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SLCC Taylorsville Redwood Course Reviews

Salt Lake Community College, Taylorsville Redwood

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENGL 1830Literary Magazine Studies00000
EXSC 2450Personal Trainer Internship00000
COMM 1080Conflict Mgmt & Divers.(SS,DV)00000
EE 2210Electrical Engineering for Non-Majors00000
CSIS 1410Object-Oriented Programming00000
CHEM 1110Elementary Chemistry00000
ENGR 1600Engineering the Guitar00000
ASL 1020Beginning ASL II (LN)00000
CSIS 1030Foundations of Computer Science00000
BIOL 1016Intro to Biology Lab00000
EDU 1010Orientation to Education00000
CSIS 2450Software Engineering00000
BLA 1220Bricklayer 2B00000
ELI 1220Electricity II B00000
ART 1050Introduction to Photography (FA)00000
ENGL 2330Children`s Literature00000
CHI 2010Third Semester Chinese00000
ESL 1060Advanced II Pronunciation00000
ARB 1010First Semester Arabic00000
FHS 2820Teaching Seminar00000
ASL 2700Introduction to ASL Literature00000
CSIS 1200Introduction to Networking00000
ARCH 1130Basic Drawing00000
CSIS 2110Managing Microsoft Windows Server: Network Infrastructure00000
BIOL 1610College Biology I (LS)00000
EDDT 2350Manufacturing Processes Lab00000
ECON 1010Economics as a Social Science (SS)00000
BIOL 2420Human Physiology00000
EDU 2110Ed Psych Learning & Literacy00000
ARCH 2610Design Workshop II00000
EET 2140Communications Systems00000
CEEN 1100Introduction To Civil And Environmental Engineering Design00000
ENGL 1010Intro to Writing (EN)00000
ANTH 2120Sacred Traditions (HU)00000
ENGL 2270Intro to Writing Fiction (HU)00000
CHEM 2310Organic Chemistry I00000
ENGL 2760Gender & Cultural Studies (HU,DV)00000
ART 2040Intermediate Jewelry00000
ENGR 2550Applied Probability & Statistics for Engineers00000
CMGT 1320Building Construction I00000
ETHS 2900SpcTpcs-Afr-Amer ExpPre-CvlWar00000
ACCT 2310Intermediate Accounting I00000
FHS 2340Creating Environments for Young Children00000
COMM 2300Introduction Public Relations00000
FIN 2100Introduction to Investments00000
ARB 2020Intermediate Arabic II00000
CSIS 1070Living in a Digital World00000
ATMO 2100Air Pollution & Atmospheric Chemistry00000
CSIS 1340Introduction to Programming00000
ACCT 2600Survey of Accounting I00000
CSIS 2010Business Computer Proficiency ¿ Spreadsheets and Databases00000
BIOL 1055Intro to Animal Biology Lab00000
CSIS 2410Advanced Programming00000
ARCH 1350Computer Graphics00000
CSIS 2700Projects for Industry00000
BIOL 1625College Biology II Laboratory00000
EDDT 2190Civil Drafting00000
ECON 2800Economics of Globalization, Inequality, and Sustainability00000
BIOL 2225Ecology Lab00000
EDDT 2700Advanced SolidWorks00000
ARCH 2520Commercial Design CAD III00000
EDU 1900Individual Studies in Educ00000
BIOL 2990Independent Study00000
EE 1010Introduction To Laboratory Instruments And Methods00000
ANTH 1070Language & Culture: Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology...00000
EET 1130Digital Systems00000
BUS 1050Foundations of Business00000
EGMT 2900Special Topics-Solar Decathlon00000
ARCH 2990SpSt: Arch History I00000
ELI 2410Electricity IV A00000
CHE 2450Numerical Methods with Python00000
ENGL 1120Introduction to English Grammar00000
ACCT 2050Governmental Accounting00000
ENGL 2030Language in US Society (HU,DV)00000
CHEM 1210General Chemistry I00000
ENGL 2310Introduction to Digital Writing00000
ART 1540Beginning Painting-Oil00000
ENGL 2630Contemporary World Literature (IG)00000
CHEM 2325Organic Chemistry Lab II00000
ENGR 1030MATLAB Problem Solving00000
ANTH 2341Fundamentals of Archaeology00000
ENGR 2140Strength of Materials00000
CMGT 1120Acoustic Guitar Construction00000
ESL 1020Advanced II Reading and Writing00000
ARTH 2520Latin American Art to 1821(HU)00000
ETHS 2430Mexican American Culture (SS,DV)00000
CMGT 1410Construction Materials & Methods00000
EXSC 2400Exercise and Special Populations00000
ACCT 1125Financial Acctg II Workshop00000
FA 1090Bridging the Arts (FA)00000
COMM 2110Interpersonal Communication (CM)00000
FHS 2600Intro. to Early Childhood Ed.00000
ASL 2020Intermediate ASL II00000
CSIS 1010Beginning Keyboarding00000
ACCT 1110Financial Accounting I00000
ACCT 2015Survey Fin Acctg Workshop00000
ANTH 1020Human Origins: Evolution and Diversity (LS)00000
ARCH 2330CAD Customization00000
BIOL 2036Genetics Lab00000
EDDT 1200Technical Drafting II00000