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Sierra Course Reviews

Sierra College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CSCI 0010Introduction to Computing44441
MATH 0033Diff Equations/Linear Alg51551
BUS 0270Business Law00000
BI 0020Foundations and Framing00000
CIS 0050Applying Computer Software00000
BUS 0124Selling Dynamics00000
ATHL 0110Softball Training00000
CET 0040Beginning Photovoltaic Systems00000
ALH 0010Introduction to Phlebotomy00000
BIOL 0002Botany00000
ARHI 0101Art Appreciation00000
BIOL 0013Field Methods in Ecology00000
BUS 0048Business Law00000
ART 0055Illustration00000
BUS 0215Personal Finance00000
AGRI 0198Food, Society & Environment00000
BUS 0815Personal Finance00000
AUTO 0066AEngine Reconditioning00000
CHEM 0002XProblem Solving for Chem 2A00000
ADMJ 0062Introduction to Corrections00000
CIS 0142Systems/Network Administration00000
ANTH 0006Intro Linguistic Anthropology00000
BIOL 0007BHuman Anatomy II00000
ADMJ 0077Terrorist Tactic/1st Responder00000
BIOL 0016CVernal Pools and Calif Prairie00000
ART 0002Two-Dimensional Design00000
BIOL 0021Introduction to Plant Science00000
BUS 0019Investments00000
ART 0018BCeramics II00000
BUS 0101Personal Money Management00000
ADVM 0067CNC Machining Level 200000
BUS 0144Acct Fund-Bus Owners-Entrepren00000
ASTR 0025Frontiers in Astronomy00000
BUS 0250Computer Applications for Bus00000
ADMJ 0055Concepts of Criminal Law00000
BUS 0282Marketing in the Digital Age00000
ATHL 0151Intercollegiate Basketball (M)00000
CET 0005Intro to the Built Environment00000
ALH 0002Medical Coding00000
CET 0806Intro to Bldg Trades and Tools00000
AUTO 0100Basic Auto Services and Repair00000
CHEM 0003BGeneral Chemistry I Part 200000
AAD 0083Three-Dimensional Modeling00000
CIS 0080Spreadsheets in Business00000
BI 0805Safety for the Building Trade00000
CIS 0820Beginning Comp Familiarization00000
ADMJ 0073Report Writing00000
BIOL 0005Human Anatomy00000
ANTH 0014Global Problems00000
BIOL 0010Introduction to Biology00000
AAD 0088History of Filmmaking00000
BIOL 0016BLocal Ecosystems-Nevada County00000
ARHI 0134History/Aesthetics-Photography00000
BIOL 0016IBiol of Mono Lake/Great Basin00000
ADMJ 0089Fraud Examination00000
BIOL 0033Introduction to Zoology00000
ART 0005BFigure Drawing II00000
BIOL 0056Biology: A Human Perspective00000
BUS 0011Payroll: Essential Laws & Regs00000
ART 0009BAcrylic Painting II00000
BUS 0028Independent Study00000
ADVM 0062Introduction to CAD/CAM00000
BUS 0055Internatl Business Practices00000
ART 0040APrintmaking I00000
BUS 0120Introduction to Marketing00000
ADMJ 0051Traffic Investigatn/Enforcemnt00000
BUS 0132Payroll: Acct/Mgmt/Intnl/Ethic00000
ASTR 0005Intro to Stars and Galaxies00000
BUS 0201Financial Accounting I00000
AGRI 0156Introduction to Plant Science00000
BUS 0223Tax Rep, Practices, Procedures00000
ATHL 0105Springboard Diving Training00000
BUS 0260Introduction to Business00000
AAD 0075Intro to Digital Imaging00000
BUS 0276Org Behavior/Human Relations00000
ATHL 0115Beach Volleyball Training00000
BUS 0291Real Estate Practice00000
AGRI 0213Agriculture Mechanics00000
BUS 0858Beginning Comp Applications00000
ATHL 0154Intercollegiate Golf (M)00000
CET 0026Residential House Wiring/Codes00000
ADMJ 0061BAdvanced Firearms00000
CET 0801Basic Electricity/Wiring Fund.00000
AUTO 0075Automotive Electronics00000
CHEM 0001YProblem Solving for Chem 1B00000
ALH 0006Medical Office Lab Procedures00000
CHEM 0003XProblem Solving for Chem 3A00000
BI 0001OSHA Construction Safety Trng00000
CIS 0026Info & Comm Tech Essentials00000
AAD 0055Illustration00000
CIS 0065Computer Network Fundamentals00000
BI 0032Residential Building Codes00000
CIS 0105MS Outlook-Managing Info00000
ANTH 0001Biological Anthropology00000
BUS 0000AAcct Fund-Bus Owners-Entrepren00000
BIOL 0001General Biology00000
AAD 0044Sketching for Design00000
AAD 0066Business Practice Applied Arts00000
AAD 0094Digital Animation00000
ADMJ 0115POST Module III Acad Training00000