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SCCC Course Reviews

Suffolk County Community College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ELT 152Cisco Computer Networking II00000
EPO 298e-folio-GTFH Scholar Program00000
COT 236Green Building Principles00000
DTE 201Introduction to Food Service00000
CST 126Operating Systems: Unix/Linux00000
CHE 251Organic Chemistry II00000
ENG 178Introduction to Multimedia Journalism00000
AUT 230Practicum II00000
CRS 297Independent Study: Community Residence Services00000
BIO 121Insect Biology00000
DMA 2013D Animation II00000
CUL 114Culinary Arts I00000
CDC 120Chemically Dependent Family Systems00000
EDU 201Introduction to Education00000
AST 102Astronomy of Stars and Galaxies00000
ENG 012Emerging Writers Workshop00000
COL 297Independent Study: College Studies00000
ENG 215American Literature I00000
ART 147Digital Materials and Processes00000
FPT 113Hazardous Materials I00000
AUT 243Automatic Transmission and Transaxle Systems00000
CSL 003Financial Aid Counseling00000
ART 204Advanced Painting00000
CST 288Cooperative Education/Internships for Computing Technology00000
BIO 252College Biology III: Organisms and Ecosystems00000
CYB 241CCNA Voice and Multimedia Security00000
CUL 218Baking and Pastry Arts III00000
BUS 150Cooperative Education in Business00000
DRF 217Architectural Drafting: Residential00000
ART 299Photography Portfolio Development and Assessment00000
ECO 101Current Economic Issues00000
CHE 100General Chemistry00000
ELL 008Level III Module 3.4A Writing/Grammar00000
ART 135Life Drawing I00000
ELT 238Digital Electronics III00000
CIN 118Digital Filmmaking II00000
ENG 142Introduction to Dramatic Literature00000
AUT 118Computer Systems and Fuel Delivery00000
ENG 207Mass Media00000
COM 202Intercultural Communication00000
ENG 296HONORS: Special Topics: Love in the Underworld: The Orphic T...00000
ADS 255Field Practicum or Cooperative Education in Addiction Servic...00000
ESL 012ESL College Reading II00000
CRJ 204Introduction to Computer Crime00000
FPT 148Fire Service Management and Leadership00000
ART 172Advanced Sculpture00000
CSE 222Computer Architecture and Organization00000
BIO 101Principles of Biology00000
CST 101Introduction to Computing00000
ART 101Art Appreciation00000
CST 222Computer Architecture00000
BIO 152Modern Biology II00000
CUL 111Sanitation00000
ART 229Computer Art Portfolio Assessment00000
CUL 212Savory French Cuisine00000
BUS 101Introduction to Business00000
CYB 125Cybersecurity Fundamentals00000
CUL 219Advanced Pastry Arts IV00000
BUS 130Retail Principles00000
CYB 260CCNA Health Information Networking Security00000
ART 260Studio Photography00000
DNC 105Broadway Dance00000
BUS 230Retail Store Operations and Administration00000
DRF 220Advanced CAD00000
ART 1253D Modeling and Design00000
DTE 213Food Service Management Fieldwork00000
CDC 242Chemical Dependency Vocational Counseling and Prevention/Edu...00000
ECO 297Independent Study: Economics of Education00000
ASL 203Fingerspelling00000
ELL 003Level I Module 1.1B Writing/Grammar00000
CHE 133College Chemistry I00000
ELT 113Digital Electronics I00000
ADS 230Professional Documentation: Data Collection, Assessment, Tre...00000
ELT 227Electronic Construction00000
CIN 112Cinema Studies II: From Noir to Now00000
ELW 016Pronunciation Workshop B00000
AUT 105Automotive Portfolio I00000
ENG 119The Structure of English00000
COL 105Personal Growth and College Life00000
ENG 172Magazine Writing and Publicity00000
ART 145Digital Photography I00000
ENG 202Literature as Film00000
COM 111Voice and Diction00000
ENG 211African American Literature00000
AUT 205Automotive Portfolio III00000
ENG 221The Art of Poetry00000
COT 110Surveying I00000
ENV 101Introduction to Environmental Sciences00000
ACC 210Cost Accounting00000
ESC 124Environmental Geology00000
CRJ 109Introduction to Corrections00000
ESL 017ESL College Composition I00000
AUT 236Automotive Service Productivity and Efficiency00000
CRJ 209Criminal Justice Capstone Course00000
ACC 102Financial Accounting II00000
ADS 112Certified Recovery Peer Advocate-CRPA Training00000
ART 113Modern Art00000
ART 251Location Lighting00000
BUS 115College/Workplace Skills Seminar00000
CYB 101College Seminar for Cybersecurity00000