Principles of Chemistry II00000
CLAS 1103Freshman Year Experience00000
CILS 2109Intro Glob Logs, Trans & Int00000
BIOL 4211Reproductive Biology00000
CRJU 4301Jurisprudence of Criminal Law00000
BEHV 3117Behavior Assessment and Behavior Change00000
CHEM 3411KPhysical Chemistry II00000
BIDS 4100Apprenticeship00000
CIVT 3201KCivil Engineering Materials00000
CILS 3197Global Business Logistics00000
BIOL 3201LCell Biology Lab00000
COMM 3120Intro to Communications Theory00000
ASTR 1000Introduction to the Universe00000
CRJU 2102Police and Society00000
BUSA 2182Intro to Business Statistics00000
CSCI 1610Programming in Java00000
ARTH 4600African Art History00000
DNCE 2661Ballet I00000
BEHV 4000Asmnt & Supervision00000
CHEM 4531Advanced Organic Chemistry00000
ARTS 10303-D Design00000
CILS 3111Applied Stats for Data Science00000
BIOL 1001Intro. to Life Science00000
CISM 3232Web Application Development00000
CILS 4192International Strategic Mgnt00000
BIOL 2515KHuman Anatomy and Physiology I00000
CIVT 3501Civil Engineer Computer Practi00000
ARTS 3311Printmaking II00000
COMM 2810Intro to Comm Research00000
BIOL 3401LEcology and Evolution Bio Lab00000
COMM 3401Intro to PR & Strategic Commun00000
AFRS 4701African History before 180000000
COMM 4815The Documentary00000
BIOL 4921Senior Seminar/Research00000
CRJU 3432Community Policing00000
BEHV 2106Rsrch Design & Data Analysis 100000
CRJU 4601Special Topic Victimology00000
CHEM 0998Prin of Chem I Concept Develop00000
CSCI 3385KComputer Network and Design00000
AFRS 3111The Africana Woman00000
DCED 3601Dance Education and Pedagogy00000
CHEM 2511LOrganic Chemistry II00000
DNCE 3400Jazz I00000
ARTH 4604Contemporary Art00000
CHEM 3801Biochemistry00000
BIDS 2000Intro to Interdisciplinary Stu00000
CHEM 4902Special Topics in Chemistry00000
AFRS 3211Relig and African Thought Syst00000
CILS 3010Business Intelligence00000
BIED 3002Connections in Secondary Scien00000
CILS 3190Purch & Procurement Glob Supp00000
ARTS 1101Introduction to Visual Arts00000
CILS 4137Database Design & Implementati00000
BIOL 1103LGeneral Biology Lab00000
CISM 3109Intro to Data Analy & Mining00000
CILS 4900Occupational Internship00000
BIOL 1108Principles of Biology II00000
CISM 4200Project Management00000
ARTS 3201Photography I00000
CIVT 3301KFluid Mechanics00000
BIOL 3101LGeneral Botany Lab00000
CIVT 4100KStructure Design00000
AFRS 3501Survey Survey of Africa and Societies AFRS 3501 0100000
COMM 2105Mass Media and Society00000
BIOL 3301LGenetics Lab00000
COMM 3105News Writing & Reporting00000
ARTS 3512Book Arts00000
COMM 3302Speech for Multimedia00000
BIOL 3801Animal Physiology00000
COMM 4106Comm Practicum(PR & Jour)00000
AFRS 2000Intro to Africana Studies00000
COMM 4402Strategic Campaign Principles00000
BIOL 4611Developmental Biology00000
COMM 4952Spec. Topics:Feat. Film Produc00000
BEHV 2101History of Behavior Analysis00000
CRJU 3131Research Methods in CRJU00000
BUSA 1103Intro to Business & Leadership00000
CRJU 3610Theories of Criminal Behavior00000
ARTH 3101Western Art History I00000
CRJU 4411Criminal Investigations00000
BUSA 4126Business Policy00000
CSCI 1301Computer Science I00000
BEHV 3104Behavior Change in Behavior Analysis00000
CSCI 2601KInfo Security Fundamentals00000
CHEM 1211LPrinciples of Chemistry I Lab00000
CSCI 4110Operating Systems00000
ACCT 4111Intermed Fin Accounting III00000
DATA 3109Intro to Data Analy and Mining00000
CHEM 2501Organic Chemistry I00000
DNCE 1851Performance Dance Ensemble00000
BEHV 3720Community Applications of Behavioral Analysis00000
CHEM 3111KInstrumental Analysis00000
ACCT 3113Federal Income Tax Proced I00000
ACCT 4117Auditing00000
AFRS 3219African-American Nonfiction00000
ARTS 3012Life Studio00000
BIOL 1104Human Biology00000
CISM 2130Business Information Systems00000