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SJFC Course Reviews

St. John Fisher College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ECON 360Environmental Economics00000
ENGL 231CP1 Detective & Mystery00000
COMM 310Sports Reporting00000
DEXL 725Dissertation Continuation00000
COMM 1015Body Image & Society00000
CHEM 202LOrganic Chemistry II Lab00000
EDUC 415Dif Lit Instr Mid & Adol00000
ARTS 266P1 Spotlight On!00000
COMM 375Sport and Social Media00000
BIOL 127LGeneral Biology Lab00000
CYBR 304Network and Cloud Security00000
CRIM 250Technology and Crime00000
BIOL 413LPlant-Microbe Lab00000
ECON 106CP3 Prin of Macroeconomics00000
ARTS 111Cancelled00000
EDUC 122Theory & Tech of Coaching00000
COMM 205LC Media Issue Contmp Cult00000
ENGL 104Writing Workshop00000
AMST 2201Photography and Amer Scene00000
ENGL 295P1 Literary Revolutions00000
ARTS 2325Phtgrphy: Social Moment00000
COMM 468Advanced Web and Mobile00000
ANTH 110P1 Myth,Monster,Mystery00000
CRIM 112Criminology00000
BIOL 213Plant Biology00000
CSCI 395Artificial Intell00000
CRIM 496Independent Study00000
BIOL 403Developmental Biology00000
DEXL 710Assess, Eval & Org Improve00000
ANTH 490Internship00000
DIGC 275Writing for Games00000
CHEM 103CP4 Gen Chemistry I00000
ECON 301CMoney and Banking00000
AMST 370AMST: Discipline & Theory00000
ECON 1199Numbers Don't Lie,Do They?00000
CLST 210CP5 Love in Ancient World00000
EDUC 303Advanced Clinical Seminar00000
ARTS 216P1 Intro Trad Irish Music00000
EDUC 486Student Teaching Sem:Adol00000
COMM 264P1 Television History00000
ENGL 209Lit Magazine Practicum00000
AFAM 250CCIndStTpcEqualityvsEquity00000
ENGL 263CP1 Topic: Seeing00000
COMM 346Media Law & Ethics00000
ENGL 325Tpc:Before&AfterJaneAusten00000
AMST 2460Feminist Dialogues00000
COMM 403Cardinal Courier Editors00000
BIOL 107LMicrobes and Disease Lab00000
COMM 481Ad Strategy and Production00000
AFAM 2350Equal v Equity:Afric Am Exp00000
COMM 2220Communication and Vision00000
BIOL 131LAnatomy & Physiology I Lab00000
CRIM 230Prison Nation00000
ANTH 231CP4 The Primates00000
CRIM 335Crime Films00000
BIOL 311LCell Biology Techniques00000
CSCI 353Database Structures00000
CSCI 158P4 Int Computational Media00000
BIOL 320LAdv Human Anatomy Lab00000
CSCI 490Internship00000
ANTH 475WashDC Experience-Intern00000
DEXL 705Field Experience I00000
BIOL 409Ecological Field Methods00000
DEXL 718Leadership & Diversity00000
AMST 235P2 Catholics in America00000
DIGC 258Intro Physical Computing00000
BIOL 1062Defying Aging00000
DIGC 481Technology and Pedagogy II00000
ARTS 102CP1 Encounter with the Arts00000
ECON 222Nonparametric Statistics00000
CHEM 120LIntro to Chemistry Lab00000
ECON 316Economics of Development00000
ACCT 491Internship in Accounting00000
ECON 476WashDC Experience-Sem00000
CHEM 1037Forensic Chemistry00000
EDUC 105Clinical Exp in Erly Ch II00000
ARTS 201CP1 Picturing the Past00000
EDUC 208Clinical Experience II00000
COMM 104Cardinal TV Practicum00000
EDUC 332Pract in Early Childhood00000
AMST 490Internship00000
EDUC 463Diff C,A, &I Science00000
COMM 236Photo I: Art Photography00000
EDUC 497Independent Study00000
ARTS 235P1 Art in America: 20thC00000
ENGL 200CLiterary Analysis00000
COMM 295Multimedia Journalism00000
ENGL 218CP1 Theater and Design00000
ACCT 301Cost Accounting00000
ENGL 249P1 Open Book:Read to Write00000
COMM 329Film/Television Analysis00000
ENGL 271Legal Writing00000
ARTS 496Independent Study00000
COMM 362Interactive Media Design00000
ACCT 101Principles of Accounting I00000
ACCT 401Auditing00000
AMST 203CP1 Hollywood Film Genres00000
ANTH 264P4 Paleopathology00000
BIOL 317Animal Behavior00000
CSCI 260Introduction to Databases00000