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SEU Course Reviews

St. Edward's University

COMM 1306Introduction To Communication00000
COMM 4323Feminist Perspectives On Social Change00000
CATH 2340The Documents Of Vatican II00000
CNCO 6364Introduction To System Theories In Counseling00000
CHEM 3325Organic Chemistry II00000
BUSI 1301Introduction To Business00000
COMM 3308Health Communication00000
BIOL 2103Human Anatomy Lab00000
CHEM 2127Experimental Design And Practice Lab00000
BIOL 2423Environmental Conservation / Climate Change00000
CHLX 2315The U.S. Mexico Borderlands00000
CHEM 4150Internship In Chemistry00000
BIOL 4146Independent Study In Biology00000
CNSL 6361Assessment Techniques00000
BIOL 1305Contemporary Biology: Animal Behavior00000
COMM 2326Persuasion00000
BUSI 3322Social Enterprise00000
COMM 3340Political Communication00000
BDMM 3331Social Networking And Digital Analytics00000
COSC 1305Computational Skills I00000
BIOL 2330Epidemiology00000
CHEM 2334Inorganic Chemistry I00000
BDMM 4336Digital Media Marketing00000
CHEM 3343Biochemistry I00000
BIOL 3316Human Genetics00000
CHIN 1312Chinese II (Introductory)00000
CHEM 4232Forensic Chemistry Laboratory00000
BIOL 3454Developmental Biology00000
CNCO 6352Counseling Theories00000
BINF 3338Numerical & Scientific Methods00000
CNSL 6353Group Counseling00000
BIOL 4344Evolution00000
CNSL 6369Counseling Internship II00000
ARTS 4346Senior Portfolio Seminar00000
COMM 2305Visual Communication00000
BUSI 2318Legal Environment Of Business For Accountants00000
COMM 2365Principles Of Integrated Comm00000
BIOL 1310Current Topics In Biology:00000
COMM 3332Principles Of Advertising00000
BUSI 3328ASocial Responsibility Of Busi00000
COMM 3362Mothers And Daughters00000
ARTS 3339Modern Art History00000
COMM 4364Conflict Resolution00000
CHEM 1140General Chemistry Lab00000
COSC 1313AIntro To Information Systems00000
BDMM 3332Digital Media Enterprise Creation00000
CHEM 2323Organic Chemistry I00000
BIOL 2401Anatomy & Physiology I00000
CHEM 3242Chemical Instrumentation Lab00000
ARTS 3351Art As Inquiry00000
CHEM 3336Quantum Mechanics And Spectroscopy00000
BIOL 3139Microbiology Lab00000
CHEM 4142Instrumental Analysis Lab00000
BIED 3142Spanish Cognitive Acad Lang00000
CHEM 4153Internship-Environmental Chem00000
BIOL 3332Immunology00000
CHEM 4344Biochemistry II00000
CHEM 4320Advanced Organic Chemistry00000
BIOL 3353Geographic Information Systems00000
CHIN 2312Chinese IV (Intermediate)00000
BIED 3340Bilingual Elementary School Curriculum00000
CNCO 6317Critical Evaluation-Research00000
BIOL 4142Population Biology And Ecology Lab00000
CNCO 6355Counseling Diverse Populations00000
ARTS 4344Advanced Clay00000
CNSL 6331Techniques In Marriage And Family Therapy00000
BIOL 4250Internship In Biology00000
CNSL 6359Assessment, Diagnostics And Treatment Planning00000
BINF 4410Bioinformatics II00000
CNSL 6367Counseling Practicum00000
BIOL 4350Internship In Biology00000
CNSL 6372Marriage, Couples & Families In The Life Cycle00000
ARTS 3336Figuration00000
COMM 1317Presentational Speaking00000
BUSI 2305Business Statistics00000
COMM 2320Media And Professional Presentations00000
BIOL 1308General Biology II00000
COMM 2357Active Listening00000
BUSI 2321ABusiness And Professional Speaking00000
COMM 3301AFoundations Of Organizational Communication And Leadership00000
ASTR 1311Introduction To Astronomy00000
COMM 3322AGroup Communication & Team Building00000
BUSI 3326Project Management00000
COMM 3337APublic Relations & Policy00000
BIOL 2001Anatomy & Physiology I Lab00000
COMM 3344Intercultural Communication00000
CAPS 4360Capstone00000
COMM 4315Film Theory & Analysis00000
ARTS 2399Introduction To Photography00000
COMM 4352Crisis Communication00000
CATH 3338Sacramental Theology00000
COMM 4399ASpecial Topics In Comm:00000
BIOL 2303Human Anatomy00000
CHEM 2100Introduction To Research00000
ARTS 2366Watercolor00000
ARTS 3326Sculpture I00000
ARTS 4341Advanced Drawing00000
BIED 3330Introduction To Linguistics00000
BIOL 3341Animal Behavior00000
CHEM 4331Forensic Chemistry00000