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SRSU Course Reviews

Sul Ross State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
SPN 3311Span Lit II00000
AGB 4308Natural Resource & Envir Econ00000
CJ 2362Cybercrime Investigation00000
CRIM 3301Police Administration00000
CJ 5306Drug Abuse00000
BIOL 6040Thesis Research00000
THEA 4305Advanced Improvisation00000
ARTC 4303Advanced Maya00000
CJ 4313Juvenile Delinquency00000
BIO 5307Understanding the Human Body00000
COMM 3313Advanced Video Production00000
CJ 5340Policy Making in CJ00000
BIOL 4403Herpetology00000
CRIM 4310American Courts00000
ART 2366Watercolor I00000
THEA 3101Theatre Workshop00000
CIS 3323Human and Computer Interaction00000
ACC 4330Principles of Taxation00000
ANSC 5303Ruminant Nutrition00000
ANSC 3311Anat & Phys Dom Animals00000
BIO 3309Found Elem Sci II00000
CJ 4333Community Policing00000
ANSC 5324Animal Physiology00000
CJ 5325Graduate Seminar in CJ00000
BIOL 1313General Zoology00000
COMM 2335Visual Communication00000
COMM 1310Fundamentals of Communication00000
BIOL 3403Parasitology00000
COMM 4315PR Campaigns00000
ART 1311Design I00000
CRIM 4302Constitutional Law00000
BIOL 5200Biological Investigations00000
CRIM 4368Multiculturalism in CJ00000
ANSC 4306Animal Hlth & Diseases00000
THEA 1351Acting I00000
CHEM 3408Organic Chemistry II00000
THEA 3314Costume Design00000
ART 4302Adv Studio Concentration II00000
ACC 2301Prin. of Accounting I00000
CJ 1323Police Academy IV00000
ACCT 5307Accounting for Management00000
ANSC 3309Sheep & Goat Prod & Mgt00000
ANSC 2310Anat & Phys Dom Animals00000
CJ 3341Research Methods for CJ00000
ANSC 3319Special Pop in Ag Educ00000
ANSC 5316Project Research00000
CJ 4322Topics in Homeland Security00000
BIO 4404Ornithology00000
CJ 4363Intro Criminal Profiling00000
ANSC 3318Tch Methods in Ag Ed00000
CJ 5315Seminar in Courts & Judiciary00000
BIOL 1113General Zoology Lab00000
CJ 5330Emerging Issues in HS00000
ANSC 5331Ruminant Nutrition00000
CJ 5364Seminar in Cyber Warfare00000
BIOL 2302Anatomy & Physiology II00000
COMM 2308Web Page Design00000
COMM 1320Business and Prof Comm00000
BIOL 3303Sciences in Cinema & TV00000
COMM 3307Studies in Film00000
ANTH 4308Readings & Res In Anthropolgy00000
COMM 4304Documentary Internship00000
BIOL 4202Biological Investigation00000
COMM 5309Organizational Communication00000
ANSC 4302Food and Meat Safety00000
CRIM 3307Police Ethics & Legal Liab00000
BIOL 4410Med & Veterinary Entomology00000
CRIM 4305Procedural Law00000
ART 2313Design Communication I00000
CRIM 4324Immigration Law and Policy00000
BIOL 5312Graduate Research00000
PSY 3313Social Attitudes00000
ANSC 2406Meat Science00000
SPN 4310Spanish American Literature I00000
CHEM 1112General Chemistry II Lab00000
THEA 2307Stage Combat00000
ART 3308Contemporary Art History00000
THEA 3308Acting III: Styles00000
CHEM 3410Inorganic Chemistry I00000
THEA 3319Producing00000
ANSC 4311Professional Development00000
THEA 5305Senior Project00000
CJ 1307Crime in America00000
ACC 3331Intermediate Accounting II00000
ART 5304Graduate Art Studio I00000
ACC 4334Acct Information Systems00000
CJ 2350Current Issues in CJ00000
AGB 3304Range Use Economics00000
AGB 4301Sust/Div Ranch Business00000
ANSC 2303Horsemanship I00000
CJ 3317White Collar Crime00000
ANSC 3305Horse Prod & Mgt00000
ASTR 1304Solar System00000
CJ 4306Gangs00000
ACC 4333Auditing Principles00000
ANSC 2304Intro to Ag Education00000
ANSC 3407Sausage Manufacturing00000
ANTH 1301Cultural Anthropology00000
BIOL 2404Anatomy & Physiology00000
COMM 1335Intro to Comm Studies00000