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SRU Course Reviews

Slippery Rock University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
SEFE 230Production and Utilization of Instructional Technology24221
HEMT 322Food and Beverage Operations14221
COMM 270Strategic Health Communication00000
BIOL 357Environmental Microbiology with Lab00000
CPSC 376Programming Language and Theory00000
CHEM 490Independent Study00000
ATTR 715Advanced Interventions and Techniques in Athletic Training00000
COMM 480The Communication Age00000
ART 212Intermediate Studio Ceramics00000
BUSA 340Legal Environment of Business00000
ART 313Advanced Studio Graphic Design00000
CDEV 613Introduction to School Counseling00000
CHEM 204Introduction to Forensic Science00000
ART 484Extended Studio Digital Media00000
COMM 201Digital Imaging00000
ART 113Basic Studio Graphic Design00000
COMM 355TV Field Production00000
BIOL 212General Zoology with Lab00000
CPSC 217Advanced Web Programming00000
ACCT 631Federal Corporate Tax00000
CPSC 685Big Data Analytics00000
ART 307Advanced Studio Photography00000
CDEV 598SelTopic:Desn Pgms,Trng & Wksh00000
ARAB 102Arabic Language and Culture II00000
CDEV 625Assessment in Student Affairs00000
ART 365Art Since 194500000
CDEV 636Advanced Addictions Counseling00000
CDEV 820Access, Equity, and Affordability in Higher Education00000
ART 476Extended Studio Painting00000
CHEM 340Air Quality Assessment00000
ART 107Basic Studio Photography00000
CIVL 330Environmental Engineering00000
ATTR 607General Medicine Concepts in Athletic Training00000
COMM 232Publication Production00000
ACCT 620Forensic Accounting00000
COMM 332Case Studies in Public Relations and Integrated Communicatio...00000
BIOL 102Human Biology00000
COMM 415Persuasion00000
ART 207Intermediate Studio Photography00000
CPSC 110Computer Concepts00000
BIOL 316Medical Immunology with Lab00000
CPSC 323Fundamentals of Database Systems00000
ACCT 330Accounting Information Systems00000
CPSC 485Big Data Analytics00000
BIOL 450Biology Internship00000
CRCS 230Personnel and Physical Security00000
ACSD 110Beginning Algebra00000
BUSA 459Sustainable Business Consulting00000
ART 310Advanced Studio Sculpture00000
CDEV 608Ethical and Legal Issues in Student Affairs00000
ACCT 345Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)00000
CDEV 618Foundations of Youth00000
ART 325North American Art History00000
CDEV 627Practicum in Group Leadership00000
ARAB 202Intermediate Arabic I00000
CDEV 643Organizational Behavior & Leadership in Higher Education00000
ART 426Senior Project Painting00000
CDEV 682Assessment for School Counselors00000
CDEV 751Internship in Clinical Mental Health Counseling00000
ART 450Internship00000
CHEM 108General Chemistry II00000
ART 1013-D Design00000
CHEM 302Physical Chemistry II00000
ART 482Extended Studio Ceramics00000
CHEM 442Inorganic Chemistry00000
ACCT 450Internship00000
CHIN 103Chinese Language and Culture III00000
ATTR 604Clinical Anatomy and Kinesiology in Athletic Training I00000
COMM 110Communication Concepts00000
ART 111Basic Studio Fiber Art00000
COMM 215Small Group Communication00000
ATTR 609Head and Spine Evaluation and Rehabilitation00000
COMM 248Interactive Multimedia 100000
ACCT 320Forensic Accounting00000
COMM 307Social Media00000
ATTR 760Athletic Training Clinical Experiences III00000
COMM 343Feature Journalism00000
ART 205Intermediate Studio Drawing00000
COMM 364Brand Management00000
BIOL 110The Human Body: Fundamentals of Structure and Physiology00000
COMM 450Internship00000
ACCT 629Accounting Data Analytics00000
COMM 617Intercultural Communication00000
BIOL 300Social and Ethical Issues in Genetics00000
CPSC 146Programming Principles00000
ART 210Intermediate Studio Sculpture00000
CPSC 237Mobile App Development for Smart Devices00000
BIOL 335Cell Biology/Lab00000
CPSC 370Computer Organization and Architecture00000
ACCT 308Federal Individual Income Tax00000
CPSC 456Introduction to Computer Graphics00000
BIOL 401Ecology with Lab00000
CPSC 602Introduction to Health Informatics00000
ART 300Art Seminar00000
CDEV 699Introduction to Research00000
BIOL 490Independent Study00000
ACCT 209Financial Accounting00000
ACCT 313Intermediate Accounting I00000
ACCT 413Advanced Accounting00000
ARAB 301Arabic Conversation I00000