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SCSU Course Reviews

Southern Connecticut State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENG 125Sexism and Homophobia00000
ENG 398~Apocalypse in English Lit00000
EDU 414Applications of Child Dev.00000
EDU 599~Foundational Issues00000
EDU 471Supporting Eng Learners00000
EDU 308Childrens Literature Early00000
ENG 312English Grammar Systems00000
ECO 410Managerial Economics00000
EDU 444DSAP Supervision & Appraisal00000
EDL 663Educational Planning00000
EDU 588Assessment and Research in Ed00000
EDU 505Social Studies:Elementary Schl00000
EDU 106New Literacies00000
EGR 232Materials Science/Engineering00000
ECO 307Urban Economics00000
ENG 218Amer Experience & Literature00000
EDU 325Best Practices: Classroom00000
ENG 342Shakespeare I: 1564-160100000
CSP 809Current Issues and Ethics00000
ENG 46320th Century American Novel00000
EDF 520Child in the American Culture00000
EDU 451Student Teaching II00000
DSC 101Data Science II00000
EDU 499Independent Study00000
EDL 683Supervision/Staff Development00000
EDU 539Child Dev. for Elem. Teachers00000
EDU 512Elementary Curriculum Workshop00000
EDL 825Advanced Research Methods00000
EDU 594Student Teaching 1 (MAT-EC)00000
ECO 221Statistics for Eco/Business00000
EDU 613Diverse Classroom Models00000
EDU 300Student Teaching I00000
ENG 110Fund of Academic Writing00000
CSP 691Research: Schls/Ment.Hlt Sett.00000
ENG 202Intro to Poetry Writing00000
EDU 316Child Dev & Psy for Educators00000
ENG 306Intermediate Fiction Writing00000
ECO 350*International Eco I: Trade00000
ENG 321British Literature I00000
EDU 398~Topics in Student Teaching00000
ENG 371*Literature into Film00000
CSP 656Group Counseling00000
ENG 423Contemp. Afr-Amer. Novelists00000
EDU 416Leadership and Policy ECE00000
ENG 486Seminar in American Literature00000
CTR 300Cooperative Education00000
EDU 450Student Teaching I00000
EDL 657School Finance00000
EDU 470EC Student Teaching II00000
CSP 670Psychology in the Schools00000
EDU 480Student Teaching00000
EDL 681Leadership Development00000
EDU 504Mathematics:Elementary School00000
DSC 500Mathematical Mthds for DSC00000
EDU 508Introduction to Education00000
EDL 685Curriculum Development00000
EDU 534Curriculum: Elementary Classrm00000
EDU 525Fieldwork00000
EDL 811Ed.Policy:Context & Inquiry00000
EDU 563Anti-Bias & Multcult. Persp.00000
ECO 200Macro-Economic Analysis00000
EDU 592Research in Education00000
EDL 831Ind. Adv. Diss. Proposal Dlvp.00000
EDU 596Student Teaching 1 (MAT-SE)00000
CSP 675Internship/Seminar Sch.Couns.00000
EDU 611Curriculum Theories:Dev & Impl00000
EDU 200Teachers, Schools, & Societies00000
EDU 999DSAP Supervision & Appraisal00000
ECO 303*Development Economics00000
EGR 298~Engineering Mechanics: Dymani00000
EDU 305Emerging Literacies00000
ENG 119College Composition Bilingual00000
CSP 652Internship in School Psych00000
ENG 200*Intermediate Composition00000
EDU 312Integ Curric: Primary Clssrm00000
ENG 209Lyrics as Literature00000
ECO 321Introductory Econometrics00000
ENG 240*Prof Writing: Theory & Pract00000
EDU 319Integ Math/Sci/Tech:Early Chld00000
ENG 308*Critical Theories00000
CSP 800Adv Co Research Design00000
ENG 317Cross-Cultural Literatures00000
EDU 352ECE Curriculum and Assessment00000
ENG 323American Lit Through History00000
ECO 360The Economics of Poverty00000
ENG 360Early American Writers00000
EDU 407*Developing Literacies00000
ENG 380Chaucer00000
CSP 601Adv. Coun. Skills & Tech.00000
ENG 406Advanced Fiction Writing00000
EDU 415Resp. Curriculum & Assessment00000
ENG 424The Harlem Renaissance00000
ECO 497Internship00000
EDU 424Teaching Math. in Elem School00000
CSP 553Pract. and Seminar CMHC00000
CSP 622Sch Curric Help Professionals00000
CSP 674Consultation in Schools00000
ECO 101Principles of Micro-Economics00000
EDL 687Internship I00000
EDU 528Differentiated Instruction00000