SSC Course Reviews

Seminole State College of Florida

CJK 0018Legal00000
COP 2047Python Programming00000
BCV 0601CElectrician - Helper III00000
CHM 2045CGeneral Chemistry I00000
BUL 2240Legal Issues for Small Businesses00000
BCN 4787CConstruction Capstone Project00000
CJK 0320Intake and Release00000
AHS 8209020BComputing For Colleges And Careers B00000
BCV 0680LElectrical OJT00000
ART 2500CPainting I00000
CET 3679Principles of Telephony00000
CCJ 2053Criminal Justice Ethics00000
BCN 1579Tiny House Living: Less is More00000
CJE 1000Introduction to Law Enforcement00000
AER 2694Electrical/Electronic Systems II00000
CJK 0077Criminal Investigations00000
BCV 0507CAdvanced HVACR Skills00000
CJL 1130Criminal Procedure00000
ACR 0584CHVAC/R 202-Industry Service Practices00000
COP 2942Internship Computer Programming00000
ARH 2051Art History II00000
BSC 1050HHonors Biology and Environment00000
ACR 0613CHVAC/R 107-Heating00000
CAP 2804Simulation and Gaming Fundamentals II00000
ART 2930CSelected Studies in Art00000
CET 2662Advances in Cybersecurity00000
CCJ 2650Drugs, Alcohol and Crime00000
BCA 0474CIntermediate Fire Sprinklers I00000
CGS 2545CDatabase Management00000
AER 1073Applied Concepts in Automotive Electrical/Electronics00000
CIS 2901CCase Study in Business Programming00000
BCN 2942Construction Management Internship00000
CJK 0001Introduction to Law Enforcement00000
ACR 0430CHVAC/R 203-Methods, Measurement, Design and Application00000
CJK 0051Criminal Justice Defensive Tactics00000
BCV 0004Construction Building Science and Methods00000
CJK 0092Critical Incidents00000
AHS 1001460AApplied Communications 1(A)00000
CJK 0400Traffic Incidents00000
BCV 0517CPlumbing II B00000
CNT 3406Enterprise Security00000
ACR 0070HVAC/R Career Planning and Professional Success00000
COP 2822Web Applications00000
BCV 0643CElectrician - Residential VI00000
COP 3703Database Design/Architecture00000
ACR 0591CHVACR Technical Skills00000
BSC 1005Concepts of Biology00000
ART 2330CFigure Drawing00000
BSC 2010CGeneral Biology I00000
ACR 0122CHVAC/R 104-Components00000
BUL 3130HHonors Legal and Ethical Environment of Business00000
ART 2751CCeramics II00000
CCJ 1020Introduction to Criminal Justice00000
ACR 0770CHVAC/R 204-Chill Water Systems00000
CCJ 2600Inside the Criminal Mind00000
AST 1002HHonors Introduction to Astronomy00000
CET 1854CIntroduction to Wireless Technologies00000
CDA 3100Introduction to Computer Architecture00000
BCA 0457Advanced Plumbing IV00000
CET 2942Cooperative Education Internship in Network Administration00000
AER 0499CAutomotive Suspension and Brakes00000
CGS 1848CGoogle Tools and Applications00000
BCN 1221Introduction to Building Construction00000
CHM 1020HHonors Contemporary Chemistry00000
ACR 0311CHVACR Technical Engineering I00000
CHM 2211COrganic Chemistry II00000
BCN 2405CApplied Statics in Construction00000
CIS 4523Managing IT Projects00000
AER 1695Chassis Electronics00000
CJE 2566Domestic Violence, Date Rape and Stalking00000
BCN 3451CStructures00000
CJK 0013Interactions in a Diverse Community00000
ACR 0013CHVAC/R 207-Mechanic Advanced Service Practices00000
CJK 0021Serving Your Community00000
BCT 0200Tramcon Manufactured Construction Basic00000
CJK 0065Calls for Service and Special Risk Groups00000
AER 2941Internship Auto Technology00000
CJK 0084DUI Traffic Stops00000
BCV 0040Introduction to Blueprint Reading00000
CJK 0305Communications00000
ACR 0530CHVAC/R 102 Electrical00000
CJK 0335Responding to Incidents and Emergencies00000
BCV 0513LBasic Plumbing Skills00000
CJK 0403DUI Traffic Stops00000
AHS 2001310AEarth/Space Science00000
CJL 2500U.S. Court Systems00000
BCV 0523CPlumbing IV A00000
CNT 4504Computer Networks and Distributed Processing00000
ACG 2100Intermediate Accounting Fundamentals00000
COP 2660Android Programming00000
BCV 0606CAdvanced Electrical Skills00000
COP 2836Web Programming II00000
AMH 2020United States History 1865 to Present00000
BCV 0654CElectrician - Commercial V00000
ACG 2021Principles of Financial Accounting00000
ACG 3131Intermediate Accounting I00000
ACR 0208CHVAC/R 106-Refrigerant Recovery and Reclaim00000
ACR 2930CSelected Studies in HVAC/R00000
BCA 0452Fundamentals of Plumbing III00000
CET 1178CNetwork Computer Maintenance and Repair (A+)00000