SLCC Miller Course Reviews

Salt Lake Community College, Miller

CHEF 2610Menu Marketing & Management00000
CSIS 1430Internet & XHTML Fundamentals00000
EGMT 1020Residential Building Energy00000
CHEF 1500Food Preparation III00000
ACCT 2010Survey of Financial Accounting00000
CSIS 1410Object-Oriented Programming00000
CJ 2410Introduction to Victimology00000
CHEF 2450Classic & Contemporary Cake Decorating00000
EGMT 1320Lighting Applications00000
CJ 1330Criminal Law00000
CHEF 1120Introduction to Hospitality00000
AR 1111Refinishing Skill Development00000
CJ 2510Psych of Criminal Behavior00000
CHEF 2330Advanced French Wines00000
CHEF 2215Asian Cuisine00000
CJ 1340Criminal Investigations00000
ECON 2020Principles of Macroeconomics (SS)00000
CJ 2540Careers in Law Enforcement00000
BUS 1010Introduction to Business (HR)00000
EDU 2010Intro. to Special Education00000
CHEF 2620Culinary Management00000
EGMT 1540Alternative Energy Tech00000
CHEF 1200Cuisine & Culture00000
ACR 1200Struct. Analysis/Damage Repair00000
CJ 1910Special Function Officer00000
AUTO 2450Engine & Emission Controls II00000
AUTO 1010Maint & Lt Repair Fundamentals00000
CJ 2450Terrorism00000
CHEF 1300Food Preparation I00000
CHEF 1810Culinary Competitions 10100000
CHEF 2205Classic French Cuisine00000
COMM 1500Media and Society (CM)00000
CHEF 2440Baking III Classic European Tortes & Restaurant Desserts00000
AUTO 2150Manual Transmissions & AC00000
CJ 1220Justice, Peace and Conflict00000
CSIS 2420Algorithms & Data Structures00000
CJ 1920Law Enforcement Officer LEO00000
CHEF 2420Baking I Introduction to Baking00000
CJ 2460Psychological Profiling00000
EDU 2840Literacy Strategies00000
CSIS 1019Spreadsheet Applications00000
AR 1200Advanced Auto Refinishing00000
CSIS 2430Discrete Structures00000
EGMT 1210Advanced HVAC Optimization for Energy Efficiency I00000
EDU 2820Creating A Learning Environmnt00000
CHEF 1110Sanitation00000
EGMT 1420Energy Accounting for Business00000
CJ 1010Introduction To Criminal Justice (SS, DV)00000
EGMT 2010Industrial Energy Efficiency00000
AR 1230Auto Color and Design Theory00000
ACR 1100Metallurgy/Nonstructural Parts00000
CJ 1350Introduction to Forensic Science00000
ANTH 1010Culture and the Human Experience: A Global Perspective (IG)00000
CHEF 1299SpcTpcs-Chocolate&Confections;00000
AR 1211Advanced Skill Development00000
CJ 2000Criminal Justice Cooperative Education00000
AUTO 2250Automatic Transmissions00000
AUTO 1250Automotive Engine Repair00000
CJ 2350Laws of Evidence00000
BUS 1050Foundations of Business00000
CHEF 1400Food Preparation II00000
CHEF 1210Food and Beverage Service00000
CJ 2480Crime Scene Processing00000
CHEF 1330Foundation Wine00000
AUTO 1350Automotive Braking Systems00000
CHEF 1815Culinary Competitions Lab00000
COMM 1010Elements of Effective Communication (CM)00000
CHEF 2225Mediterranean Cuisine00000
CHEF 1900Sustainable Food Systems00000
CHEF 2425Baking I Lab00000
CSIS 1030Foundations of Computer Science00000
CHEF 2470Classic Chocolates & Confections00000
AR 1100Automotive Refinishing00000
CHEF 2680Catering Management00000
CSIS 1550SQL Programming00000
CJ 1300Introduction to Corrections00000
CHEF 2255Indian Cuisine00000
CJ 1900Special Studies00000
CSIS 2440Web Programming00000
CJ 2300Introduction to Policing00000
AUTO 2350Engine & Emission Controls I00000
CJ 2420Anatomy of a Homicide00000
EDU 2800Instruction,Technology, Assessment, & Planning00000
CJ 2500Contemporary Violence00000
CHEF 2430Baking II Artisan Breads & Pastries00000
COMM 1020Prin/Public Speaking (CM,IN)00000
EDU 2870ARL English Language Arts Methods Elementary00000
CSIS 1400Fundamentals of Programming00000
ACR 1111Non-structural Skill/Appl Dev00000
CSIS 2010Business Computer Proficiency ¿ Spreadsheets and Databases00000
EGMT 1120Commercial Energy Analysis00000
ECON 2010Principles of Microeconomics (SS)00000
CHEF 2520Nutrition00000
EGMT 1240Energy Efficiency Methods00000
ACCT 2020Managerial Accounting00000
ACR 1211Structural Damage Repair00000
AUTO 1150Auto Electrical & Electronics00000
CHEF 1320Fundamentals Cost Control (QS)00000
CJ 2330Juvenile Justice00000
AUTO 1450Auto. Suspension & Steering00000