Sou Course Reviews

Southern Oregon University

BI 456Immunology00000
CH 101LEnvironmental Chemistry Lab00000
BA 536Internet Mrkt/E-Commerce00000
BI 353Microbiology Laboratory00000
BA 578Corporate Law00000
BA 475Organizational Behavior00000
CCJ 321Criminal Investigation00000
BA 311Food/Beverage Management00000
BA 560ANonprofit Acctng/Financial Mgt00000
BA 385Principles of Finance00000
BI 317Vertebrate Natural History00000
BI 101LGen Biol: Cells Lab00000
BA 457Taxation of Corps & Other Ent00000
BI 415LMammalogy Lab00000
BA 213Managerial Accounting00000
BI 571Ornithology00000
BA 496Bldg Decision Models in Excel00000
CCJ 409LCapstone: Practicum/Internship00000
ART 507Videogames and Culture00000
CH 229RGen Chem Lab III Recitation00000
BA 352Intermediate Accounting II00000
BA 570Financial Markets/Institutions00000
ARTH 343Globalization/Contemporary Art00000
BA 588Fundamentals of Project Mgmt00000
BA 411Sustainable Tourism00000
BI 232Human Anatomy and Physiology II00000
BI 211Principles of Biology: Molecules, Cells, and Genes00000
BA 451Cost and Management Accounting00000
BI 342LCell Biology Laboratory00000
ASL 203Inter American Sign Lang III00000
BI 383How And Why Do Animals Behave00000
BA 465ACPA Review I00000
BI 438Conservation Biology00000
ART 399Video Art00000
BI 471LOrnithology Lab00000
BA 483Sustainability Leadership00000
CCJ 241Intro to Law Enforcement00000
BA 285Adv Bus Appl/Spreadsheets00000
CCJ 385Crime and the Media00000
BA 510Event Management00000
CCJ 460Transnational Crime & Justice00000
ART 331The Art of Data00000
CH 223General Chemistry III00000
BA 553Individual Taxation00000
CH 315Chemical Research Communication II00000
ARTH 206History Art: 19th Cent/Contem00000
BA 562Nonprofit Program Evaluation00000
BA 380Operations Management00000
BA 572Investments00000
ART 340Photography Methods00000
BA 583Sustainability Leadership00000
BA 407Principles of Selling00000
BA 596Bldg Decision Models in Excel00000
ARTH 350Art Theory and Critical Issues00000
BI 103General Biology: Populations00000
BA 428Applied Business Research00000
BI 231Human Anatomy and Physiology I00000
BI 213LPrin of Biol:Func/Ecol Org Lab00000
BA 444Product Policy00000
BI 314Comparative Animal Physiology00000
ASL 103Intro American Sign Lang III00000
BI 340Introductory Ecology00000
BA 454Accounting Information Systems00000
BI 348Evolution00000
ART 380Intermediate Drawing/Painting00000
BI 362Advanced Human Anatomy and Physiology II00000
BA 460BNonprofit Acctng/Financial Mgt00000
BI 399Special Studies: Immunology00000
BA 131Business Comp Applications00000
BI 425LMolecular Biology Lab00000
BA 471Financial Management00000
BI 450LFish and Fisheries Laboratory00000
ART 310Printmaking II00000
BI 461LInvertebrate Natural History Lab00000
BA 480Intro to Nonprofit Organizatns00000
BI 488Junior Seminar in Biology00000
BA 226Business Law00000
CCJ 230American Criminal Justice Syst00000
BA 488Fundamentals of Project Mgmt00000
CCJ 301Criminal Justice Research and Writing I00000
ART 498Senior Studio/Capstone00000
CCJ 371Correctional Institutions00000
BA 507Principles of Selling00000
CCJ 399Ethics in Criminal Justice00000
BA 293Intro to Wine Business00000
CCJ 413Law of Criminal Procedures00000
BA 530BBoard Governance and Volunteer Management00000
CCJ 511Criminal Law00000
ART 210Introduction to Printmaking00000
CH 197Chemical Problem Solving00000
BA 546Retail Management00000
CH 228General Chemistry Lab II00000
BA 324Business Communication00000
BA 557Taxation of Corps & Other Ent00000
ART 133Introduction to Drawing00000
ART 290Introduction to Painting00000
ART 352Digital Animation Methods00000
ARTM 210Student Gallery Training00000
BA 435One-to-One Marketing00000
BI 214LElem Microbiology Lab00000