SLCC Taylorsville Redwood Course Reviews

Salt Lake Community College, Taylorsville Redwood

CMGT 2220Woodworking & Millwork II00000
CSIS 1070Living in a Digital World00000
BIOL 2066Microbiology Lab00000
CHI 2010Third Semester Chinese00000
BLA 2320Bricklayer IIIB00000
BIOL 1050Intro to Animal Biology (LS)00000
COMM 1270Critical Thinking in Argumentation (CM)00000
ARCH 2620Design Workshop III00000
BIOL 2425Human Physiology Lab00000
ART 2040Intermediate Jewelry00000
CHEM 2318Organic Chem. I Prob. Session00000
CEEN 2240Surveying For Civil Engineers00000
ATMO 1020Climate Change (PS)00000
CMGT 1330Interior Finishes I00000
ARCH 1510Architectural Design Workshop00000
CMGT 2810Construction Project Management00000
BIOL 1620College Biology II00000
COMM 2570Introduction to Visual Communication (FA)00000
ANTH 2083Primate Ecology & Ecosystems00000
CSIS 1430Internet & XHTML Fundamentals00000
ART 1050Introduction to Photography (FA)00000
BLA 1120Bricklayer 1B00000
ANTH 2341Fundamentals of Archaeology00000
BUS 1100Applied Business Calculus00000
ARTH 2710Art History:Prehistory/Ren(HU)00000
CHEM 1220General Chemistry II00000
CHE 2800Fundamentals Of Process Engineering00000
ASL 2300Conversation II00000
CHEM 2325Organic Chemistry Lab II00000
ARCH 1100Intro. to Arch. Drawing00000
CMGT 1120Acoustic Guitar Construction00000
BIOL 1015Introduction to Biology Lab00000
CMGT 1420Building Energy Systems00000
ANTH 1020Human Origins: Evolution and Diversity (LS)00000
CMGT 2530Furniture Design & Construction II00000
BIOL 1405Environmental Science Lab00000
CMGT 2990Special Studies00000
ARCH 2470Codes, Zoning & Inspections00000
COMM 2120Teamwork, Decision-Marking, and Leadership00000
BIOL 2035Genetics Lab00000
CSIS 1020Computer Essentials00000
ACCT 2090Cloud-Based Accounting Systems00000
CSIS 1340Introduction to Programming00000
BIOL 2325Human Anatomy Lab00000
CSIS 1600C++ Programming00000
ANTH 2220Introduction to Forensic Anthropology00000
BIOL 2990Independent Study00000
ART 1540Beginning Painting-Oil00000
BLA 1220Bricklayer 2B00000
ACCT 2310Intermediate Accounting I00000
BUS 1040Ethics at Work00000
ART 2540Advanced Painting Oil00000
BUS 2200Business Communications(CM)00000
ANTH 2969Cultural Resource Management00000
CHE 1040Engineering Problem Solving with Python, Excel and VBA00000
ASL 1010Beginning ASL I00000
CHEM 1210General Chemistry I00000
CHEM 1110Elementary Chemistry00000
ASL 2020Intermediate ASL II00000
CHEM 2310Organic Chemistry I00000
ARB 2020Intermediate Arabic II00000
CHEM 2320Organic Chemistry II00000
ASL 2900ASL Special Topics-Gestures00000
CHI 1010First Semester Chinese00000
ACCT 2950Business Leaders Forum00000
CMGT 1100Construction Math (QS)00000
ATMO 2200Mountain Weather & Climate00000
CMGT 1320Building Construction I00000
ARCH 1310Intro. to AutoCAD00000
CMGT 1350Wood Finishing00000
BIOL 1030Intro to Plant Biology (LS)00000
CMGT 1530Furniture Design & Construction I00000
ACCT 2025Managerial Accounting Workshop00000
CMGT 2330Interior Finishes II00000
BIOL 1090Human Biology (LS)00000
CMGT 2670Building Codes & Inspections00000
ARCH 2330CAD Customization00000
CMGT 2850Green Building Standards00000
BIOL 1615College Biology I Lab00000
COMM 1020Principles of Public Speaking (CM)00000
ANTH 1070Language & Culture: Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology...00000
COMM 2050Perspectives in Communication (HU)00000
BIOL 1626College Biology II Lab00000
COMM 2170Organizational Communication00000
ARCH 2520Commercial Design CAD III00000
CSIS 1010Beginning Keyboarding00000
BIOL 2060Microbiology00000
CSIS 1032Introduction to Linux00000
ACCT 1290Accounting Information Systems00000
CSIS 1200Introduction to Networking00000
BIOL 2225Ecology Lab00000
CSIS 1400Fundamentals of Programming00000
ART 1020Intro to Drawing (non-maj)(FA)00000
BIOL 2327Instructional Experience in Human Anatomy00000
ACCT 1120Financial Accounting II00000
ACCT 2015Survey Fin Acctg Workshop00000
ACCT 2520Federal Income Tax00000
ARB 1020Second Semester Arabic (LN)00000
ASL 1300Conversation00000
CHEM 1120Elementary Bioorganic Chem00000