SFA Course Reviews

Stephen F. Austin State University

AGRI 4347Forages00000
ANS 436Companion Animals00000
AGD 491Student Teaching in Agricultur00000
AGR 475Special Problems00000
AGET 4321Principles of Irrigation00000
AED 630Foundations of Curriculum00000
ANS 131Introductory Animal Science00000
ACCT 5342Advanced Financial Accounting II00000
AGET 3115Agricultural Electrification Lab00000
AEC 261Agricultural Economics00000
AGN 462LForages Lab00000
AGM 325LDesign App Software I CAD Lab00000
AED 594Superintendency Seminar00000
AGRI 2315Introduction Agriculture Communications00000
ACCT 4331Governmental Accounting00000
AGRI 5344Soil-Plant Relationships00000
AED 699Dissertation Writing00000
ANS 260Intro Livestock Ana & Phys00000
ACC 542Adv Financial Accounting00000
ANSC 2143Beef Cattle Science Lab00000
ACCT 5352Advanced Accounting and Information Systems00000
AGET 3283Agricultural Machinery Design and Structure00000
ACC 551Sem Oil & Gas Accounting00000
AGM 310Internal Combustion Engines00000
AEC 451Farm Management00000
AGN 367LWeed Science Lab00000
AGM 421Principles of Irrigation00000
AED 551School Asset/Capital Manage00000
AGR 100Agriculture Industry00000
ACCT 3302Intermediate Accounting00000
AGR 580Alternative Energies00000
AED 611Crit Voice Design Analy Ed Pol00000
AGRI 3381Agritourism00000
ACC 512Sem in Acct Rsrch & Analysis00000
AGRI 4433Agricultural Internship III00000
AED 678Cur. Design/Academic Plan P-1600000
AGRI 5362Physiology of Growth and Stress in Livestock00000
ACCT 4365Ethics and Professional Issues in Accounting00000
ANS 241LHorse Production Lab00000
AGBS 4351Farm Management00000
ANS 342LSwine Production Lab00000
ACC 437Auditing Principles00000
ANS 501Advanced Nutrition00000
AGED 4381Methods of Teaching Agricultural Sciences in Secondary Schoo...00000
ANSC 2250Artificial Insemination00000
ACC 547Advanced Auditing00000
AGET 3210Internal Combustion Engines00000
ACCT 5365Ethics and Professional Issues in Accounting00000
AGET 4125Mobile Hydraulics Lab00000
ACC 453Accounting & Information Sys00000
AGM 120LFund of Agri Technology Lab00000
AEC 442Natural Resources Economics00000
AGM 315Agricultural Electrification00000
ACC 570Advanced Topics in Accounting00000
AGM 383LAg Machine Design & Struct Lab00000
AEC 551LFarm Management Lab00000
AGN 331LSoil Science Lab00000
AGM 510Agr Machine Oper & Perform00000
AED 547Pub Sch Financing & Bus Adm00000
AGN 445Plant Breeding00000
ACCT 2301Principles of Financial Accounting00000
AGN 469LPlant Protection Lab00000
AED 565Public School Law00000
AGR 432Ag Internship00000
ACC 485Internship Accounting00000
AGR 531Adv Agricultural Waste Mgt00000
AED 599Synthesis in Educ Leadership00000
AGRI 2100Sophomore Seminar00000
ACCT 4175Special Problems00000
AGRI 3361Agricultural Development00000
AED 621Examining Human Inquiry System00000
AGRI 4175Special Problems00000
ACC 333Cost Accounting00000
AGRI 4431Agricultural Internship00000
AED 637Adv. Qual. Methods in Research00000
AGRI 5342Advanced Agricultural Waste Management00000
ACCT 4337Auditing Principles00000
AGRI 5351Farm Management00000
AED 683Higher Ed Finance Policy & Law00000
AGRI 5386Principles of Animal Breeding00000
ACC 531Sem N-Prof Accounting Prin00000
ANS 201Basic Horsemanship00000
AGBS 3349Marketing of Agricultural Products00000
ANS 243Beef Cattle Science00000
ACCT 5311Accounting for Management00000
ANS 301LLivestock Evaluation Lab00000
AGD 400Senior Seminar00000
ANS 403Advanced Horsemanship00000
AAS 498Senior Seminar00000
ANS 442LEquine Production & Mgt Lab00000
AGED 3222Youth Organizations in Ag Ed00000
ANS 541Principles of Animal Breeding00000
ACCT 5347Advanced Auditing00000
AGET 2136Welding and Metals Lab00000
AAS 101Beginning Keyboarding00000
ACC 232Prin of Mgmt Acct00000
ACC 475Spec Problems00000
ACC 576Advanced Graduate Studies00000
AED 513Admin of Special Services00000
AGN 110Crop Science00000