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Scranton Course Reviews

University of Scranton

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
COMM 115(EPW)Writing for Communicat00000
COMM 329Graphics00000
CHS 328CHS in P-12 Schools00000
CMPS 490(EPW) Capstone Project00000
CIL 102L(FYDT)Computer Literacy Lab00000
CHEM 490Adv Topics in BCHM Capstone00000
COMM 235Intro to Soc Media Strategies00000
CHED 210(SL)Intro Health Prom/Dis Prev00000
CHS 343Med/Psychosoc Aspects Disabil00000
CHEM 112LGen and Analytical Chem I Lab00000
CMPS 341Database Systems00000
CJ 309Crime Analysis00000
CHEM 370LInstrumental Analysis Lab00000
COA 203Sport First Aid00000
BUAN 571Intro to Business Analytics00000
COMM 214Small Group Communication00000
CHEM 571Analytical Methods00000
COMM 311Political Communication00000
BLDR 385Bus Leadership#1-Self Assessmt00000
COMM 430Adv Business Comm Strategies00000
CHED 480Internship in Health Education00000
CHS 421Addictions00000
BLDR 484Special Topics00000
CJ 237Investigative Process00000
CHEM 233LOrganic Chemistry II Lab00000
CMPS 250Machine Organ & Assembly Prog00000
CJ 338Police Criminalistics00000
CHEM 362L(EPW)Physical Chem I Lab00000
CMPS 356Web Programming00000
BUAN 463Data Mining00000
CNS 311(CF,D)Advanced Chinese I00000
CHEM 450L(EPW)Biochemistry I Lab00000
COMM 101Communication & Society00000
BIOL 473Estuarine Ecology00000
COMM 127X(FYS)Understanding iGen Gen00000
CHEM 555Chemical Toxicology00000
COMM 227Contemporary Public Relations00000
BUS 140(FYDT,FYOC)Bus Info/Oral Prof00000
COMM 250Principle Comm Competencies00000
CHS 184X(FYS)CHS First Year Seminar00000
COMM 319Sports Writing00000
BIOL 375Evolution00000
COMM 365Social Media Production00000
CHS 339Counseling Boys & Men00000
COMM 480Television Practicum00000
BLDR 455Business Policy & Strategy00000
CHS 375Counseling LGBTQ Persons00000
CHEM 110(E)Introductory Chemistry I00000
CHS 481Advanced Internship in CHS00000
BIOL 384ST: Environmental Microbiology00000
CJ 001Also see S/CJ and SOC00000
CHEM 113LGen and Analy Chemistry II Lab00000
CJ 240Cybercrime00000
BLDR 486Bus Leadership#4-Case Stud Def00000
CJ 311GIS for Public Safety00000
CHEM 330LOrganic Chemistry III Lab00000
CMPS 184X(Fys/Fydt)Priv/Conf/Sec Dig Ag00000
CMPS 101X(Fys,Q) Computational Thinking00000
CHEM 360LBiophysical Chemistry I Lab00000
CMPS 314Junior Colloquia II00000
BUAN 362Database Mgt Syst for Elec Bus00000
CMPS 352Operating Systems00000
CHEM 363L(EPW)Physical Chem II Lab00000
CMPS 370Computer Graphics00000
BIOL 454Pathophysiology00000
CNS 211(CF)Intermediate Chinese I00000
CHEM 440LAdvanced Inorganic Chem Lab00000
COA 161Sport First Aid00000
BUAN 475Business Simulation00000
COA 208Condition/Training for Sport00000
CHEM 460Physical Chemistry III00000
COMM 109G/S/P Skill Set00000
BIOL 374LVertebrate Biology Lab00000
COMM 121X(FYS,S) Mythology in Media00000
CHEM 540Advanced Inorganic Chemistry00000
COMM 184XST:(FYS)Catholic Movies/Media00000
BUAN 575Business Simulation00000
COMM 211Argumentation and Debate00000
CHEM 562Advanced Quantum Chemistry00000
COMM 229(D,S)Gender and Communication00000
BLDR 351Principles of Management00000
COMM 240(Q)Comm Research Methods00000
CHS 111(S)Intro to Human Adjustment00000
COMM 284ST: Acting for Film and TV00000
BUS 150Career & Professional Develop00000
COMM 316Communication Ethics00000
CHS 293(EPW)Research Methods in HS00000
COMM 325Advertising Copywriting00000
BIOL 368Neuroethology00000
COMM 334Broadcast Programming00000
CHS 334Marital and Family Counseling00000
COMM 415Senior Seminar00000
CHED 320(SL,EPW)Plan/Imp/Evl Hth Pr Pg00000
CHS 341(SL)Group Dynamics00000
BIOL 350L(EPW)Cellular Biology Lab00000
BIOL 370LAnimal Behavior Lab00000
BIOL 446Cardiovascular Physiology00000
BUAD 101X(FYS,S)Ideas of Business00000
CHEM 350General Biochemistry I00000
CMPS 144Computer Science II00000