SCF Course Reviews

State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota

ENT 2000Intro to Entrepreneurship55551
DES 1200CDental Radiography00000
ETI 2610Principles of Six Sigma00000
GEA 2000World Regional Geography00000
ENT 2430Entrepreneurship Legal Issues00000
CTS 2434SQL Server Database Developer00000
FIL 1537Audio Design00000
BSC 2930DFund of Bio I Lecture(BSC2010)00000
CET 1600Networking Fundamentals00000
EAP 1540Writing V00000
EEC 1000Intro to Early Chldhd Ed00000
ENC 0015Developmental Writing I00000
CJE 2640Criminalistics I00000
ETD 2368CAdvanced SolidWorks00000
BSC 1007CIntroduction to Biology00000
FFP 1740Fire Service Course Del00000
DEH 2702Community Dental Health00000
FIN 2001Financial Management00000
ART 2751CCeramics II00000
GEY 4601Biology of Aging00000
CAP 2141Data Forensics II00000
ECP 3009Economic Prob & Policy00000
ASL 1140LAmerican Sign Lang. I Lab00000
CGS 1949Co-op Work Exper Comp Sci00000
EEC 2202Child Care & Educa Programming00000
EEC 2527Financial & Legal Issues - Child Care Management00000
EEX 3226Assessment of All Young Children & Field Experience00000
CIS 2321Intro to Sys Analysis & Design00000
ENL 2010British Literature to 179000000
BCN 2046Introduction to Sustainability00000
EPI 0011Found. Asses & Differentiation00000
CPO 2002Comparative Government00000
ETI 1644Prod & Inventory Control00000
ART 1301CDrawing II00000
ETM 1010CMechanical Measurement & Instrumentation00000
DEH 1130Oral Embryology and Histology00000
FFP 2741Fire Service Course Design00000
BSC 2031Topics in Bioethics00000
FIL 2580Film Style Production00000
DEH 2806LClinical Dental Hygiene IV Lab00000
FRE 1120Elementary French I00000
ANT 2100Intro to Archaeology00000
GER 1120Elementary German I00000
DSC 3554Critical Infrastructure & Risk Analysis00000
GRA 2122CDesktop Publishing00000
ART 2930ST: Art-Adv.Ceramics II00000
EAP 2930ST: English for Academic Purpo00000
CCJ 2010Intro to Criminology00000
EDF 2085Introduction to Diversity for Educators + Field Experience00000
ARH 2000HArt Appreciation Honors00000
EEC 1319Portfolio Development and Performance Observation00000
CET 2615CCNA3 Entrp. Netwk,Sec & Auto00000
EEC 2318Program Orient/Portfolio Dev00000
ASL 2160American Sign Language III00000
CHM 1025LIntroductory Chemistry Lab00000
EEC 4204Infant/Toddler Curriculum00000
EEC 4400Parents as Teachers & Field Experiences00000
EET 2525CProgrammable Logic Controllers00000
CHM 2211COrganic Chemistry II00000
EEX 4701Blending Early Childhood Methods & Field Experience00000
BCN 1554Off the Grid00000
ENC 1101Written Communication I00000
CJE 1000Intro. to Law Enforcement00000
ENT 2112Entrepreneurship & Busns Plan00000
ART 1203CThree-Dimensional Design00000
EPI 0003Technology00000
COP 2250CJava Programming I00000
ESC 1000CEarth and Space Science00000
BCT 2770Building Construction Estimate00000
ETI 1420CManufctrng Processes & Materia00000
CTS 2390Windows Server I00000
ETI 1843CMotors & Controls00000
AML 2010American Literature I00000
ETI 3647Supply Chain Management00000
DAA 2101BContemporary and Traditional Dance IB00000
ETP 3320Intro to Energy Technology00000
BSC 2010CFundamentals of Biology I00000
FFP 2120Bldg Cnstrctn for Fire Service00000
DEH 1800LClinical Dental Hygiene I Lab00000
FIL 1007Film Analysis and Critique00000
ART 2500CPainting I00000
FIL 2423Foundations of Production00000
DEH 2804CClinical Dental Hygiene III00000
FIL 2930Cinema of '69/End of Innocence00000
BSC 2419CPlant & Animal Cell Culture00000
FIN 3400Financial Management00000
DES 1010Head and Neck Anatomy00000
FRE 1121LElementary French II Lab00000
ACG 2360Cost Accounting00000
GEB 2210Bus. Presntns & Comm00000
DIG 2111CDigital Illustration I00000
GER 1121LElementary German II Lab00000
BUL 2131Legal Environ. of Business00000
EEC 4706Language & Emerging Literacy00000
EAP 0386Intgr Read, Speak & Listen III00000
ACG 2100Intermediate Accounting I00000
AMH 1091African Amer History & Culture00000
ARH 2500Non-Western Art History00000
BCN 1227Building Envelope Science00000
CHM 2046LGeneral Chemistry II Lab00000