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SJR State Course Reviews

St. Johns River State College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
EPI 0940Field Exp for Prof Foundations00000
HIM 2729CAdv. Coding & Reimbursement00000
DAA 1500Fund Jazz Dance (non-major)00000
EMS 2604LParamedic II Lab00000
DEP 2302Adolescent Psychology00000
COP 2360Programming in C#00000
GEB 2350Intro to International Busines00000
CET 2620CAccessing the WAN00000
DAA 2521Tap Dance I00000
CGS 2820Web Page Design & Publishing00000
EEC 4241Integrated Music, Art, & Move00000
DIG 2580Digital Portfolio: Port Sem00000
CJE 2640Intro to Forensics-Crime Scene00000
ENG 2100Film as Narrative Art00000
BAN 2240Consumer Lending00000
ETS 1542CIntro Program Logic Controller00000
CRW 2001Creative Writing I00000
HIM 1000Intro Health Info Management00000
ARH 2050Art History I00000
HUM 2223Late Roman & Medieval Humanit.00000
CGS 1515Sprdsht Concepts for Business00000
DAA 2670Ballet Repertory00000
ART 1540CWatercolor I00000
DIG 2101Advanced Web Design00000
CHM 1032Principles of General Chemistr00000
EDG 4410Classroom Mgmt & Communication00000
DSC 4710Emergency Management Capstone00000
CIS 3080Intro to Cloud Computing00000
EME 2040Intro Technology for Educators00000
ART 2955Port Pres:Cap Sem-Live Online00000
ENC 0055Developmental Writing Module 100000
CLP 2140Abnormal Psychology00000
EPI 0004Teaching and Learning Process00000
AML 2601African-Am Literature I00000
ETI 1622Concepts of Lean & Six Sigma00000
COP 2801Programming in JavaScript00000
FIN 2231Money,Banking & Internat Finan00000
BSC 2010General Biology I00000
GEB 4891Strat Mgmt & Decision Making00000
DAA 1104Contemporary Dance I00000
HIM 2012Health Care Law00000
WOH 1012World Civilization to 160000000
HSC 1030Strat for Success & Performanc00000
DAA 2206Ballet III00000
HUM 225020th Century Humani LiveOnline00000
ART 1300CDrawing I00000
DAA 2610Dance Composition & Improv I00000
CGS 2104Computer Accountng Application00000
DAN 2100Survey of Dance00000
ZOO 2010Zoology00000
DIG 1000Introduction to Digital Media00000
CGS 4097Emerging Topics in Computing00000
DIG 2300CPrinciples of 2D Animation00000
ART 2370CDrawing for Animation00000
DSC 3038Prep & Resp for Terrorism00000
CHM 1045LLab for General Chemistry I00000
EDF 4444Assessment of Learning and Beh00000
ECO 2023Microeconomics00000
CHM 2211LLab for Organic Chemistry II00000
EEC 3404Child, Family, & Comm Partner00000
ART 2750CCeramics I00000
EEX 3012Ed Needs Students w/ Exception00000
CJE 2112Police Administration00000
EMS 1431EMT Hospital/Field Experience00000
AMH 2020U.S. History since 187700000
EMS 2667Paramedic II Clinical Exp00000
CJL 1100Criminal Law00000
ENC 1101Composition I00000
AST 1002Introduction to Astronomy00000
EPI 0001Classroom Management00000
COP 1000Intro to Computer Programming00000
EPI 0011Found Rsrch Base Pract Read II00000
TSL 3081ESOL Issues and Strategies00000
ETI 1110Intro to Quality Assurance00000
COP 2700Introduction to SQL00000
ETI 1949Mfg. Special Topics00000
BSC 1020LHuman Biology Lab00000
ETS 2544CProgrammable Logic Control II00000
COP 2830Web Programming Languages00000
GEB 1011Introduction to Business00000
ANT 2511Human Origins00000
GEB 3113Entrepreneurship00000
CTS 2111CLinux Network Administration00000
GRA 1413Professional Develop Port Sem00000
CET 2565CIntro to Server Operating Sys00000
HIM 1282CBasic ICD Diagnostic Coding00000
DAA 1201Fun Ballet II (non-major)00000
HIM 2432Concepts of Disease00000
TPP 2260Acting for the Camera00000
HSC 0003Basic Healthcare Worker00000
DAA 1681Dance Ensemble II00000
HSC 2930Special Topics-Capstone00000
CGS 1060Intro to Computer Concepts00000
DAA 2250Partnering00000
TPA 1603Stage Mgmt Prep and Practice00000
TPP 2812Stage Speech III00000
ACG 2450Computer Accounting Applicatio00000
ART 2501CPainting II00000
CHM 2210Organic Chemistry I00000
EDF 2005Intro to Teaching Profession00000