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SSC Course Reviews

Seminole State College of Florida

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CJK 0013Interactions in a Diverse Community00000
CTS 2411CInformation Storage Management00000
ART 2500CPainting I00000
CET 1178CNetwork Computer Maintenance and Repair (A+)00000
BCN 3708Construction Laws and Contracts00000
ACG 3131Intermediate Accounting I00000
CJL 2131Criminal Evidence00000
BCV 0523CPlumbing IV A00000
BCA 0474CIntermediate Fire Sprinklers I00000
RTV 2941Cooperative Education Internship in Radio/TV00000
BUL 2241Business Law I00000
BCV 0512CPlumbing II A00000
THE 2952SSC Touring Company/Performance00000
CHM 1020HHonors Contemporary Chemistry00000
BCN 4946Senior Construction Management Internship00000
CJK 0093Critical Incidents00000
ACR 0613CHVAC/R 107-Heating00000
COP 2941Internship in Computer Programming00000
BCA 0002Basic Construction Skills00000
EAP 0385EAP Low Intermediate Grammar/Writing00000
PSY 2602The Evolution of Modern Psychology00000
BCN 2251CBuilding Construction Documents00000
BCA 0473Fundamentals of Fire Sprinklers IV00000
BCT 1763Work Place Safety00000
SLS 2942Internship Exploration00000
BSC 1020Human Biology00000
BCV 0608CElectrician - Helper IV00000
TAX 2000Federal Income Taxes I00000
CCJ 2452Managing a Criminal Justice Organization00000
BCN 3225CSoil Mechanics and Foundations00000
CET 3505Computer Operating Systems00000
TPP 2700Voice and Articulation I00000
CIS 4523Managing IT Projects00000
ART 2751CCeramics II00000
CJK 0065Calls for Service and Special Risk Groups00000
ACR 0208CHVAC/R 106-Refrigerant Recovery and Reclaim00000
CJK 0393Cross-Over Program Updates00000
BCV 0501CPlumbing I A00000
COP 2228Advanced C++ Programming00000
AER 2298Automatic Transmissions/Transaxles00000
CTS 1168CInstalling and Configuring Windows 10 (70-698 exam)00000
AMH 2090HHonors United States Women's History00000
DIG 2302C3D Modeling and Animation I00000
BCA 0442LPlumbing OJT00000
EAP 1560EAP High Intermediate/Advanced Grammar00000
BCA 0454Advanced Plumbing I00000
BCN 1251CGraphic Communication in Construction00000
RTV 1201CIntroduction to Television Production I00000
BCN 2930Selected Studies in Building Construction00000
APA 1111COffice Accounting I00000
BCN 4731COSHA Analysis and Design of Safety Systems00000
SLS 1505Successful Critical Thinking00000
BCV 0040Introduction to Blueprint Reading00000
BCA 0497LFire Sprinkler OJT00000
BCV 0600CBasic Electrical Skills00000
SPN 2200Intermediate Spanish I00000
BCV 0680LElectrical OJT00000
BCV 0642CElectrician - Residential V00000
SYG 2340Human Sexuality00000
BSC 2011CGeneral Biology II00000
BCN 2599Green Building and Energy Efficiency00000
CCJ 1000Introduction to Private Security00000
THE 2925Theatre Production and Performance00000
CCJ 2693The Study of Sex Crimes00000
ART 2400CPrintmaking I00000
CET 2620CCisco Connecting Networks00000
TPA 2204Stagecraft II00000
CGS 1848CGoogle Tools and Applications00000
BCN 4258Building Information Modeling (BIM)00000
CHM 2046CGeneral Chemistry II with Qualitative Analysis00000
WOH 2232Survey of Early Christianity00000
CJE 2160Cultural Diversity in Public Safety00000
AHS 8209020BComputing For Colleges And Careers B00000
CJK 0021Serving Your Community00000
ACR 0070HVAC/R Career Planning and Professional Success00000
CJK 0084DUI Traffic Stops00000
BCT 2770Estimating Fundamentals00000
CJK 0320Intake and Release00000
ACR 0505CHVACR Service Practices00000
CJK 0421Conducted Electrical Weapons (CEW)/Dart-Firing Stun Gun00000
ASL 1140American Sign Language I00000
CNT 4514Wireless Networks and Portable Devices00000
AER 0759CAutomotive Heating/Air Conditioning Fundamentals00000
COP 2822Web Applications00000
BCV 0516CPlumbing II C00000
COT 3103Discrete Computational Analysis00000
ART 1201CDesign Fundamentals I00000
CTS 2358CIdentity with Windows Server 2016 (Exam 70-742)00000
AER 2941Internship Auto Technology00000
DEP 2004Developmental Psychology00000
ASL 1150American Sign Language II00000
DIG 2949Internship in Digital Media00000
BCV 0601CElectrician - Helper III00000
BCA 0456Advanced Plumbing III00000
AER 1082Introduction to Vehicle Systems and Minor Service00000
AHS 1001460BApplied Communications 1(B)00000
ARC 1301Architectural Design I00000
BCN 2230Construction Materials and Methods I00000
SYG 2000HHonors Introduction to Sociology00000
BCV 0643CElectrician - Residential VI00000