Seton Hall Course Reviews

Seton Hall University

BFIN 2113Retirement Estate Planning00000
BIBL 3106New Testament Greek I00000
ASIA 1602History of Modern Asia00000
BACC 7117International Accounting00000
ASIA 6226Monsters: A History of Japan00000
ARMS 6805Legal-Ethical Issues Museums00000
BFIN 4299Directed Research-Finance00000
ANTH 2232Kinship in Cross-Cultural Perspectve00000
ASIA 3894Asian Studies Co-Op I00000
ANTH 2912Qualitative Research Methods00000
BACC 4191Accounting Co-op I00000
ATFY 4101Human Physiology00000
ARCH 1112Archaeology of Greece00000
BACC 7197Directed Research-Accounting00000
AFAM 2325Political Economy of Racism00000
BFIN 4250Fixed Income Analysis00000
ARTH 1001Art and Human Needs00000
BFIN 7225Mergers and Acquisitions00000
ADIM 3194Art Internship00000
BIBL 6205Wisdom Literature-Psalms00000
ANTH 2412Anthropology of Religion00000
ASIA 6129History Republican China00000
ADIM 3326Video Animation Motion Graph00000
ASIA 9111Research Meth-Asian Studies00000
ANTH 3295Independent Study00000
BACC 3119Auditing00000
ATFY 4201Fndtn Therapeutic Intervention00000
ARAB 2101Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic I00000
BACC 6101Financial Accounting00000
AFAM 2211Civil Liberties00000
BACC 7135Essentials of Federal Taxation00000
ARMS 6505History-Theory of Museums00000
BFIN 1004Student Portfolio Management I00000
ADIM 2602ST Social Impact Design00000
BFIN 4230Portfolio Analysis00000
ARMS 7002Producing an Exhibition00000
BFIN 4265Behavioral Finance00000
AFAM 2517The Black Church00000
BFIN 7112Wealth Mgmt Investment Tax00000
ARTH 211619th Century Art00000
BFIN 7295Directed Research Finance00000
ADIM 2220Figure Drawing00000
BIBL 6113Biblical Hebrew I00000
ASIA 3133Contemporary China00000
BIBL 6231Suffering and the Book of Job00000
ADIM 3322Computer Animation00000
ASIA 6113Phil-Spirit Probng China00000
ANTH 2910Quantitative Research Methods00000
ASIA 6145Modern East Asia00000
ADIM 2311Graphic Dsgn Advrtsng Art II00000
ASIA 7113Chinese Linguistics I00000
ANTH 3250Human Osteology00000
ASIA 9195Directed Studies00000
ADIM 4313ST Practicum Design Seminar II00000
ATFY 4131Research Methods I00000
ANTH 3305Special Issues00000
BACC 3111Intermediate Accounting II00000
ATFY 4231Research Methods II00000
ANTH 5999Independent Study00000
BACC 4113Advanced Accounting00000
AFAM 1214African-American History II00000
BACC 4197Directed Research-Accounting00000
ARAB 3102Adv Modern Stand Arabic II00000
BACC 7112Accounting Theory II00000
ADIM 2320Still Photography00000
BACC 7126Ent-Wide Acct Info Sys I00000
ARCH 2317Classical Mythology00000
BACC 7190Accounting Graduate Internship00000
AFAM 2230U.S. Politics Through Doc Film00000
BACC 7210Forensic Accounting00000
ARMS 6616ST Museums Activism Soc Iss00000
BFIN 2100Career Decisions00000
ADIM 2143Brand Evolution Logo Design00000
BFIN 3211Financial Strategy00000
ARMS 6817Audience Rsch Proj Evaluation00000
BFIN 4239Real Estate00000
AFAM 2410Africana Literature00000
BFIN 4260Finance and Technology00000
ARMS 7103Indep Study Directed Reading00000
BFIN 4296Finance Co-op III00000
ADIM 3164Individual Studies Art00000
BFIN 4302Finance Corporate Intrnshp III00000
ARTH 2109African American Art00000
BFIN 7215Capital and Money Markets00000
AFAM 2617The Black Man and Woman00000
BFIN 7231Futures-Options and Swaps00000
ASIA 1111Zen and Yoga00000
BFIN 7299Directed Research Finance00000
ADIM 12232-D Design and Color00000
BIBL 6006N.T. Greek I00000
ASIA 3113Eastern Mysticism00000
BIBL 6201Pentateuch00000
ANTH 2242Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia00000
ASIA 3624Age of Samurai00000
ADIM 1110Drawing I00000
ADIM 2099ST Front End Development00000
ADIM 2316Web Design II00000
AFAM 1202History of African Civilization II00000
ANTH 3794Indigenous Peoples' Resp Conv00000
BACC 2103Financial Accounting00000