SFSC Course Reviews

South Florida State College

BUZ 0210TIPS-Difficult Customers00000
CED 0411Golf00000
BCA 0352Electrical Wiring III00000
BUZ 0143Fhli-Wellness Creation Health00000
BCA 0394Electrical Internship Xi00000
ART 1202C3D Design00000
CCJ 1010Intro To Criminal Justice00000
AER 0697LEngine Performance Lab00000
BCA 0361Electrical Internship III00000
AMH 2070History Of Florida00000
BUZ 0115Leadership Highlands00000
BSC 1011CGeneral Biology II00000
ARR 0292Applied Techn Auto Body Repair00000
BUZ 0165Discovering Your Team Synergy00000
AER 0320LManual/Auto Transmissions Lab00000
BUZ 0326Tips-Dealingw/Difficultpeople00000
ART 2750CPottery I00000
CED 0202Cycling00000
ACR 0948Air Conditioning Viii00000
CED 0458Pre A.C.T.00000
AER 0949Co-Op Work Exper in Automotive00000
BCA 0367Electrical Internship Vii00000
ACR 0963Air Conditioning Internship IV00000
BSC 1009CIntroduction to Biology00000
APA 2136Bookkeeping Certification Prep00000
BUZ 0109Foundations Of Business00000
BSC 1085LHuman Anatomy/Physiology I Lab00000
ARR 0110Basic Sheet Metal Repairs00000
BUZ 0130Sbdc Financing Your Business00000
AEB 2102Principles Agri-Bus Management00000
BUZ 0148FHLI Sexual Harassment00000
ARR 0330LScience Unibody Repair Lab00000
BUZ 0169Leadership, Lunch & Learn00000
ACR 0944Air Conditioning IV00000
BUZ 0285TIPS-Problem Solving Skills00000
ART 2012CMedia Exploration00000
BUZ 0330Photography 10100000
AER 0560LIntro Auto Tech/Brake Sys Lab00000
CCZ 0423Director Credential Renewal00000
AST 1002LDescriptive Astronomy Lab00000
CED 0207Cardo Drumming00000
ACR 0609Refrigeration:Trouble Analysis00000
CED 0417Swimming00000
BCA 0356Electrical Wiring Vii00000
CED 0468Ho Ho Holiday Christmas Wreath00000
ACR 0960Air Conditioning Internship I00000
BCA 0364Electrical Internship V00000
AMH 1010Introductory Survey to 187700000
BCA 0392Electrical Internship Ix00000
ACR 0930LSelected Topics Air Cond Lab00000
BCZ 0350Electrical Wiring I00000
AML 2020American Literature II00000
BSC 1010CGeneral Biology I00000
ACR 0966Air Condition Internship Vii00000
BSC 1080Overview of Anatomy/Physiology00000
ARH 2050Art History I00000
BUL 4310Legal and Ethical Environment00000
BSC 1086CHuman Anatomy/Physiology II00000
ARR 0100LPainting Techniques Lab00000
BUZ 0112FL Real Estate Broker Pre-Lice00000
ACZ 0009Fundamentals Air Conditioning00000
BUZ 0129Sbdc Marketing Your Business00000
ARR 0120LAdvanced Painting Techn Lab00000
BUZ 0141Fhli-Critical Thinking00000
ACR 0942Air Conditioning II00000
BUZ 0146FHLI Annual Evaluations00000
ARR 0310Panel Repair & Replace00000
BUZ 0163Building A Winning Team00000
AER 0190Engine Repair00000
BUZ 0167Strategic Mgmnt Healthcare00000
ARR 0949Co-Op Work Experience in Auto00000
BUZ 0171Fhli-Coach & Progressive Disc00000
ACR 0600LHeating Systems Lab00000
BUZ 0265Introduction to Computer Basic00000
ART 1301CDrawing II00000
BUZ 0323TIPS-Small Biz Social Media00000
AER 0401Steering and Suspension00000
BUZ 0328Tips-Diversitypersonalitieswp00000
ART 2501CPainting II00000
BUZ 0332Tips Conflict Mgmnt in Wrkplc00000
ACR 0946Air Conditioning Vi00000
CCZ 0421Fccpc I English00000
ASL 2140CAmerican Sign Language I00000
CCZ 0507Cpr00000
AER 0691Electrical/Electronic Systems00000
CED 0205Billiards00000
BCA 0350Electrical Wiring I00000
CED 0380Nursery Operations00000
ACR 0060LIndoor Air Qual Sys Design Lab00000
CED 0416Power Lifting00000
BCA 0354Electrical Wiring V00000
CED 0448Girls Garage-General Maintenan00000
AER 0797LAuto Heating & Air Cond Lab00000
BCA 0358Electrical Internship I00000
ACG 3024Accounting for Managers/Invest00000
ACR 0102Basic Electricity Systms/Contr00000
ACR 0940Internship Air Con/Refrig/Heat00000
ACR 0969Air Conditioning Internship X00000
ARR 0001Fund of Auto Body Repair00000
BSC 2932Selected Topics in Biology00000