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SLCC Meadowbrook Course Reviews

Salt Lake Community College, Meadowbrook

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
DST 1199Specialty Training HDM00000
DST 2145H. D. Hydraulic Controls00000
HVAC 1120Hvac Ib00000
HVAC 2410Hvac IVa00000
WTIT 0104Introduction to Excel-Refugee00000
WTIT 0301Web Structure w/ HTML (TANF)00000
WTMD 0930Intro to FDA-Refugee 500000
WTWH 0632Warehouse & Distribution Train00000
DST 1010Safety and Basic Shop Skills00000
DST 1245Drivetrains Fluid Drives00000
DST 2165H.D. Hydraulic Functions00000
HVAC 1210Hvac IIa00000
HVAC 2420Hvac IVb00000
WTIT 0106Pre-Basic Technology (TANF)00000
WTIT 0303Inter Web w/ JavaScript (TANF)00000
WTIT 0309Web Dev & Des Intrnshp SWI00000
WTMD 0940Intro to Quality Sys-Refugee 500000
WTWH 0650Warehouse Operations00000
CEWH 0632Warehouse & Distribution Train00000
DST 1165P M Chassis00000
DST 2045Advanced Engines & Electronics00000
DST 2265H.D. Electrical Lighting00000
HVAC 2310Hvac IIIa00000
WTCD 0100AutoCAD Fundamentals (TANF)00000
WTIT 0108Basic Technology II00000
WTIT 0304CSS/Web Resp Design (TANF)00000
WTIT 0351Intro to Photoshop (TANF)00000
WTST 0100Adv Composites Tech Training00000
DST 1065Basic Engine Performance00000
DST 1265Drivetrains Gear Drives00000
DST 2245H. D. Elec. Circuits00000
HVAC 1220Hvac IIb00000
IND 1120Math for Industry (QS)00000
WTIT 0107Basic Technology I (TANF)00000
WTIT 0305Web Dev Capstone SWI00000
WTMD 0920Basic Manufacturing-Refugee00000
WTST 0643Warehouse Operations00000
DST 1045Basic Diesel00000
DST 1145A M Brakes00000
DST 2065Advanced Engines & Electronics00000
HVAC 1110Hvac I A00000
HVAC 2320Hvac IIIb00000
WTCO 0100Adv Composites Tech Training00000
WTIT 0300Intermediate MOS00000
WTIT 0306WordPress (TANF)00000
WTMD 0910Intro Medical Device-Refugee 500000
WTST 0104Introduction to Excel00000