SHSU Course Reviews

Sam Houston State University

SGNL 1401Elementary Amer Sign Lang I53551
ARTS 3326Graphic Design Production00000
BESL 53042nd Lang Acquisition & Develop00000
BIOL 4460Parasitology00000
ATTR 4300Care of the Lower Extremity00000
ARTS 1302Exploring Contemporary Art00000
BIOL 2440Introductory Cell Biology00000
AGET 3383Soil & Water Conservation Engr00000
AGRI 4096Independent Studies00000
ARTS 3374Alternative Photo Processes00000
ARTS 4316Advanced Drawing00000
ATTR 3300Admin of Athletic Training00000
AGRI 6350Tchnqs & Inter of Ag Research00000
ATTR 5330Therapeutic Interventions I00000
AGED 4365Student Teaching in Agriculture Education00000
BIOL 1407General Biology II00000
ARTS 2365Analog Photography00000
BIOL 3490Histology00000
ACCT 5399Advancd Auditng Theory & Pract00000
BIOL 5330Model Organisms00000
AGET 4387Agricultural Engines & Tractor00000
ARTS 4305Advanced Painting00000
AGBU 3361Agribusiness Org & Mgt00000
AGRI 5300Adv Fusing Metals&Non-Metals00000
ARTS 4331Illustration00000
ARTS 4371Human Form: A Photographc Stdy00000
ATTR 3169Therapeutic Interv I Lab00000
AGRI 5386Capital Mgt in Agr Business00000
ATTR 4169Therapeutic Interventions ll Lab00000
AGBU 4378Farm & Ranch Management00000
ATTR 5131Therapeutic Intervention II Lab00000
ANSC 3336Livestock Marketing00000
BESL 2301Multicultural Infl On Learning00000
ACCT 5333Financial Statement Analysis00000
BESL 6311English for Specific Purposes00000
ARTS 1319Drawing II00000
BIOL 2320Sustainability and Environment00000
AGED 5364Adv Problems in Ag. Ed.00000
BIOL 3440General Physiology00000
ARTS 3317Life Drawing II00000
BIOL 4330Aquatic Biology00000
ACCT 4325Emerging Technology in Accounting00000
BIOL 4493Endocrinology00000
ARTS 3354Experimental Animation00000
BIOL 5364Cell Structure And Physiology00000
AGBU 2317Principles of Agri Economics00000
ARTS 3385Art History Survey II00000
AGRI 1131Intro to Pro Leadership Skills00000
ARTS 4310Advanced Printmaking00000
ACCT 4363Fraud Examination00000
ARTS 4320Ceramics II00000
AGRI 4371Agricultural Safety & Health00000
ARTS 4350Character Animation00000
AGBU 4319Agribusiness Ventures00000
AGRI 5337Behavior & Management of Domestic Animals00000
ARTS 4381History of Photography00000
ARTS 4387History Of Mexican Art00000
ASTR 3303Life in the Universe00000
AGRI 5364Agricultural Internship00000
ATTR 3292Clinical Experiences in Athletic Training ll00000
AGBU 4375Advanced Agribusiness Mgt00000
ATTR 4100Lower-Extremity Injuries Lab00000
AGRI 5398Economics Of Agricultural Prod00000
ATTR 4291Clinical Experiences in Athletic Training lll00000
ACCT 5312Advanced Financial Accounting Research II00000
ATTR 4369Therapeutic Interventions II00000
ANSC 1319Animal Science00000
ATTR 5311Lower Extremity Injuries00000
AGED 3320The Secondary Agriculture Education Program00000
BANA 4373Advanced Business Analytics for Economics and Business00000
ANSC 3376Meat Science00000
BESL 4303Cur In Bilgl & Sec Lang Progs00000
ACCT 4315Advanced Accounting I00000
BESL 5317Second Language Assessment00000
ARTS 1313W.A.S.H. 2D00000
BESL 6335ESL/EFL Practicum00000
AGED 4369AFNR Learning Environment00000
BIOL 1413General Zoology00000
ARTS 2323Principles Of Graphic Design00000
BIOL 2403Human Anatomy & Physiology I00000
ACCT 5360Analytics in Accounting00000
BIOL 3409General Ecology00000
ARTS 3305Painting I00000
BIOL 3461Wildlife Biology00000
AGET 3300Agricultural Electrification00000
BIOL 4096Spcl Topics In Undergrad Bio: Population Genetics00000
ARTS 3322Typography00000
BIOL 4363Genomics and Bioinformatics00000
ACCT 3313Intermediate Accounting I00000
BIOL 4480Molecular Genetics00000
ARTS 3343Intro To 3D Computer Animation00000
BIOL 5302Seminar in Biology Research II00000
AGET 4381Adv Agricultural Mechanics00000
ARTS 5312Studio Seminar00000
ARTS 3364Photography Seminar00000
ACCT 2301Principles of Financial Acc00000
ACCT 3347Cost Accounting00000
ACCT 4372Auditing Principles00000
AGBU 4365Legal Issues in Agribusiness00000
AGRI 5350Adv Principles Livestock Mgt00000