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SMC Course Reviews

Saint Mary's College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
COMM 497Independent Study00000
CSD 525Counseling00000
BUAD 314Personal Financial Planning00000
COMM 255Magazine Writing00000
BUAD 404Advanced Topics in Income Tax00000
BIO 331LBiotechnology Laboratory00000
CSD 224Sign Language00000
BIO 105LCells to Self Lab00000
BUAD 341Statistical Applications00000
BIO 157LFoundations of Cellular Biology Laboratory00000
CHEM 485Research00000
BUAD 499Internship in Business/Economics00000
BIO 310Teaching in Biology00000
COMM 369Public Communication00000
ART 486Dark Romanticism00000
CPSC 308LElectronic Communications Lab00000
BIO 998Advanced Writing Proficiency00000
CSD 497Independent Study00000
ART 330Artists Books00000
DANC 150Tap Technique: Beginning00000
BIO 141Human Anatomy and Physiology I00000
BUAD 347Business Analytics00000
ART 343History of Photography00000
BUAD 434Sales Management and Professional Selling00000
BIO 209Marine Biology00000
CHEM 222LOrganic Chemistry II Laboratory00000
CHEM 102Chemistry in Everyday Life00000
BIO 232Animal Behavior00000
COMM 103Introduction to Communication00000
ART 397Independent Study00000
COMM 304Public Relations00000
BIO 321Comparative Vertebrate and Human Anatomy00000
COMM 406Marketing Communication00000
ART 290WEarth Art00000
CPSC 103Introduction to Computing00000
BIO 416Cellular Physiology00000
CPSC 429Database Systems00000
AUST 530Quantitative Methods in Autism Research00000
CSD 340Introduction to Audiology00000
BUAD 301Intermediate Accounting I00000
CSD 508Adult Language Disorders I00000
ART 221Photography I00000
CSD 998Advance Writing Proficiency00000
BUAD 331Advertising and Promotion00000
DANC 160Introduction to Ballroom Dancing00000
ART 338Advanced Fiber: Surface Design00000
BUAD 344Business Law I00000
BIO 155LFoundations of Molecular Biology Laboratory00000
BUAD 401Advanced Financial Accounting00000
ART 225Typography00000
BUAD 427Prin of Operations Research00000
BIO 160WScience Writing & Comm-AEL00000
BUAD 444Business Law II00000
ART 350Alternative Media: Art 1945-8900000
CHEM 21HCLOrganic Chemistry II Lab00000
BIO 214Human Physiology00000
CHEM 221Organic Chemistry I00000
CHEM 121Principles of Chemistry I-CTS00000
BIO 221Introduction to Genetics00000
CHEM 361Advanced Laboratory I00000
ART 371TP:East by SE Refocus Mod Asia00000
CHEM 499Chemistry Internship00000
BIO 240Cats Paws and Catapults: Animal Biomechanics00000
COMM 202Introduction to Rhetoric Through Pop Culture00000
ART 241Art History Survey I00000
COMM 260Film and Video Production00000
BIO 316Conservation Biology00000
COMM 312Argumentation00000
ART 403Teaching Art in High School00000
COMM 385Research in Communication00000
BIO 328General Physiology00000
COMM 486Practicum/Production00000
ART 212Throwing on the Wheel00000
COMM 999Senior Comprehensive00000
BIO 335Plant Animal Interactions00000
CPSC 210Introduction to Data Science00000
ART 499Internship00000
CPSC 328Data Structures00000
BIO 485Research in Biology00000
CPSC 507Computer Programming00000
ART 321Photography II: Lighting Workshop00000
CSD 310Child Language Development00000
BUAD 221Principles of Management00000
CSD 412Clin Mthds & Supv Observation00000
AUST 570Autism and Education00000
CSD 503Speech Sound Disorders00000
BUAD 305Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organizations00000
CSD 512Neurology for SLP00000
ART 125Silkscreen00000
CSD 586Clinical Practicum00000
BUAD 321Human Resource Management00000
DANC 145Ballet Technique: Beginning00000
BIO 110Understanding Womens Cancers00000
BUAD 334Buyer Behavior00000
ANTH 141People and Nature-CTS00000
ART 208Relief Printmaking: Traditional & Contemporary Approaches00000
ART 238Fiber:Surface Design00000
ART 356Environment in Contemp Art00000
BIO 220LCompar Vert & Human Anat Lab00000
CHEM 122LPrinciples of Chemistry II Laboratory00000