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SEU Course Reviews

St. Edward's University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
COSC 3337ADatabase Theory00000
CSDV 6330Administration & Leadership00000
CHEM 2323Organic Chemistry I00000
COSC 1123Computing Sci Concepts I Lab00000
CNCO 6352Counseling Theories00000
BUSI 2318Legal Environment Of Business For Accountants00000
CRIJ 3313ACorrections00000
ARTS 4342Advanced Painting00000
CHEM 4232Forensic Chemistry Laboratory00000
BINF 3338Numerical & Scientific Methods00000
COMM 3344Intercultural Communication00000
CNSL 6367Counseling Practicum00000
BIOL 3355Cancer Biology & Social Justice00000
COSC 2328AWeb Programming00000
ARTS 2366Watercolor00000
COSC 4360Undergraduate Research And Development I00000
BUSI 6350Mba Capstone00000
CRIJ 4345AContemporary Issues In C.J.00000
AHMX 2316World Of Energy00000
DANC 2145Beginning Modern Dance00000
BDMM 3332Digital Media Enterprise Creation00000
CHIN 1312Chinese II (Introductory)00000
ARAB 1311Arabic I (Introductory)00000
CNSL 6333Assess & Techniques In Mft00000
BIOL 1307General Biology I00000
COMM 3333Rhetorical Criticism00000
COMM 1317APresentational Speaking00000
BIOL 3145Hormones And Behavior Lab00000
COMM 4338Native American And Chicana/O Film00000
ARTS 1318Clay: Handbuilding00000
COSC 1323Computing Sciences Concepts I00000
BIOL 4342Population Biology & Ecology00000
COSC 3326Mobile Programming00000
ACCT 6316Financial Statement Analysis00000
COSC 4333AOperating Systems00000
BUSI 3328ASocial Responsibility Of Busi00000
CRIJ 2306American Court System00000
ARTS 3337Painting II00000
CRIJ 3336ACriminology00000
CATH 3399John's Apocalypse00000
CRIM 2330Terrorism00000
ACCT 4346AAccounting Information Systems00000
CSYS 4331AAdministration Of Information Systems In Organizations00000
CHEM 3336Quantum Mechanics And Spectroscopy00000
ECON 3301Microeconomic Theory00000
ANIM 4338Animation Production00000
CHEM 4331Forensic Chemistry00000
BIED 3142Spanish Cognitive Acad Lang00000
CHLX 3325Identities, Communities And Social Justice00000
ACCT 5332Intermediate Accounting II00000
CNCO 6364Introduction To System Theories In Counseling00000
BIOL 1107General Biology I Lab00000
CNSL 6360Addictions Counseling00000
ARFS 1102Foundations Of Us Air Force I00000
CNSL 6372Marriage, Couples & Families In The Life Cycle00000
BIOL 2001Anatomy & Physiology I Lab00000
COMM 3309Social Media For Public Relations00000
COMM 2320Media And Professional Presentations00000
BIOL 2402Anatomy & Physiology II00000
COMM 3340Political Communication00000
ARFS 3335Senior Air Force Studies II00000
COMM 4316Leadership00000
BIOL 3339Microbiology00000
COMM 4366Documentary History & Theory00000
ACCT 6309Accounting Theory & Practice00000
COSC 1313Intro To Information Systems00000
BIOL 4146Independent Study In Biology00000
COSC 2316Introduction To Algorithmic Problem Solving00000
ARTS 2323Printmaking: Methods00000
COSC 2331Introduction To Computer Organization And Architecture00000
BUSI 1301Introduction To Business00000
COSC 3335AData Storage Systems00000
ACCT 4342Governmental & Non-Profit Acct00000
COSC 4157AResearch00000
BUSI 3303Legal Environment Of Business00000
COSC 4351Human-Computer Interaction00000
ARTS 3326Sculpture I00000
CPAM 4250Career Planning & Management Internship00000
BUSI 3399Special Topics In Busi Admin00000
CRIJ 2328American Law Enforcement00000
AHMX 1310Love Makes The World Go 'Round: Exploring European Cinema00000
CRIJ 3325Criminal Evidence And Proof00000
CATH 2323Justice, Peace And Liberation00000
CRIJ 3356Counsel/Treat Substance Use00000
ARTS 3351Art As Inquiry00000
CRIJ 4349ASpecial Topics In C.J.:00000
CHEM 1340General Chemistry00000
CRIM 4349Sex And The Criminal Justice System00000
ACCT 3333ACost Accounting00000
CSDV 6370Internship00000
CHEM 3136Physical Chemistry I Lab00000
CULF 2321American Dilemmas00000
ARTS 4399Senior Projects00000
CHEM 4142Instrumental Analysis Lab00000
ACCT 3320Accounting Ethics00000
ACCT 3381Accounting Management For Entrepreneurs00000
ACCT 5346Accounting Information Systems00000
ARFS 3321Usaf Leadership Studies I00000
BIOL 2324Plant Biology00000
COMM 2365Principles Of Integrated Comm00000