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Ship Course Reviews

Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ASL 102American Sign Language II00000
BIO 430Principles of Evolution00000
AEES 103Introduction to Exploratory Studies00000
ART 370Sculpture00000
ANT 211Comparative Cultures00000
ESS 111Introduction to Weather and Climate00000
BIO 330Animal Behavior00000
CNS 781CES Research Epistemology and Methods00000
AJJ 504Advanced Research Methods00000
CNS 820CES Research Seminar I00000
ART 321Watercolor I00000
ANT 360Aztec and Maya Archaeology00000
COM 284Basic Media Production00000
ART 398Independent Study In Art00000
CNS 700CES Counseling Leadership and Advocacy00000
BIO 220Microbiology00000
ACC 401Advanced Financial Accounting00000
BIO 408Principles of Virology00000
CNS 565The College Student and the College Environment00000
BIO 522Community Ecology00000
CNS 801CES Doctoral Internship I00000
ANT 111Cultural Anthropology00000
CNS 578Pre-practicum in Counseling00000
ANT 330Ancient Americans00000
CNS 822CES Research Seminar III00000
ART 305Independent Studio /Computer Design00000
ART 211Figure Drawing00000
COM 201Principles of Public Relations00000
ART 337Printmaking I00000
CNS 600Research and Statistics00000
ART 394Sel Top: Contemporary Printmaking Techniques00000
COM 294Social Media Strategy00000
ART 430Computer Design V00000
CNS 559Introduction to the Helping Services00000
BIO 150Human Biology00000
ACC 306Tax Accounting00000
BIO 242Ecology00000
CNS 715CES Advanced Group Leadership00000
BIO 393Sel Top: Scientific Communication00000
ACC 490Sel Top: Fraud Examination00000
BIO 418Molecular Biology00000
CNS 510Drug and Alcohol Counseling00000
BIO 514Aquatic Entomology00000
AEES 210Writing Tutoring Theory & Praxis00000
BIO 526Medical Microbiology00000
CNS 568Professional Orientation to Mental Health Counseling00000
AJJ 506Strategic Planning, Budgeting & Finance00000
CNS 802CES Doctoral Internship II00000
ANT 190Sel Top: Great Discoveries In Archaeology00000
CNS 515Career Development00000
ANT 310Magic, Science and Religion00000
CNS 821CES Research Seminar II00000
ANT 350Medical Anthropology00000
CNS 585Practicum in Counseling00000
ART 110Basic Drawing00000
CNS 897CES Dissertation I00000
ART 301Independent Studio/Drawing00000
ART 217Computer Design I00000
COM 111Media Literacy00000
ART 309Independent Studio00000
CNS 590Advanced Clinical Field Experiences00000
ART 326Painting I00000
COM 245Diversity and the Media00000
ART 340Ceramics00000
CNS 526Brief Therapy For Martial, Family & Couples Counseling00000
ART 391Sel Top: Digital Fine Art Printing00000
COM 290Advertising Copywriting00000
ART 396Internship in Art II00000
CNS 603Advanced Practice Seminar00000
ART 400Contemporary Methods in Art Education00000
COM 335Media Advertising and Sales00000
ART 490Sel Top: Advanced Raw Image Processing00000
CNS 508Marital, Couple, and Family Counseling00000
BIO 100Basic Biology00000
ACC 200Fundamentals of Financial Accounting00000
BIO 162Principles of Biology: Organismal Diversity00000
CNS 710CES Instructional Theories and Pedagogy00000
BIO 237Human Anatomy & Physiology I00000
ACC 311Intermediate Accounting II00000
BIO 300Careers in the Health Professions00000
CNS 562Student Personnel Work in Higher Education00000
BIO 385LACell Biology-Lab00000
ACC 406Advanced Tax Accounting00000
BIO 398Research II00000
CNS 725CES Developing, Leading and Evaluating Programs in Mental He...00000
BIO 412Ichthyology00000
ACC 512Conrollership00000
BIO 425Biota Of Florida00000
CMPE 410Real-Time and Mobile Computing00000
BIO 444Conservation Biology00000
AEES 190Sel Top: Writing Tutoring Theory and Praxis00000
BIO 520Plant Ecology00000
CNS 795CES Qualitative Theories and Methodologies00000
AJJ 501Seminar in Juvenile Justice and Delinquency00000
BIO 448Field Botany and Plant Taxonomy00000
CNS 503Advanced Field Experience00000
CNS 522Assessment Techniques00000
CNS 588Counseling Strategies and Techniques00000
CNS 899CES Dissertation III00000
ART 233Art History III00000