SPU Course Reviews

Seattle Pacific University

CRIM 4899Capstone00000
EDSP 3107Exceptionality in the Classroom00000
BUS 3700Quantitative Methods for Decision Making00000
COM 4265Organizational Communication00000
CHM 1310Survey of General Chemistry00000
BIO 4978Biological Research Proposal00000
DAT 3380Introduction to Data Science00000
ART 4501Illustration Studio00000
BUS 4650Data Analytics and Visualization00000
ASIA 3785Trade, War, and The Making of East Asian Modernities00000
COM 1101Introduction to Interpersonal Communication00000
CHM 3423Molecular Dynamics00000
BIO 4415Plant Physiology00000
CPE 4211Computer Engineering Senior Design I00000
ART 3608Issues in Contemporary Art and Visual Culture00000
CSC 4220Cybersecurity Fundamentals00000
BUS 3541Marketing and Society00000
ECN 3690Inclusive Financial Services00000
ART 2950Special Topics00000
EDU 3106Laboratory Experience00000
ART 4930Art Practicum00000
BUS 4940Internship00000
ART 3202Visual Communication I00000
CHM 3229Analytical Spectroscopy00000
BIO 1859Biology Cornerstone Seminar00000
CHN 4950Food Culture of East Asia00000
CHM 4371Biochemistry Lecture00000
BIO 4352Cell Biology00000
COM 3160Conflict Management00000
ART 3502Image and Narration00000
COM 4900Independent Study00000
BIO 4899Natural Sciences Seminar00000
CRIM 2360Introduction to Statistics in Social and Behavioral Sciences00000
ART 1205Design Studio - Color00000
CSC 3150Systems Design00000
BUS 2414Legal Environment of Business00000
CSC 4930Practicum in Computer Science00000
ART 4210Digital Lab 300000
ECE 3700STEM for Early Learning00000
BUS 3620Management Information Systems00000
ECN 4940Internship in Economics00000
ANT 3000Introduction to Biological Anthropology00000
EDSP 4944Elementary Special Education Internship B00000
BUS 4275The Practice of Finance00000
EDU 3255Secondary General Methods I00000
ART 3200Type Lab00000
BUS 4690Strategic Management00000
ART 4969Studio Practice00000
CHM 1110Introduction to the Nature of Science00000
ANT 4920Readings in Selected Fields00000
CHM 3225Quantitative Analysis and Equilibrium00000
BIO 1103Applications of Biology00000
CHM 3373Organic Chemistry III00000
ART 3302Painting Studio00000
CHM 4361LBiochemistry Lab00000
BIO 2103General Biology00000
CHN 1101Elementary Mandarin Chinese I00000
CHM 4899Natural Sciences Capstone Seminar00000
BIO 2130LHuman Anatomy & Physiology Lab00000
CLA 3170Classical Civilization00000
ART 3421Printmaking Studio00000
COM 1931Communication Practicum00000
BIO 4410LHuman Physiology Lab00000
COM 3930Forensics Practicum00000
ART 1107Art Foundations 300000
COM 4606Com Sem00000
BIO 4835Conservation Biology00000
CPE 3350Operating Systems Programming00000
ART 3546Art Education00000
CPE 4899Computer Engineering Capstone and Senior Design00000
BIO 4940Internship in Biology00000
CRIM 3313Prisons and Corrections00000
ACCT 4899Capstone00000
CSC 2330Data Structures & Programming00000
BUS 1700Spreadsheets00000
CSC 3350Operating Systems Programming00000
ART 4101Advanced Photography/Digital Studio00000
CSC 4760Advanced Computer Architecture00000
BUS 2910Internship and Career Strategies00000
CSC 4950Topics in Computer Science00000
ART 2602Monuments of World Art I00000
ECE 3100Early Learning for Children with Disabilities00000
BUS 3600Gender and Leadership00000
ECN 3050Institutions and Institutional Analysis00000
ART 4302Painting Studio00000
ECN 4899Capstone in Economics00000
BUS 3680Social Enterprise00000
EDRD 3200Reading II00000
ACCT 3324Federal Income Taxation00000
EDSP 4651Special Education Assessment00000
BUS 3830Intl Business Seminar:Czech00000
EDU 2100Foundational Issues in Education00000
ART 4898Senior Capstone in Studio Arts00000
BUS 4625The Organization's Presence on the Net00000
ACCT 2361Financial Accounting00000
ACCT 3351Intermediate Accounting I00000
ART 1105Art Foundation 0100000
ART 3303Painting Studio00000
BIO 2129Human Anatomy and Physiology00000
CHM 4940Internship in Chemistry/Biochemistry00000