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Spelman Course Reviews

Spelman College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
SCWS 270Intro to Women's Studies44541
SDAN 236Intermediate Contemp Mod Dance00000
SENG 428Creative Prod: Resch and Craft00000
SFLJ 201Intermediate Japanese I00000
SENG 316Speculative Fiction00000
SENG 421BThe Harlem Renaissance00000
SES 435Research in Environmental Sci00000
SBIO 114Biology Methods and Research00000
SBIO 372Neurobiology Lec & Lab00000
SDRA 200Production Laboratory00000
SECO 315Intermediate Microecon Theory00000
SENG 212World Literature: 1600-Present00000
SCIS 328Intro Database Mang Sys Design00000
SENG 367Cult Narratives War on Drugs00000
SAVC 375Entering the Art World:Cult &C00000
SES 211Intro to Environmental Science00000
SDAN 104ADiv of the Arts First Yr Sem00000
SFLF 202Intermediate French II00000
SAVC 215Sculpture I00000
SFLP 355Global Dance Music00000
SBIO 313From Mendel and Beyond00000
SDRA 494Independent Study in Drama00000
SAVC 245LInteractive Storytelling Lab00000
SBIO 491ABioinformatics00000
SECO 387Economics-Mgmt Practicum00000
SEDU 210American Sign Language I00000
SEDU 452Sem II for Student Teaching00000
SCHE 346Physical Chemistry II00000
SENG 301FSpT:Queer of Color's Critiques00000
SAVC 310Docu Wmn:Oral Narr&Dig; Med Pro00000
SENG 342Early African American Lit00000
SCIS 465Networks and Security00000
SENG 406Writing for Change00000
SAVC 141Art History I: Pyra to Cathedr00000
SENG 451Independent Study00000
SCWS 370Women & Social Resistance Move00000
SES 312LWater Resources and Mgmt Lab00000
SAVC 492APortfolio Criticism II00000
SFLC 201Intermediate Chinese I00000
SDAN 202Jazz Funk00000
SFLF 400Independent Study00000
SANT 431Ind Studies in Anthropology00000
SFLL 201Intermediate Latin I00000
SDAN 335Advanced Contemporary Modern00000
SFLS 222Intensive Intermediate Spanish00000
SAVC 235Introduction to the Object00000
SDRA 309Playwriting00000
SBIO 329Nutrition in Cancer00000
SECO 242Principles of Microeconomics00000
SAS 400Directed Studies00000
SECO 345Exploratory Data Analysis00000
SBIO 485Senior Seminar00000
SECO 490Senior Seminar Honors I00000
SAVC 255Writing & Crit in Art History00000
SCHE 111LGeneral Chemistry I Lab00000
SEDU 301Curr-Preschool& Primary Grade00000
SEDU 329Hurricane Katrina 10 Yrs Later00000
SEDU 442AInternship I00000
SCHE 311Biochemistry00000
SENG 103First-Year Composition00000
SAVC 304BDiv of the Arts Junior Seminar00000
SENG 225Afrofuturist Narratives00000
SCIS 215LData Struct&Theor Found CS Lab00000
SENG 308Renaissance Literature00000
SAVC 124Intro to Doc Filmmaking00000
SENG 326Black Women in 19th Century Br00000
SCIS 390Directed Studies (Variable)00000
SENG 351Tutorial Workshop00000
SAVC 336Advanced Sight and Sound II00000
SENG 391Creat Nonfiction Writ Workshop00000
SCIS 481Senior Seminar I00000
SANT 336Ethnographic Methods00000
SEDU 357Reading Teach & Diagnosis00000
SENG 437Theorizing Brownness00000
SCWS 330ATopics: Women's Memoir00000
SENG 492Honors Independent Study00000
SAVC 442Internship00000
SES 251Air & Atmospheric Science00000
SCWS 421APract in Women's Scholar Activ00000
SES 325Global Environmental Change00000
SAVC 205Digital Media Production I00000
SFLC 101Elementary Chinese I00000
SDAN 131Beg Cont Modern Dance00000
SFLC 345Understanding Modern China00000
SAVC 493DDirected Studies Sculpture00000
SFLF 308Intro to Literary Studies Fre00000
SDAN 209Contemplative Prac in Arts00000
SFLF 499BHonors Thesis00000
SADS 320People and Cult of Glob Afr Di00000
SFLJ 478Spec Topics00000
SDAN 301Choreography II00000
SFLP 102Elementary Portuguese II00000
SBIO 285Sophomore/Senior Seminar00000
SDRA 101ATheatre Insight for Non Majors00000
HJOU 258Intro to Multimedia Journalism00000
SANT 230Sp Topics in Anthropology00000
SAVC 104ADiv of the Arts First Yr Sem00000
SAVC 291Spec. Top: Art, Craft & Theory00000
SCHE 232Organic Chemistry II00000
SEDU 440ASp Tp: Psy of Inner City Child00000