Skidmore Course Reviews

Skidmore College

BI 306Mammalian Physiology52551
BI 373Scientific Comm. in Life Sci35251
BI 377Senior Capstone in Biology00000
AR 209Communication Design I00000
DA 213BTap I00000
BI 252Bioinformatics00000
AN 324VUrban Anthropology00000
CL 210Intermediate Latin00000
AM 351DBlack Girlhood Studies00000
AR 264HArtists' Books00000
AN 101Intro Cultural Anthropology00000
AR 319Jewelry Metals II: Metalsmtng00000
BI 165Microbes and Society00000
AN 251APaleoanthropology00000
BI 344Biological Clocks00000
AM 252Hudson River Culture00000
CC 365Emotions in Antiquity00000
AN 353CShould Monkeys Take Selfies?00000
CS 306Computability and Complexity00000
AH 322Inside the Museum00000
DA 317ABroadway Dance00000
AM 362American Autobiography00000
AR 264FWater Based Media (IND)00000
AH 351DArt of the Aztec00000
AR 340Photography III00000
AN 207RNorth American Archaeology00000
AR 351HNarrative and Sequence00000
BI 112Straw to Gold:ScienceFiberArts00000
AN 229Mexican Cultures00000
BI 242Molecular Biology00000
AM 221Methods and Approaches00000
BI 316Animal Behavior00000
AN 252AIndigenous Medicine in ME(5wk)00000
BI 368Adv Light Microscopy00000
AH 251DVisual Cultures of South Asia00000
CC 200Classical World00000
AN 351DAnthropology of Work & Labor00000
CH 343Experimental Biochem Lab00000
AM 268Gaming in American Culture00000
CS 209Data Structures00000
AR 131Visual Concepts00000
CS 371Ind Study Computer Sci00000
AH 108Imag(in)ing the Modern World00000
DA 274BDance Music and Film00000
AR 217Ceramics II00000
DA 374CDancing Towards Success00000
AH 347North Renaissance Painting00000
AR 264AClay Foundations/Traditional T00000
AM 374Senior Seminar00000
AR 311Painting II00000
AH 209Islamic Art00000
AR 330Photography 200000
AN 102Anthropology of Human Past00000
AR 351GPhoto Storytelling00000
AH 375BSerious Play00000
AR 352Sculpture II00000
AN 221VVisual Anthropology00000
AS 101Introduction to Asian Studies00000
AS 375Asian Studies Senior Sem00000
AN 226Archaeology of Inequality00000
BI 140Marine Biology00000
AH 380AH Major and Beyond00000
BI 235Biostatistics00000
AN 236Migration and Diaspora00000
BI 246General Microbiology00000
AH 241Renaissance Europe00000
BI 307Ornithology00000
AN 251CForensic Anthropology00000
BI 338Plant Biotechnology00000
AM 234Am Sports/Am Culture00000
BI 352Environmental Microbiology00000
AN 305Bioarchaeology00000
BI 374Senior Seminar Biology00000
AAMF 323Law and Ethics for Media00000
BST 205Black Panther Archive00000
AN 346RMaterial Stuff00000
CC 225The Ancient Novel00000
AM 264African-American Experience00000
CH 323Adv Organic Chem wo/Lab00000
AN 352BArch Collections and Curation00000
CH 378Senior Seminar00000
AH 268Ad/dressing the Body00000
CS 102DIntro to 3D Simulation w Unity00000
AN 365Applying Anthropology00000
CS 275HComputer Science Research00000
AM 332Global Perspectives of US00000
CS 326Software Engineering00000
AR 134Color00000
DA 101The Dance Experience00000
AA 340Mentor, Collab, Ldrshp Exp00000
DA 218BPilates I00000
AR 214Fiber Arts I00000
DA 277Performance Elements00000
AM 356Sports Cinema00000
AS 221The Himalayas00000
AR 228Printmaking I00000
AA 223Museums Mean Business00000
AA 351CThe Arts and Rural Poverty00000
AH 222Greek Art and Archaeology00000
AH 375CRace & Contemporary Art00000