Spelman Course Reviews

Spelman College

SCWS 352Luso-Afro Brazilian Cinema00000
SDRA 101ATheatre Insight for Non Majors00000
SBIO 356Developmental Biology00000
SCIS 346Theory- Programming Languages00000
SCHE 301Analytical Chemistry00000
SAVC 493JDirected Studies Art00000
SDAN 204ADiv of the Arts Sophomore Sem00000
SAVC 251Art History Review I00000
SBIO 491Sp Top: Bioinformatics00000
SAVC 303Installation Art00000
SCIS 123Computer Science I: Python00000
SCHE 421Inorganic Chemistry00000
SAVC 383Slavery and Visual Culture00000
SCIS 482Senior Seminar II00000
SAVC 212Documentary Photography00000
SDAN 105Dance Perspectives and Process00000
SBIO 313From Mendel and Beyond00000
SDAN 300Art of Teaching Dance00000
SASL 101Elem American Sign Language I00000
SDRA 328Scenic Design00000
SAVC 290Art Process and Practice00000
SCHE 112LGeneral Chemistry II Lab00000
SAVC 115Photographic Vision00000
SCHE 345Physical Chemistry00000
SAVC 306Mining the Museum00000
SCIS 111LDiscovering Comp Sci Lab00000
SCHE 433Undergrad Research Chemistry00000
SAVC 335Advanced Sight and Sound00000
SCIS 215LData Struct&Theor Found CS Lab00000
SAVC 204BDiv of the Arts Sophomore Sem00000
SCIS 465LNetworks and Security Lab00000
SAVC 480Art History Thesis00000
SCWS 310Docu Wmn:Oral Narr&Dig; Med Pro00000
SANT 433Anthropology Thesis00000
SCWS 421APract in Women's Scholar Activ00000
SBIO 114Biology Methods and Research00000
SDAN 132Beginning Contemp Mod Dance00000
SAVC 238Art as Social Justice00000
SDAN 235Intermediate Cont Mod Dance00000
SBIO 325Evolution in Action00000
SDAN 335Advanced Contemporary Modern00000
SANT 203Introduction to Anthropology00000
SDRA 206History of Theatre I00000
SBIO 475Methods in Molecular Biology00000
SDRA 407Script Analysis00000
SAVC 104ADiv of the Arts First Yr Sem00000
SCHE 111General Chemistry I00000
SAVC 301Jewelry Design I00000
SCHE 232Organic Chemistry II00000
SANT 316Feminist Ethnography00000
SCHE 312Biochemistry II00000
SAVC 304BDiv of the Arts Junior Seminar00000
SCHE 394Honors Research00000
SAVC 124Intro to Doc Filmmaking00000
SCHE 431Undergrad Research Chemistry00000
SAVC 309Jewelry Design II00000
SCHE 496Instrumental Meth Data Analy00000
SCHE 451Adv Top: Intro to Pharmacology00000
SAVC 320Art History Meth, Theo, & Prac00000
SCIS 113Discovering CS: Python00000
SAVC 141Art History I: Pyra to Cathedr00000
SCIS 181Freshman Seminar I00000
SAVC 365Black Pacific Art and Vis Cul00000
SCIS 328Intro Database Mang Sys Design00000
SANT 350Race & Identity-Latin America00000
SCIS 445Intro to Information Retrieval00000
SAVC 435Theory and Criticism in Prac00000
SCIS 475Sp Tp:Data Science00000
SAVC 205Digital Media Production I00000
SCWS 270Intro to Women's Studies00000
SAVC 493LDirected Studies Photography00000
SCWS 330Top: Black Queer Studies00000
SADS 405Blkness and Nat in Lat Amer00000
SCWS 400Blk Female Body/Amer Lit00000
SBIO 100Biology of Women00000
SCWS 492Honors Thesis00000
SAVC 2253D Methods and Materials00000
SDAN 112Beg Ball through the Lens Kin00000
SBIO 125Molecular Biology and Genomics00000
SDAN 201Choreography I00000
SAS 400Directed Studies00000
SDAN 211Dance, Community and Social Ch00000
SBIO 319Social Epigenomics00000
SDAN 251Principles of Jazz00000
SAVC 245LInteractive Storytelling Lab00000
SDAN 304ADiv of the Arts Junior Sem00000
SBIO 329Nutrition in Cancer00000
SDAN 494Independent Study in Dance00000
HJOU 378Sports Reporting00000
SDRA 104ADiv of the Arts First Yr Sem00000
SBIO 394Honors Independent Study00000
SDRA 307Creative Careers00000
SAVC 280Innovation, Technology & Art I00000
SBIO 488Research in Urban Ecology00000
HAFR 300Africana Studies Theory00000
SADS 300Activism In Afro-Latin America00000
SANT 336Ethnographic Methods00000
SAVC 130Materials & Concepts II00000
SAVC 312Unmasked:Afr Art Past & Pres00000
SCHE 492Honors Thesis Reseach00000