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Southeastern Course Reviews

Southeastern Louisiana University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENGL 315Special Studies In English00000
ENGL 564The Teaching Of Literature00000
ART 333Sculpture II00000
CLAB 211Introduction to Chemistry Research00000
ART 395Independent Study00000
ART 284Painting II00000
ENGL 495Internship00000
ART 124Basic Darkroom Photography00000
ART 361Print Design III00000
ART 154Foundations in Visual Language II: Digital Media, Concepts a...00000
ATHT 241Emergency Health Care For The Athletic Trainer00000
ART 442Early 20Th Century Art00000
ART 220Intermediate Photography00000
CMPS 121Principles of Cybersecurity00000
ART 112Intermediate Drawing00000
ENGL 456Medieval England00000
ART 311Advanced Drawing00000
ENGL 538Interdisciplinary Approaches To Literature00000
ANTH 110Introduction to Physical Anthropology00000
ENGL 589Postmodern And Contemporary Literature00000
ART 152Intermediate 2/D Design00000
ART 374Art Education in the Secondary School00000
ANTH 411Race And Ethnic Relations00000
ART 421Senior Projects Photography00000
ART 161Print Design I00000
ART 495Independent Study00000
ART 449Senior Thesis: Art History00000
ART 217Printmaking II00000
ATHT 420Athletic Training Senior Clinical I00000
ART 106Survey World Art History II00000
CLAB 411Chemical Research00000
ART 261Print Design II00000
CMPS 233Desk Top Publishing00000
ACCT 544Valuation and Financial Analysis00000
ENGL 369Living Writers00000
ART 299Sophomore Review00000
ENGL 483Intermediate Fiction Workshop00000
ART 117Printmaking I00000
ENGL 526The Adolescent Experience in Literature00000
ART 318Screen Printing II00000
ENGL 556Medieval England00000
ACCT 411Advanced Financial Accounting00000
ENGL 584Topics In Creative Writing00000
ART 345Survey Of Graphic Design History00000
ENGL 593Practicum In Humanities Print Publishing00000
ANTH 405Indigenous People Of The Americas00000
ART 371Art for the Elementary Teacher00000
ART 153Basic 3/D Design00000
ART 385Thematic Inquiry In Painting, Printmaking, And Drawing00000
ACCT 442Advanced Tax Accounting00000
ART 411Senior Project: Drawing00000
ART 160Typography00000
ART 434Sculpture IV00000
ANTH 510Culture and the Environment00000
ART 444Seminar In Art History00000
ART 184Painting I00000
ART 4933-D Digital Modeling and Animation II00000
ART 460Interactive And Environmental Design00000
ART 215Intermediate Ceramics00000
ATHT 141Prevention And Management Of Motor Performance Injuries00000
ART 105Survey World Art History I00000
ATHT 340Upper Extremity Sports Injury Management00000
ART 218Screen Printing00000
CL 512Parenting Children With Chronic Illness00000
ACCT 542Advanced Tax Accounting00000
CLAB 274Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry Lab00000
ART 231Sculpture I00000
CMPS 101Introduction to Computer Science00000
ART 111Basic Drawing00000
CMPS 204Fundamentals Of Information Technologies And Systems00000
ART 281Basic Painting00000
ENGL 101AFreshman Composition00000
ACCT 400Accounting for Governmental and Not-For-Profit Organizations00000
ENGL 322Intro to Professional and Technical Writing00000
ART 290New Media and Animation II00000
ENGL 380Creative Writing: Drama00000
ART 115Basic Ceramics00000
ENGL 468The Teaching Of Literature00000
ART 300Special Topics - Studio00000
ENGL 487Major World Authors00000
ACCT 695Special Topics In Accounting00000
ENGL 518Advanced Writing Workshop00000
ART 315Advanced Ceramics00000
ENGL 535Shakespeare: Comedies and Romances00000
ART 122Basic Digital Photography00000
ENGL 548Advanced Professional and Technical Writing00000
ART 322Photography on Assignment00000
ENGL 558Major British Authors00000
ACCT 315Accounting Systems and Analytics00000
ENGL 582Intermediate Poetry Workshop00000
ART 334Sculpture III00000
ENGL 587Major World Authors00000
ART 151Foundations in Visual Language I: Introduction to Design + C...00000
ART 347History of Photographic and Electronic Imaging00000
ACCT 215Applications of Technology for Accountants00000
ACCT 341Tax Accounting00000
ACCT 500Accounting for Governmental and Not-For-Profit Organizations...00000
ANTH 698Special Topics In Anthropology00000
ART 190New Media and Animation I00000
ART 483Senior Project:Painting00000