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SFA Course Reviews

Stephen F. Austin State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ART 440Advanced Art/Metal/Jewelry00000
ARTS 1303Art History I (Prehistoric to the 14th century)00000
ANS 131Introductory Animal Science00000
ART 210Introduction to Painting00000
ANSC 2143Beef Cattle Science Lab00000
AGR 580Alternative Energies00000
ART 512Graduate Filmmaking00000
AGBS 4342Natural Resources Economics00000
ANS 352Train Performance Horses Engl00000
AGET 3183Agricultural Machinery Design and Structure Lab00000
ANTH 2401Physical Anthropology00000
ANSC 4143Advanced Beef Cattle Lab00000
AGN 367LWeed Science Lab00000
ART 315Color Theory and Practice00000
AED 623Design Research In Ed Setting00000
ART 486Baroque Art00000
AGRI 5033Plant Protection Lab00000
ART 564Digital Media: Time Based Medi00000
ACCT 5342Advanced Financial Accounting II00000
ARTS 3354Documentary Filmmaking00000
AGED 3233SAE Management00000
ANS 442LEquine Production & Mgt Lab00000
AEC 261Agricultural Economics00000
ANSC 3147Horse Production Lab00000
AGET 4225Mobile Hydraulics in Agriculture00000
ANT 471Archaeological Foods & Feasts00000
ANT 231Cultural Anthropology00000
AGM 421Principles of Irrigation00000
ANTH 4341Qualitative Research Methods00000
AED 591Educational Research00000
ART 261Beginning Digital Media00000
AGR 280Youth Organizations in Ag Ed00000
ART 412Advanced Film/Video Production00000
ACCT 4185Internship in Accounting00000
ART 464Digital Media:Time Based Media00000
AGRI 3381Agritourism00000
ART 497Museum Studies00000
AED 682Develop Dissertation Res Pro00000
ART 533Graduate Sculpture00000
AGRI 5311Agricultural Policy00000
ART 583Greek & Roman Art00000
ACC 532Legal Princp Related to Acct00000
ARTS 2333Printmaking I00000
ANS 250LArtificial Insemination Lab00000
ARTS 3362Art Education II: Creative and Human Development00000
ACCT 5352Advanced Accounting and Information Systems00000
ANS 436Companion Animals00000
AGET 2236Welding and Metals00000
ANS 502Growth & Stress in Livestock00000
ACC 551Sem Oil & Gas Accounting00000
ANSC 2360Introductory Livestock Anatomy and Physiology00000
AGET 4110Agricultural Machinery Operation and Performance Lab00000
ANSC 3333Animal Nutrition00000
AEC 551Farm Management00000
ANSC 4276Animal Reproductive Physiology00000
AGM 236Welding & Metals00000
ANT 455Osteology and Forensics00000
ANT 251LIntro to Archaeology Lab00000
AGM 383Ag Machinery Design & Struct00000
ANTH 2002Introduction to Archaeology Lab00000
AED 549Foundations of Curriculum Plan00000
ANTH 3383Box Office Archaeology00000
AGN 110Crop Science00000
ART 101Drawing II00000
ACCT 3301Intermediate Accounting00000
ART 220Printmaking I00000
AGN 462Forages00000
ART 282Art History Survey II00000
AED 602Inquir Found of Ethics & Phi00000
ART 395Art Development I00000
AGR 480Equine Veterinary Nutrition00000
ART 420Printmaking II00000
ACC 475Spec Problems00000
ART 448Art Parallels In Media00000
AGRI 2315Introduction Agriculture Communications00000
ART 479Ad Design III: AAF Campaign00000
AED 637Adv. Qual. Methods in Research00000
ART 492Professional Practices00000
AGRI 4348Range Management00000
ART 502Abstract Express Postmod Art00000
ACCT 4365Ethics and Professional Issues in Accounting00000
ART 519Alternative Process Photograph00000
AGRI 5175Advanced Graduate Studies00000
AGRI 5350Advanced Disease Management00000
AGBS 2361Agricultural Economics00000
ART 575Advanced Graduate Studies00000
AGRI 5342Advanced Agricultural Waste Management00000
ART 590Thesis Writing00000
ACC 333Cost Accounting00000
ARTS 1316Drawing I00000
ANS 241LHorse Production Lab00000
ARTS 2356Photography I (fine arts emphasis)00000
AGD 481Methods of Teaching Agr Sci00000
ANS 333Animal Nutrition00000
ACC 101Small Business Accounting00000
ACC 443Tax of Business00000
ACC 576Advanced Graduate Studies00000
AED 511The Superintendency00000
AGM 315Agricultural Electrification00000
ANT 384Archaeological Mysteries00000