Ship Course Reviews

Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania

BSN 410Internship in Business Administration I00000
CIVE 330Environmental Engineering00000
BIO 237Human Anatomy & Physiology I00000
BIO 520Plant Ecology00000
BIO 375Histology00000
ART 400Contemporary Methods in Art Education00000
CHM 224Laboratory IVA-Qualitative Organic Analysis00000
ART 215Color and Two-Dimensional Design00000
BIO 330Animal Behavior00000
ART 304Independent Studio/Sculpture00000
BIO 450Endocrinology00000
BIO 408Principles of Virology00000
ART 391Sel Top: Digital Fine Art Printing00000
BIO 577Ecomorphology00000
ANT 341North American Indians00000
BUS 490Sel Top: Data Analytics in Accounting00000
BIO 100Basic Biology00000
CHM 421Biochemistry Laboratory00000
AJJ 503Leadership in Juvenile Justice00000
CMPE 230Computer Security00000
ART 233Art History III00000
BIO 370Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy00000
AJJ 552Practicum II00000
BIO 391Biology Internship I00000
ART 319Computer Design III00000
BIO 444Conservation Biology00000
BIO 418Molecular Biology00000
ART 341Advanced Ceramics00000
BIO 483Wildlife and Fisheries Management00000
ANT 305Food, Drink and Culture00000
BIO 528Entomology00000
ART 396Internship in Art II00000
BIO 609Internship00000
AEES 191RSel Top: Academic Literacies for the 21st Century00000
BSN 513Organizational Behavior and Marketing00000
ART 490Sel Top: Advanced Raw Image Processing00000
CHM 124Laboratory IIA-Experimental Quantitative Analysis00000
ART 101Art Appreciation00000
CHM 324Advanced Organic Chemistry Laboratory00000
BIO 162Principles of Biology: Organismal Diversity00000
CHN 103Intermediate Chinese00000
ACC 412Advanced Cost Analysis and Control00000
CIVE 420Transportation Engineering00000
BIO 260Genetics00000
CMPE 320Operating Systems00000
AJJ 506Strategic Planning, Budgeting & Finance00000
BIO 351Animal Physiology00000
ART 301Independent Studio/Drawing00000
BIO 373Developmental Biology00000
ACC 511Financial Accounting Topics00000
BIO 385Cell Biology00000
ART 306Computer Design II00000
BIO 397Introduction to Research00000
ANT 111Cultural Anthropology00000
BIO 409Immunology00000
ART 322Watercolor II00000
BIO 442Aquatic Ecology00000
BIO 425Biota Of Florida00000
ART 339History of American Art00000
BIO 448Field Botany and Plant Taxonomy00000
ANT 205Introduction to Archaeology00000
BIO 461Techniques in Biotechnology00000
ART 370Sculpture00000
BIO 514Aquatic Entomology00000
AEES 190RSel Top: Writing Tutoring Theory and Praxis00000
BIO 524Evolutionary Development00000
ART 394Sel Top: Contemporary Printmaking Techniques00000
BIO 555Comparative Environmental Physiology00000
ANT 312Comparative Marriage And Family00000
BIO 595Sel Top: Wildlife Diseases00000
ART 398Independent Study In Art00000
BSL 261American Legal Environment00000
ACC 401Advanced Financial Accounting00000
BSN 421Internship Business Administration II00000
ART 430Computer Design V00000
BSN 531Essentials of Organizational Behavior00000
ANT 351Peoples and Cultures of Europe00000
CHM 110The Chemistry Experience00000
ASL 102American Sign Language II00000
CHM 221Modern Organic Chemistry I00000
AJJ 501Seminar in Juvenile Justice and Delinquency00000
CHM 226Laboratory IVB-Experimental Organic Studies00000
BIO 150Human Biology00000
CHM 371Analytical Chemistry00000
ART 210Drawing II00000
CHM 496Introduction to Biochemistry Research00000
BIO 220Microbiology00000
CIVE 300Structural Analysis00000
ACC 310Intermediate Accounting I00000
CIVE 350Soil Mechanics00000
BIO 242LAEcology-Lab00000
CIVE 499Civil Engineering Capstone00000
ART 231Art History I00000
BIO 317Parasitology00000
ACC 201Managerial Accounting00000
ACC 312Cost Determination and Analysis00000
AEES 101Foundations for Academic Success00000
ANT 150Introduction to Archaeology00000
ART 327Painting II00000
BIO 430Principles of Evolution00000