SLCC South City Course Reviews

Salt Lake Community College, South City

MUSC 2570Game Audio Design00000
PSY 1100Lifespan Human Growth and Development (SS)00000
MUSC 1120Music Theory II00000
MUSC 1762Pvt Lessons: Woodwinds (Flute)00000
MUSC 1510Computer-Based Music Notation00000
MATH 1040Introduction to Statistics (QL)00000
MUSC 2755Private Lessons: Voice00000
HLAC 1715Country Western Dance (LW)00000
MUSC 1310Group Voice00000
HLTH 1500Lifetime Wellness/Fitness (ID)00000
MUSC 1750Private Lessons: Voice00000
MUSC 1712Pvt Lessons:Guitar (Elec Bass)00000
LS 2100Certification Preparation for Paralegals00000
MUSC 2130Sight Singing/Ear Training III00000
HLAC 1054CorePilatesBarre (LW)00000
MUSC 2730Private Lessons: Piano00000
MUSC 1020History of Rock and Roll (FA)00000
NUTR 1020Scientific Foundations of Human Nutrition (LS)00000
FRN 1010First Semester French00000
SLSS 1000Essential College Study Skills00000
HLTH 1110Social Health & Div. (ID,DV)00000
MUSC 1460Symphony Orchestra00000
GEOG 1700Natural Disasters (PS)00000
MUSC 1540MIDI II/Media Music Comp00000
LS 1020Introduction to Civil Litigation00000
MUSC 1742Pvt Lessons: Brass (Trumpet)00000
MUSC 1730Private Lessons: Piano00000
LS 2010Paralegal Practicum00000
MUSC 1755Private Lessons: Voice00000
HLAC 1000Cardio Fitness (LW)00000
MUSC 2110Music Theory III00000
MATH 0950Pre-Algebra00000
MUSC 2510Music Composition for Games and Interactive Media00000
FLM 2510Documentary Production00000
MUSC 2715Pvt Lessons:Guitar (Elec Bass)00000
MATH 1220Calculus II00000
MUSC 2742Pvt Lessons: Brass (Trumpet)00000
HLAC 1096Fitness for Life (LW)00000
MUSC 2770Private Lessons: Percussion00000
MUSC 1080World Music (IG)00000
PHYS 1040Elementary Astronomy (PS)00000
FLM 1513Stagecraft for Theatre & Film00000
PSY 2300Abnormal Psychology00000
MUSC 1150Group Piano I00000
SOC 1020Social Problems (SS)00000
GEO 1010Introduction to Geology (PS)00000
MUSC 1380Chamber Singers00000
HLTH 1240Theory/Pract of Meditation(LW)00000
MUSC 1470Popular Music Band00000
FLM 1800Digital Media Tools/Techniques00000
MUSC 1520Intro to MIDI/Elec Music Comp00000
HUMA 1100Intro to Humanities (HU)00000
MUSC 1560Music Mixing Techniques00000
HIST 1110Western Civilization Since 1300s (IG)00000
MUSC 1720Pvt Lessons:Strings (Violin)00000
LS 1040Introduction to Legal Research and Writing00000
MUSC 1740Pvt Lessons: Brass (Trumpet)00000
MUSC 1732Private Lessons: Piano00000
LS 1560Constitutional Law00000
MUSC 1745Pvt Lessons: Brass (Trumpet)00000
HIST 1510World History Since 1500 (IG)00000
MUSC 1752Private Lessons: Voice00000
LS 2070Evidence00000
MUSC 1760Pvt Lessons: Woodwinds (Flute)00000
FLM 2065Motion Picture Sound00000
MUSC 1770Private Lessons: Percussion00000
MATH 0900College Arithmetic00000
MUSC 2120Music Theory IV00000
HLAC 1025Strength and Cardio Training (LW)00000
MUSC 2350Conducting Fundamentals00000
MATH 1010Intermediate Algebra (QS)00000
MUSC 2550Music Internship00000
FLM 1113Voice I: Voice & Diction00000
MUSC 2710Pvt Lessons:Guitar (Elec Bass)00000
MATH 1060Trigonometry (QL)00000
MUSC 2722Pvt Lessons: Strings (Violin)00000
HLAC 1058Yoga II (LW)00000
MUSC 2735Private Lessons: Piano00000
MUSC 0990Recital Attendance00000
MUSC 2750Private Lessons: Voice00000
FLM 2750Film Prod. Techn. Internship00000
MUSC 2762Pvt Lessons: Winds (Flute)00000
MUSC 1050Songwriting & Creative Process (FA)00000
MUSC 2775Private Lessons: Percussion00000
HLAC 1540Related Outdoor Activity (LW)00000
PHIL 1120Social Ethics (HU)00000
MUSC 1100Introduction to Music Theory00000
POLS 2300Political Ideologies (SS)00000
FLM 1070Film and Culture (FA,DV)00000
PSY 2010Psy as a Science & Profession00000
MUSC 1140Sight Singing/Ear Training II00000
RELS 2300World Religions (IG)00000
HLTH 1020Scientific Foundations of Human Nutrition (LS)00000
MUSC 1200Introduction to the Music Industry00000
FLM 1045Beginning Film Production00000
FLM 1075Screenwriting00000
FLM 2015Film Directing And Techniques00000
HIST 1460Modern Middle Eastern Civilizations (IG)00000
LS 1070Criminal Law and Procedure00000
MUSC 1735Private Lessons: Piano00000