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SCF Course Reviews

State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MAC 2312Calc with Analytc Geom II51531
ENT 2000Intro to Entrepreneurship55551
ENC 1101Written Communication I54451
ETP 3320Intro to Energy Technology00000
ENC 0025Developmental Writing II00000
COP 2224CC++ Programming I00000
CCJ 1020Intro to Criminal Justice00000
FIL 2835Appr. of Film: Horror Film00000
DEH 1002LIntro to Clin Proced Lab00000
GRA 2151CIllustrator00000
DEH 2804LClin Dental Hygiene III Lab00000
EEC 4613Assessment and Evaluation for Young Children00000
CIS 2938Current Issues in Cybersecurit00000
ETD 1320CIntroduction to Auto CAD00000
BSC 2420CIntro to Biotech Methods00000
FFP 2120Bldg Cnstrctn for Fire Service00000
CTS 2390Windows Server I00000
GER 1120LElementary German I Lab00000
ASL 1140LAmerican Sign Lang. I Lab00000
HSA 3170Health Care Finance00000
CET 1605CCNA1 Introduction to Networks00000
BCN 1512CEnergy Efficient HVAC Engineering00000
DES 1100LDental Materials Lab00000
CGS 1543Database Design & Implmntn00000
DSC 3214Catastophic Event Response Planning00000
EAP 0486Integ. Read, Speak & Listen IV00000
EEC 2527Financial & Legal Issues - Child Care Management00000
CHM 2930IST:Org CHM I Lab(CHM2210L)00000
EEX 2010Intro to Exceptional Learner00000
BSC 2011CFundamentals of Biology II00000
ENT 2430Entrepreneurship Legal Issues00000
CJE 4668Computer Crime00000
ETI 1622Intro Lean Manufac & Six Sigma00000
ART 2750CIntroduction to Ceramics00000
EVR 1001Intro to Environmental Science00000
CPO 2002Comparative Government00000
FIL 1007Film Analysis and Critique00000
BSC 2930Biotechnology Methods BSC2426C00000
FRE 1121Elementary French II00000
DAA 1000BIntroduction to Dance IB00000
GEY 4601Biology of Aging00000
ARH 2050Prehistory through Medieval00000
HIM 2012Health Law Concepts & Practice00000
DEH 2300Pharmacology and Pain Control00000
HSA 4817Practicum In Health Services Administration00000
AST 1002Descriptive Astronomy00000
DEP 2004Human Development: Life Span00000
CET 2620CCNA4 Connecting Networks00000
DES 1200LDental Radiography Lab00000
ART 1201CTwo-Dimensional Design00000
DSC 4594Intelligence Analysis00000
CGS 2172Implementing a Commerce Enabled Website00000
BCN 2046Introduction to Sustainability00000
EAP 1620Reading VI00000
CHM 1020CThe Chemistry of Everyday Life00000
ECO 2013Principles of Macroeconomics00000
EDF 1005Intro to Teach. Prof. & Field00000
EEC 2226Introduction to Principles of Mathematics & Science for the...00000
CHM 2211LOrganic Chemistry II Lab00000
EEC 4267Curriculum Programs-Preschool00000
BSC 1020Human Body00000
EEC 4943Internship III Early Child Ed00000
CIS 1355Security Engineering00000
EGN 1111CEngineering Drawing00000
ART 2330CFigure Drawing I00000
ENL 2022British Literature after 179000000
CJE 1300Police Admin & Organization00000
EPI 0010Foundations of Research-Basec Practices in Reading00000
BSC 2086CAnatomy and Physiology II00000
ETD 2930CSpcTopics Construct Technology00000
CJL 2130Criminal Evidence & Procedure00000
ETI 2610Principles of Six Sigma00000
ANT 2410Intro to Cultural Anthropology00000
EUH 1000HWestern Civ to 1600-Honors00000
COP 2510Programming Concepts00000
FFP 1740Fire Service Course Del00000
BSC 2435Intro to Bioinformatics00000
FFP 2720Company Officer00000
CTS 1150CMicrocomputer Hrdwr & Mtnc00000
FIL 2100Screenwriting I00000
ART 2771CAdvanced Ceramics00000
FIN 2100Personal Finance00000
CTS 2433SQL Implementation00000
GEB 1011Introduction to Business00000
BUL 3322Legal Issues in Int'l Business00000
GER 1121LElementary German II Lab00000
DAA 2101BContemporary and Traditional Dance IB00000
GRA 2122CDesktop Publishing00000
AMH 1091African Amer History & Culture00000
GRA 2949Graphic Design Internship00000
DEH 1720Preventive Dentistry00000
HSA 1100Healthcare Delivery Systems00000
CEN 2361Mobile Device Software Develop00000
CHM 2045CGeneral Chemistry I00000
EDF 3430Education Measurement & Evalua00000
EEC 1001Early Chldhd Growth & Dev00000
DEH 2702CCommunity Dental Health00000
ACG 2110Intermediate Accounting II00000
AML 2020American Literature II00000
ART 1301CDrawing II00000