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SGSC Course Reviews

South Georgia State College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
HUMN 2111Survey of Humanities/West 100000
MATH 0989Foundation for College Algebra00000
ENGL 3050Written Comm, Law & Ethics00000
HIST 2111Survey of U.S. History I00000
ENGL 4800Advanced Topics Digital Comm00000
EDUC 2120Expl Soc/Cultural Perspect Div00000
LTHM 3201Interdisciplin Rehab Rest Care00000
CHEM 2401KOrganic Chemistry I00000
ENGL 3400Intro to Professional Editing00000
CRJU 1101Intro to Criminal Justice00000
HIST 1111World History I00000
ETEC 1101Electronic Tech in Educ Envir00000
ECSP 4000Educa Assess Stud w Spec Needs00000
HLHP 2015Fundamentals of Nutrition00000
BUSA 3000Planning and Management00000
LTHM 3101Legal & Ethical Issues in LTHM00000
ENGL 2111World Literature I00000
LTHM 4102Human Resource Man Strategies00000
BIOL 3400Cell Biology00000
MATH 1113Precalculus00000
COMM 1100Human Communication00000
ENGL 3700Writing, Divers & Multicultura00000
BIOL 3630KFreshwater Ecosystems00000
ENGR 2500Engineering Graphics Design00000
CSCI 1301Computer Science I00000
FTA 4005Intro Financial Data Analytics00000
FREN 1001Elementary French I00000
ECSP 3030Language and Cognition00000
HIST 1121Western Civilization I00000
BUSA 1105Introduction to Business00000
HIST 2220African American History00000
ECSP 4403Education Internship -Planning00000
HLHP 2030Athletic Injuries00000
BIOL 2215KMicrobiology00000
ISCI 2002Physical Science00000
ENGL 1101Composition I00000
LTHM 3103Medicare ABCD & Supp Insur Cov00000
CHEM 1151KSurvey of Chemistry I00000
LTHM 3203Comm Negotiation Confl Res Sk00000
ENGL 2131American Literature I00000
LTHM 4201End Life Palliative Hospice Ca00000
BIOL 1010KIntroduction to Biology I00000
MATH 0999Support for College Algebra00000
ENGL 3150Writing, Grants, Propos Report00000
MATH 1501Calculus I00000
BIOL 3500KEcology00000
ENGL 3500Writing for Digital Media00000
COMM 2000Intro to Mass Communications00000
ENGL 4200Technical Topics in Literature00000
BIOL 1012KIntro BIOL and Lab00000
ENGR 2010Introduction to Engineering00000
CRJU 2200Introduction to Corrections00000
ENVS 2202Environmental Science00000
BIOL 3950KOrnithology00000
FINA 3103Financial Management00000
DVRS 1101Topics in Diversity00000
FTA 4003Commercial Banking & FinTech00000
FTA 4001Foundations of FinTech00000
ECSP 3003Classroom Organization & Manag00000
FTA 4100Intro Info Security FinTech00000
BTWR 4100Internship for Business Writ00000
HIST 1112World History II00000
ECSP 3540Applied Data Analysis00000
HIST 1122Western Civilization II00000
BIOL 2210KAnatomy and Physiology I00000
HIST 2112Survey of U.S. History II00000
ECSP 4002Curriculum Methods & Materials00000
HLHP 2010Foundations of Health and PE00000
BUSA 2270Legal Environment of Business00000
HLHP 2020Intro to Athletic Training00000
ECSP 4405Elem/Sp Educ Intern-Performanc00000
HLTH 1103Contemporary Health Issues00000
ASTR 1010LLab for Astron of the Solar Sy00000
ISCI 2001Earth and Life Science00000
ENGL 0989Foundations for English Comp00000
LTHM 3000Intro Long-Term Hlthcare Manag00000
BUSA 3300Negotiation00000
LTHM 3102Hlth Aging: Saf/Opt Well Strat00000
ENGL 1111Creative Writing00000
LTHM 3200Econ of Healthcare Management00000
BIOL 3130Principles of Genetics00000
LTHM 3202Self-Concept Sexuality Intimac00000
ENGL 2121British Literature I00000
LTHM 4000Behav Man Dem Del Dep Dual Dia00000
CHEM 1211KPrinciples of Chemistry I00000
LTHM 4103Long-Term Healthcare Marketing00000
ENGL 3000Intro Business & Tech Writing00000
LTHM 4203Complementary Altern Therapies00000
ACCT 2102Principles of Accounting II00000
MATH 0997Support for Quantitative Reas00000
ENGL 3100Research for Prof Writers00000
MATH 1101Mathematical Modeling00000
CISY 1105Information Systems Technology00000
ENGL 3300Advanced Rhetoric & Composit00000
SOCI 4400Society Environmental Issues00000
ARTS 1100Art Appreciation00000
BIOL 2107KPrinciples of Biology I00000
BIOL 4500Intro to Biological Research00000
ECON 2106Principles of Microeconomics00000
FTA 4002Financial Technologies00000