Southeastern Course Reviews

Southeastern Louisiana University

CL 624Child Life Internship00000
CMPS 285Software Engineering00000
BOT 426Plant Physiology00000
CJ 440Juvenile Delinquency00000
CHEM 395Physical Chemistry I00000
ATHT 372Therapeutic Modalities For Athletic Injuries00000
CLAB 485Biochemistry Laboratory I00000
ART 347History of Photographic and Electronic Imaging00000
CHEM 121HGeneral Chemistry I For Science Majors Honors00000
ART 395Independent Study00000
CJ 400Independent Study00000
CHIN 102Elementary Mandarin Chinese II00000
ART 4933-D Digital Modeling and Animation II00000
CL 421Advanced Child Development00000
ART 290New Media and Animation II00000
CLAB 268General Organic Chemistry Laboratory II00000
ATLB 303Clinical Integration And Field Experiences In Athletic Train...00000
CMPS 161Algorithm Design and Implementation I00000
ART 117Printmaking I00000
CMPS 375Computer Architecture00000
ART 383Intermediate Painting00000
CHEM 251Analytical Chemistry00000
ART 153Basic 3/D Design00000
CHEM 471Advanced Inorganic Chemistry00000
ART 422Senior Projects in Visual Art + Design00000
CJ 336Deviance And Social Control00000
CJ 214Juvenile Justice00000
ART 460Interactive And Environmental Design00000
CJ 412Criminology00000
ART 220Intermediate Photography00000
CL 325Introduction To Child Life00000
ATHT 205Functional Anatomy For Athletic Trainers00000
CL 521Advanced Child Development00000
ART 105Survey World Art History I00000
CLAB 124General Chemistry Laboratory II for Science Majors00000
ATHT 462Administration And Psychsocial Intervention In Athletic Trai...00000
CLAB 411Chemical Research00000
ART 318Screen Printing II00000
CMPS 110Computer Fluency00000
BIOL 152General Biology Lab I00000
CMPS 233Desk Top Publishing00000
ANTH 101Cultural Anthropology00000
CMPS 321Embedded Computing With Microcontroller and Iot Based System...00000
BOT 582Plant Anatomy00000
CMPS 383Information Systems00000
ART 124Basic Darkroom Photography00000
CHEM 122General Chemistry II for Science Majors00000
ART 386Advance Studio Practice in Painting, Printmaking, and Drawin...00000
CHEM 266General Organic Chemistry II00000
ANTH 400Independent Study00000
CHEM 404Special Topics In Chemistry00000
ART 415Senior Project: Ceramics00000
CHEM 504Special Topics In Chemistry00000
ART 160Typography00000
CJ 204Contemporary Law Enforcement00000
ART 440Nineteenth Century Art00000
CJ 313Private And Public Sector Security00000
CJ 302Criminal Investigation00000
ART 449Senior Thesis: Art History00000
CJ 353Criminal Justice Ethics00000
ART 217Printmaking II00000
CJ 408Serial and Mass Murder00000
ART 483Senior Project:Painting00000
CJ 415Health, Justice, And Criminology00000
ANTH 505Indigenous Peoples Of The Americas00000
CJ 495Special Topics Seminar00000
ART 497Intership: New Media And Animation00000
CL 404Child Life Theory And Family-Centered Care00000
ART 281Basic Painting00000
CL 512Parenting Children With Chronic Illness00000
ATHT 305Lower Extremitey Sports Injury Management00000
CL 602Developmental Perspectives On Illness And Health00000
ACCT 625Accounting for Business Decisions00000
CLAB 103General Chemistry Laboratory I00000
ATHT 420Athletic Training Senior Clinical I00000
CLAB 256Analytical Chemistry Laboratory00000
ART 311Advanced Drawing00000
CLAB 391Physical Chemistry Laboratory I00000
ATLB 217Clinical In Athletic Training00000
CLAB 456Instrumental Analysis Laboratory00000
ART 111Basic Drawing00000
CMPS 101Introduction to Computer Science00000
ATLB 317Clinical Integration and Field Experiences in Athletic Train...00000
CMPS 121Principles of Cybersecurity00000
ART 334Sculpture III00000
CMPS 209Introduction to Applied Networking00000
BLAW 231Legal Environment of Business00000
CMPS 257Discrete Structure00000
ACCT 442Advanced Tax Accounting00000
CMPS 295Special Problems00000
BOT 482Plant Anatomy00000
CMPS 339Database Administration00000
ART 371Art for the Elementary Teacher00000
CHEM 102General Chemistry II00000
ACCT 407Auditing00000
ACCT 500Accounting for Governmental and Not-For-Profit Organizations...00000
ANTH 410Culture and the Environment00000
ART 190New Media and Animation I00000
ART 444Seminar In Art History00000
CJ 304Victimology00000