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Sou Course Reviews

Southern Oregon University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ED 530The Art of Storytelling00000
ENG 245Intro U.S. Ethnic Literature00000
BI 415Mammalogy00000
ED 459Philosophical Foundations: ED00000
EC 387American Economic History00000
BI 212LPrin of Biol: Evol & Div Lab00000
EE 595Teaching in Environmental Ed00000
BA 460ANonprofit Acctng/Financial Mgt00000
BI 471LOrnithology Lab00000
BA 486Strategic Staffing00000
ED 435STEM: Math/Science Methods00000
ECE 510Administration, Ethics, and Leadership in Early Childhood Ed...00000
BA 580Intro to Nonprofit Organizatns00000
ED 493Observation/Eval of Teaching00000
BA 407Principles of Selling00000
ED 580Foundations in Early Childhood00000
BI 341Genetics00000
EMDA 399Video Art00000
ASL 101Intro American Sign Lang I00000
ENG 447AIrish Literature00000
BA 473Intl Financial Management00000
BI 544Vascular Plant Identification and Field Botany00000
BA 211Financial Accounting00000
ECE 360Infants, Toddlers, and Families Development00000
BA 510Event Management00000
ED 421Practicum/Portfolio00000
ED 253SOU Learn/Serve(SOULS)00000
BA 562Nonprofit Program Evaluation00000
ED 450Teaching and Working in Global Contexts00000
BA 352Intermediate Accounting II00000
ED 472Nutrition/Health/Safety for YC00000
BA 597Business Analytics00000
ED 515Critical Issues in Education00000
ARTH 205Hst Art: Early Modern00000
ED 546AAssess/Eval English Lang Lrnrs00000
BI 233Human Anatomy and Physiology III00000
ED 598Learning in Organizations00000
BA 441Marketing Channels/Pricing00000
EMDA 321Theory & Practice in EMDA00000
BI 361Advanced Human Anatomy and Physiology I00000
ENG 104Introduction to Literature00000
ART 353Digital 3D Modeling Methods00000
ENG 372Topics in Brit Lit. after 180000000
BI 450Fish and Fisheries00000
ENG 456The History of Publishing00000
ASL 203Inter American Sign Lang III00000
BI 511Ethnobotany00000
BA 478Corporate Law00000
EC 202Principles of Macroeconomics00000
ART 389Painting Methods00000
EC 494Capstone Experience00000
BA 496Bldg Decision Models in Excel00000
ECE 460Innovations in Curriculum for Young Children00000
BA 226Business Law00000
ED 215Music for Elementary Teachers00000
BA 535One to One Marketing00000
ED 415Music for Elementary Teachers00000
ED 357Curriculum and Instruction for All learners00000
BA 557Taxation of Corps & Other Ent00000
ED 427Child Abuse and Neglect00000
BA 313Accounting for Managers00000
ED 443Fndtns Dual Lang. Ed Policies00000
BA 571Financial Management00000
ED 457ACurriculum and Instruction00000
ART 509Speculative Worldbuilding00000
ED 463AReading/Lang Arts Methods A00000
BA 586Strategic Staffing00000
ED 478Honors Human Dev/Cog/Lrng00000
BA 384Databases Using Access00000
ED 503BPortfolio00000
BI 103General Biology: Populations00000
ED 524Core Reflection00000
ART 340Photography Methods00000
ED 539Social Emotional Learning00000
BI 221Careers in Biology00000
ED 568Integration Projects00000
BA 427Business Policy and Strategy00000
ED 590Principles and Theories of Adult Learning and Development00000
BI 314LComparative Animal Phys Lab00000
EE 528Environmental Issues00000
ARTH 345Activist Artists and Work in the Community00000
EMDA 202RSound and Narrative Design Recitation00000
BI 348REvolution Recitation00000
EMDA 345Typography Methods00000
BA 453Individual Taxation00000
EMDA 461Programming for Artists00000
BI 384Where did we come from? A Scientific Explanation for the Ori...00000
ENG 208Literature of Invisibility00000
ART 290Introduction to Painting00000
ENG 312Writing Workshop for Teachers00000
BI 438Conservation Biology00000
ENG 395Principles of English Grammar00000
BA 465ACPA Review I00000
BI 461Invertebrate Natural History00000
ART 199Performance Art00000
ART 322Writing the Artist Narrative00000
ART 480BFA Thesis Paper00000
BA 292Intro to Wine Production00000
BA 550Using GIS in Business00000
ED 399Prof. Skills: Rdn/Wrtng00000