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Shepherd Course Reviews

Shepherd University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
SPAN 699AST:Adv Applied Spanish00000
APST 343Appal Mus & Ethnomusicology00000
PSYC 331Counseling Children00000
SOWK 201Intr to Social Work00000
RECR 211Leadership in Recr & Sport00000
PSCI 426Comp Gov:Western Europe00000
ACCT 329Inter Financial Acct I00000
PHOT 380History of Photography00000
PSYC 399AST:Persuasion Soc Infl00000
PHOT 488Internship in Photography00000
SOCI 340Sociology of Humor00000
RECR 350Fld Exp in Leis Serv00000
PSCI 350Debate and Forensics00000
SOWK 404Social Work Capstone00000
PHED 405Applied Kinesiology00000
THEA 340Stage Management00000
PSYC 270Well Being and Happiness00000
ACCT 420Acct Information Syst00000
NURS 631DNP Project00000
APST 576Appalachian Studies Pract00000
PHOT 390Social Representation in Photo00000
PSYC 499RST:Critical Thnk/Ident Misinfo00000
NUTR 330Life Span Nutrition00000
RECR 320Facilities Management00000
PHYS 202College Physics00000
SOCI 307Population & Development00000
RECR 436Therapy for Mental Hlth Condtn00000
PSCI 200Am Pol Institutions00000
SOCI 403Race & Ethnic Relations00000
PHED 301Elem Phy Edu Methods00000
SOWK 320Child Welfare/Services00000
PSCI 404Intl Organ/World Govt00000
SOWK 423Rsrch for Social Work Practice00000
NURS 619Bioethics00000
THEA 207Theater Practice00000
PSYC 101HIntro to Psychology Honors00000
UNIV 100College Prep Non-Native00000
PHIL 208HSur of Philosophy Honors00000
ACCT 345Fed Tax of Business Entities00000
PSYC 313Clinical Practicum00000
ANTH 314Phys Anthro & Archaeo00000
NURS 547Primary Care-Adult I00000
APST 500Seminar in Appalachian Studies00000
PSYC 370LSensation & Perception Lab00000
ARED 325Aesthetic Inquiry00000
NUTR 202Food Science & Technology00000
PSYC 420History/Sys/Psychology00000
PHOT 480Research in Photography I00000
RECR 140Intr Leisure Studies00000
NURS 550Role Transition00000
RECR 250Field Experience Rec00000
PHOT 599ST: Darkroom Photography00000
RECR 331Medical Term/Ther Rec00000
NUTR 410STopics in Nutritional Sci00000
RECR 407Mgt in Rec/Leisure Services00000
PHYS 221LGeneral Physics Lab00000
SOCI 203General Sociology00000
RECR 450Recreation Internship00000
PSCI 100Politics & Government00000
SOCI 322Social Theory00000
PHED 227Tchng Target & Fielding Games00000
SOCI 399BST:Sociology of Childhood00000
PSCI 302Intro Political Theory00000
SOCI 499AST:Academic Innovation00000
NURS 599AST:Life & Recovery Coach00000
SOWK 306Human Beh/Soc Envmt II00000
PSCI 399RST:Politics and Film00000
SOWK 392Co-op Educ in SOWK00000
PHED 399AST:Found of Hlth & Phy Ed00000
SOWK 410Field Exp Sem II00000
PSCI 409ST:Equal Protect Issues00000
SPAN 203Inter Spanish I00000
NURS 543Diagnostic Reasoning00000
THEA 203Acting I00000
PSCI 443Intern in Government00000
THEA 309Directing I00000
PHED 431Secondary Physical Edu Methods00000
THEA 346Theater Design00000
PSYC 250Statistics for Soc Sci00000
ACCT 292Accounting Intern00000
NURS 624Ldrshp inComplex Hlth Sys00000
ACCT 336Cost Accounting00000
PSYC 309Abnormal Psychology00000
ACCT 402Auditing00000
PHOT 281Digital Photography00000
ACCT 450Accounting Ethics00000
PSYC 321Indus/Organ/Psych00000
ANTH 390Native Amer Ethnography00000
NURS 516Rsrch Mthds for Hlth Prfsnl II00000
APST 400Sem Appalachian Studies00000
PSYC 342Adolescent Development00000
APST 543Appal Mus & Ethnomusicology00000
PHOT 383Color Light in Photo00000
PSYC 372Psychology of Learning00000
NURS 443Leadership00000
NURS 538Diagnostic Reasoning00000
NURS 581Psych MH Care Lifespan I00000
PHED 215Fund Movt, Gymnastics & Dance00000
PHYS 301Energy00000
RECR 465Essentials of Strength & Cond00000