SJFC Course Reviews

St. John Fisher College

CLST 210CP5 Love in Ancient World00000
COMM 353PublicSpeaking&Performance00000
BIOL 132Anatomy&Physiology II00000
CHEM 414Pharmaceutics00000
BIOL 405Evolution00000
ARTS 2200Arts&Culture in America I00000
COMM 264P1 Television History00000
ANTH 231CP4 The Primates00000
BIOL 314LAdv Human Physiology Lab00000
ANTH 477WashDC Experience-Forum00000
CHEM 316Analytical Chemistry II00000
BIOL 498Research00000
ARTS 259P1 VR and Interactive Art00000
CHEM 499Independent Research II00000
AMST 2460Feminist Dialogues00000
COMM 205LC Media Issue Contmp Cult00000
BIOL 108CP4 Fund of Nutrition00000
COMM 322COMM Career Seminar00000
AMST 217P1 Amer Crime Narratives00000
COMM 375Sport and Social Media00000
ANTH 305Sem:Cultural Anthropology00000
BIOL 320LAdv Human Anatomy Lab00000
AMST 320CP1 Culture&Art in America00000
BIOL 413Plant-Microbe Interactions00000
ARTS 105Drawing: Apprec & Exper00000
CHEM 202LOrganic Chemistry II Lab00000
CHEM 103CP4 Gen Chemistry I00000
ARTS 228DP3 Intro to Museum Studies00000
CHEM 408Biochemistry I00000
AMST 2140Immigration Stories00000
CHEM 450Seminar00000
ARTS 321PP1 Culture&Art America II00000
CHEM 1115Chemical Analytics00000
AMST 180DCC Indians in Amer Culture00000
COMM 139Production Essentials00000
BIOL 104CP4 Biology in Sci Fiction00000
COMM 233Studio Production00000
ANTH 199CRW Research-Based Writing00000
COMM 300Junior Seminar00000
BIOL 127LGeneral Biology Lab00000
COMM 336Photo II:Media&Documentary00000
ACCT 415Govt NFP & Advanced Topics00000
COMM 363Media Research & Analytics00000
BIOL 214LMicrobiology Lab00000
COMM 381Ad Writing and Design00000
AMST 235P2 Catholics in America00000
BIOL 318Genetics00000
ANTH 320Disaster, Hazard & Risk00000
BIOL 335Exercise Physiology00000
AFAM 150DP5 Int AfricanAmer Studies00000
BIOL 409Ecological Field Methods00000
ANTH 493Fieldwork00000
BIOL 425Endocrinology00000
AMST 470IndSt-Senior Research Sem00000
BIOL 1299Research-based Writing00000
ARTS 112DDigital Art00000
CHEM 201SQ Organic Chemistry I00000
CHEM 104LGeneral Chem II Lab00000
ARTS 209Studio Arts: Appr&Exper00000
CHEM 250Sophomore Seminar00000
AMST 1020Seeing Segregation00000
CHEM 365LPhysical Chemistry I Lab00000
ARTS 236Photo I: Art Photography00000
CHEM 409Biochemistry II00000
AFAM 2102Intro to Anti-racism Prac00000
CHEM 435Advanced Laboratory I00000
ARTS 263CP1 Topic: Seeing00000
CHEM 456Pharmaceutical Biotech00000
AMST 2310Crime in Context00000
CHEM 1017Man-made Natural Disasters00000
ARTS 496Independent Study00000
CHEM 2201The Chemistry in CSI00000
ACCT 360Intro to Acct Info Syst00000
COMM 100Introduction to Media00000
ARTS 2216Irish Music: Trad&Change00000
COMM 199CRW Research-Based Writing00000
ANTH 106DP5 Cross-Cultural Interact00000
COMM 220P1 Visual Communication00000
BIOL 107LMicrobes and Disease Lab00000
COMM 250Speech Communication00000
AMST 216P2 Feminist Theory00000
COMM 270Intro to Public Relations00000
BIOL 117P4 Forensics: CSI Science00000
COMM 302Community Journalism00000
ANTH 201DP4 The Human Animal00000
COMM 328Cinematography and Editing00000
BIOL 131Anatomy & Physiology I00000
COMM 346Media Law & Ethics00000
ACCT 301Cost Accounting00000
COMM 361Documentary Production00000
BIOL 206SQ The Science of Aging00000
COMM 372PR Case Studies00000
ANTH 241DP3 Medical Anthropology00000
BIOL 311LCell Biology Techniques00000
ACCT 102Principles of Acct II00000
ACCT 311Intro to Federal Taxation00000
AFAM 1001Civil Rights & Civil Wrongs00000
AMST 477Washington DC-Forum00000
ARTS 150P1 Introduction to Dance00000
CHEM 132P4 The Chemistry of Crime00000