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SLCC South City Course Reviews

Salt Lake Community College, South City

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
FLM 1515Basic Audio Production13121
DANC 1090Bridging the Arts (FA)00000
LS 1040Introduction to Legal Research and Writing00000
MUSC 1465Chamber Orchestra00000
HLAC 1013Body Strength and Tone (LW)00000
COMM 2400Social Media Tools and Strategies00000
MATH 2250Differential Eq/Linear Algebra00000
ART 2620Motion Graphics00000
BIOL 1010Introduction to Biology (LS)00000
DANC 1800Dance Company00000
ECON 1740Economic History of the United States (AI)00000
FRN 1020Second Semester French (LN)00000
COMM 1560Radio Performance & Production (CM)00000
HLAC 1720Social Dance I (LW)00000
ART 2520Advanced Drawing00000
MATH 0900College Arithmetic00000
CSIS 1200Introduction to Networking00000
MUSC 1130Sight Singing/Ear Training I00000
ART 1380Photography 200000
MUSC 1715Pvt Lessons:Guitar (Elec Bass)00000
ART 2680Game Assets & Production00000
DANC 2500Jazz Dance III00000
ART 1680Game Development00000
BUS 1010Introduction to Business (HR)00000
ENGL 0900Integrated Reading & Writing I00000
FIN 1050Personal Finance00000
FLM 2075Advanced Video Editing And Postproduction00000
COMM 1010Elements of Effective Communication (CM)00000
HIST 1450Middle Eastern Civilization; Imperial and Religious Past (IG...00000
ART 2440Web Site Design00000
HLAC 1080Strength Training I (LW)00000
COMM 2110Interpersonal Communication (CM)00000
HLTH 1500Lifetime Wellness/Fitness (ID)00000
ART 1260Figure Drawing00000
LS 2010Paralegal Practicum00000
CSIS 1020Computer Essentials00000
MATH 1040Introduction to Statistics (QL)00000
ART 2560Figure Painting00000
MUSC 1060Songwriting II00000
CSIS 1430Internet & XHTML Fundamentals00000
MUSC 1300Money & Creative Professionals00000
ART 1060History and Art of Lettering: Calligraphy (FA)00000
MUSC 1530Music Recording Techniques00000
DANC 1210Modern Dance II (LW)00000
MUSC 1725Pvt Lessons:Strings (Violin)00000
ART 1580Landscape Painting00000
DANC 2200Modern Dance III00000
ART 2990Adv Ind Studies: Photo Studies00000
DANC 2900Spc Tpc: Dance Performance00000
ART 1110Foundation I Drawing00000
ECON 2020Principles of Macroeconomics (SS)00000
BIOL 1610College Biology I (LS)00000
ENGL 1010Intro to Writing (EN)00000
ART 2010History of Graphic Design00000
CHEM 1115Elementary Chemistry Lab00000
FLM 1070Film and Culture (FA,DV)00000
FLM 1113Voice I: Voice & Diction00000
FLM 2045Commercial Film Production00000
CHEM 2310Organic Chemistry I00000
FLM 2750Film Prod. Techn. Internship00000
ART 2350Photographing People/Portrait.00000
GEOG 1700Natural Disasters (PS)00000
COMM 1270Critical Thinking in Argumentation (CM)00000
HIST 1510World History Since 1500 (IG)00000
ART 1250Airbrush00000
HLAC 1054CorePilatesBarre (LW)00000
COMM 2000Communication CO-OP/Internship00000
HLAC 1540Related Outdoor Activity (LW)00000
ART 2480Digital Painting00000
HLTH 1200First Aid and Safety00000
COMM 2200Video Content Creation00000
LS 1010Introduction to Law00000
ANTH 2030Introduction to Archaeology (SS)00000
LS 1540Immigration Law and Procedure00000
COMM 2570Introduction to Visual Communication (FA)00000
LS 2080Ethics00000
ART 2540Advanced Painting Oil00000
MATH 0980Algebra for College Success00000
CSIS 1050Fundamentals of Database Design and Processing00000
MATH 1080Precalculus (QL)00000
ART 1320Photographic Vision00000
MUSC 1020History of Rock and Roll (FA)00000
CSIS 1410Object-Oriented Programming00000
MUSC 1100Introduction to Music Theory00000
ART 2580Interactive Design, Animation, & Scripting00000
MUSC 1150Group Piano I00000
DANC 1010Dance and Culture (FA,DV)00000
MUSC 1380Chamber Singers00000
ART 1010Exploring Art (FA)00000
MUSC 1510Computer-Based Music Notation00000
DANC 1110Ballet II (LW)00000
MUSC 1560Music Mixing Techniques00000
ART 26403D Animation & Rigging00000
FLM 1513Stagecraft for Theatre & Film00000
DANC 1510Jazz Dance II (LW)00000
ANTH 1020Human Origins: Evolution and Diversity (LS)00000
ART 1560Head Studies-Portrait Painting00000
ART 1150Art Foundation Seminar (HR)00000
ART 2070Graphic Design Portfolio Development00000
CHEM 1220General Chemistry II00000