Shepherd Course Reviews

Shepherd University

CHEM 340LPhysical Chemistry Lab I00000
COMM 347Special Effects00000
BADM 366Professional Selling00000
CHEM 125Chem for Health Sciences00000
BIOL 211Fundaments BIOL I Molec/Cell00000
BADM 309Fund of Risk Mgt00000
CIS 481Topics in Computer Science00000
ART 215Drawing II00000
BADM 411New Venture Creation00000
ART 3403-D Digital Fabrication00000
BIOL 450ST:Human Physiology00000
BIOL 315Advanced Plant Biology00000
ATHC 350Coaching Of Football00000
CHEM 316Organic Chemistry II00000
ARED 345Curr & Instr in Art Educ00000
CIS 390Operating Systems00000
BADM 323Human Resources & Bus Ethics00000
COMM 304History of Film00000
ANTH 399AST:Fed Preservation Law00000
COMM 403Media Studies00000
ART 303Intro to African Art00000
BADM 499CST:New Venture Lab00000
APST 356Appalachian Culture00000
BIOL 299AST:Intr to Clinical Medicine00000
ART 403Art Criticism00000
BIOL 415Biological Research00000
BIOL 399CST:Essential Oils00000
ATHC 101Champs Life Skills Prg00000
CHEM 101LChem Society Lab I00000
APST 558Appalachian Literature00000
CHEM 209LGen Chemistry Lab II00000
BADM 150Intro to Business00000
CHEM 329LBiochemistry Lab I00000
ANTH 225Intro to Museum Studies00000
CIS 324Cancelled00000
BADM 313Business Law II00000
CIS 419Data Comm & Comp Networks00000
ART 140Visual Thinking00000
CIT 418Management Info Sys00000
BADM 340Prin of Marketing00000
COMM 329Sound Design00000
ACCT 401Computer-Based Accounting00000
COMM 360TV Production00000
BADM 396Marketing Research00000
COMM 420Advanced Production00000
APST 343Appal Mus & Ethnomusicology00000
BADM 431Financial Plan Development00000
ART 310Contemporary Art00000
BIOL 103General Biology00000
ACCT 405Adv Cost Accounting00000
BIOL 212Fundaments BIOL II Diversity00000
ART 390Professional Practices II00000
BIOL 302Microbiology00000
APST 431Appalachian Trvl Fld Exp00000
BIOL 383Ornithology00000
ART 434Adv Painting Studio00000
BIOL 411Animal Behavior00000
BIOL 399BST:Animal Nutrition Lab00000
ART 476Capstn Interdisciplnry Studio00000
BIOL 422Neurobiology00000
APST 543Appal Mus & Ethnomusicology00000
CHEM 100Chemical Science00000
ATHC 302Recr & Sport Administration00000
CHEM 120College Chemistry I00000
ACCT 450Accounting Ethics00000
CHEM 207General Chemistry I00000
ATHC 364Officiating Soccer00000
CHEM 315LOrganic Chem I Lab00000
APST 602Appalachian Studies Thesis00000
CHEM 322Instrumental Analysis00000
BADM 224Business Statistics00000
CHEM 333Environ Chemistry00000
ACCT 345Fed Tax of Business Entities00000
CIS 302Windows Programming00000
BADM 311Exploring Entrepreneurship00000
CIS 372Intro to Biometrics00000
ART 103Intro to Visual Art00000
CIS 399AST: Project Management00000
BADM 319Business Ethics00000
CIS 433Microprocessor Sys Dsgn & Lab00000
ANTH 315Cultural Anthropology00000
CIS 487Software Engineering00000
BADM 329Estate Planning00000
COMM 203Comm and New Media00000
ART 204Contemporary Art00000
COMM 321Public Relations Principles00000
BADM 360Marketing of Services00000
COMM 343Graphic Novel00000
ACCT 330Inter Financial AcctII00000
COMM 352Computer Mediated Comm00000
BADM 390Applied QuickBooks00000
COMM 399BST:Digital Ethnography00000
ART 250Sculptural Forms00000
BADM 400Innovation Integration00000
ACCT 202Prin Financial Acct II00000
ACCT 336Cost Accounting00000
ACCT 435Income Tax II00000
APST 501App/Time,Place&People:CltrStdy00000
ART 451Capstone Sculpture00000
BIOL 406Developmental Biology00000