SRSU Course Reviews

Sul Ross State University

CJ 1306Court Systems & Practices00000
CJ 4335Drug Ident & Enforcement00000
BIO 4305Special Topics: Permaculture00000
BIOL 6302Thesis Defense00000
BIOL 2301Anatomy & Physiology I00000
ART 5304Graduate Art Studio I00000
CJ 4310Deviant Subcultures00000
ANSC 5303Ruminant Nutrition00000
BIOL 1107Biology II Laboratory00000
ANSC 5403Biostatistical Analysis Theory00000
BIOL 5101Non-Thesis Exam Prep00000
BIOL 3306Genetics00000
ART 3302Printmaking00000
CHEM 3410Inorganic Chemistry I00000
ANSC 4303Meat Fabrication00000
CJ 3320Emergency Management00000
ASTR 1304Solar System00000
CJ 4323Transnational Crime00000
ANSC 3305Horse Prod & Mgt00000
CJ 5311Adv Law Enforcement Admin00000
ANSC 5322Statistics For The Animal Sci00000
BIOL 1313General Zoology00000
ANSC 3311Anat & Phys Dom Animals00000
BIOL 2405Plants and People00000
ANTH 2303Readings in Anthroppology00000
BIOL 4406Principles of Ecology00000
BIOL 4101Biology Senior Review00000
ART 2316Painting I00000
BIOL 5312Graduate Research00000
ANSC 3407Sausage Manufacturing00000
CHEM 1312General Chemistry II00000
ART 332318th & 19th Century Art00000
CHEM 4407Physical Chemistry II00000
ANSC 2312Current Issues in Ag00000
CJ 1322Police Academy III00000
ARTC 4303Advanced Maya00000
CJ 4302Crime Mapping00000
ANSC 4309Meat Que'Linary Tx BBQ00000
CJ 4318Advanced Homeland Security00000
BIO 3308Found Elem Sci I00000
CJ 4332Const Issues in Corr00000
AGB 4301Sust/Div Ranch Business00000
CJ 4368Multiculturalism in CJ00000
BIO 5303Evolutionary Biology00000
CJ 5315Seminar in Courts & Judiciary00000
ANSC 3308Agri Statistics00000
BIOL 1306Biology for Majors I00000
ANSC 5326Animal Reproduction00000
BIOL 2102Anatomy/Physiology II Lab00000
AGB 4308Natural Resource & Envir Econ00000
BIOL 2320Pathophysiology00000
ANTH 1301Cultural Anthropology00000
BIOL 3301Human Nutrition00000
ANSC 3315Appl Anim Be & Welfare00000
BIOL 3307Animal Behavior00000
ANTH 4311Backcountry Classroom00000
BIOL 4403Herpetology00000
BIOL 4300Ecological Parasitology00000
ART 1317Drawing II00000
BIOL 4414Forensic Entomology00000
ANSC 3402Beef Cattle Prod & Mgt00000
BIOL 5305Tech of Scientific Research00000
ART 2347Ceramics II00000
BIOL 5318Toxic & Medicinal Plants00000
ANSC 2305Meat Animal & Carcass Eval00000
CHEM 1111General Chemistry I Lab00000
ART 3308Contemporary Art History00000
CHEM 3407Organic Chemistry I00000
ANSC 3416Lvstk Wildlife Nutr Mgmt00000
CHEM 4301Biochemistry I00000
ART 5301Curriculum Enrichment00000
CJ 1000Law Enforcement Academy00000
AGB 3302Agricultural Marketing00000
CJ 1313Juvenile Justice System00000
ARTC 2331Intro to Animation00000
CJ 2313Correctional Sys and Prac00000
ANSC 4305Agri Genetics00000
CJ 3341Research Methods for CJ00000
ASTR 1104Solar System Laboratory00000
CJ 4304Criminology00000
ANSC 2315Equine Exercise Physio00000
CJ 4313Juvenile Delinquency00000
BIO 3302Evolution00000
CJ 4320Forensic Ballistics Handguns00000
ANSC 4315Endocrinology00000
CJ 4330Law Enforcement Admin00000
BIO 3406General Ecology00000
CJ 4333Community Policing00000
ACCT 3312Accounting Systems-QuickBooks00000
CJ 4365Cyber Warfare00000
BIO 4409Mammalogy Lab00000
CJ 5306Drug Abuse00000
ANSC 5316Project Research00000
BIO 5309Comparative Vertebrate Biology00000
ACC 4332Advanced Accounting00000
ACCT 5307Accounting for Management00000
ANSC 1419Introductory Animal Science00000
ANSC 3319Special Pop in Ag Educ00000
ART 1304Art History II00000
BIOL 4307Capstone Research00000