SCC Course Reviews

Solano Community College

CIS 078Access Database Management System00000
COUN 064Human Services and Social Work Seminar00000
BIO 014Principles of Microbiology00000
CHEM 012Chemistry for the Health Sciences00000
BIOT 405Emerging Biomanufacturing Technologies00000
ATEC 148BSpecial Topics Smog Check Level II00000
COMM 001Introduction to Public Speaking00000
ART 043Print Making: Relief Printing, Including Woodcut00000
BIOT 001Principles of Biotechnology00000
ART 076APortfolio Development Artistic Inquiry00000
CDFS 075Care of Infants and Toddlers: Social and Emotional Foundatio...00000
BUS 070Introduction to Insurance00000
ATEC 070Automotive Fundamentals00000
CIS 022Introduction to Programming00000
ART 033Intermediate Sculpture00000
CJ 051Criminal Investigation00000
ATHL 022AOff-Season Intercollegiate Tennis Conditioning00000
COMM 080ATV Sports Production Fall Sports00000
ART 015BCollage And Assemblage00000
DANC 004MIntermediate Ballet00000
ART 046CIllustration II00000
BIOT 063Biotechnology Instrumentation: Quality Control & Genetic Eng...00000
ART 019Figure Painting00000
BSOT 105Computer Literacy00000
ASL 001American Sign Language 100000
CDFS 064Observation and Assessment00000
BUS 181Business Mathematics00000
ASTR 010General Astronomy00000
CHEM 001General Chemistry I00000
ART 029Raku Pottery00000
CINA 016Film Production00000
ATEC 135Automotive Engine Performance00000
CIS 061Creating Web Pages00000
ART 007Design-Color00000
CIS 090Introduction to PowerPoint00000
ATHL 002BWomen's Spring Intercollegiate Basketball00000
CJ 058Fundamentals of Crime and Delinquency00000
ART 037Clay And Glazes For The Ceramic Artist00000
COMM 012Intercultural Communication00000
BIO 003Evolution, Ecology & Biodiversity00000
COUN 007Student Life Success00000
AERO 118Aviation Maintenance Technician FAA Airframe Test Preparatio...00000
DANC 004NBeginning Swing Dance00000
BIO 025Human Genetics00000
DRFT 045Introduction to Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD)00000
ART 017Intermediate Painting: Acrylic and Oil00000
BIOT 057Synthetic Biology and Algea Biotechnology00000
ART 064Monotype/Monoprint00000
BIOT 403Design of Biomanufacturing Facilities, Critical Utilities, P...00000
ANTH 001Physical Anthropology00000
BIOT 408Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing00000
ARTD 144DDigital Illustration Bootcamp Digital Illustration Bootcamp00000
BSOT 125Adobe Acrobat00000
ART 021Watercolor00000
BUS 092Business Communication00000
ASL 004American Sign Language 400000
CDFS 056Intervention And Strategies For Working With Children With C...00000
CDFS 038Child Growth and Development00000
ASL 053Introduction to American Sign Language Interpreting00000
CDFS 070Lifespan Human Development00000
ART 026Introduction to Ceramics: Wheel Throwing Techniques00000
CDFS 078Literacy and Music for ECE00000
ASTR 040Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology00000
CHEM 004Organic Chemistry II00000
ART 003BArts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas00000
CINA 010Introduction to Cinema Studies00000
ATEC 132Automotive Brake Systems00000
CIS 015Programming in Visual Basic.NET00000
ART 030CCeramics: History, Culture, Practice00000
CIS 050Microcomputer Applications00000
ATEC 138Automotive Electronics00000
CIS 066Microsoft Word00000
AERO 106Aviation Maintenance Technician Powerplant Reciprocating Eng...00000
CIS 087Adobe Illustrator for the Web00000
ATHL 001Women's Intercollegiate Volleyball (Fall)00000
CJ 001Introduction to Criminal Justice00000
ART 035AIntroduction to Wood-Fired Ceramics00000
CJ 053Legal Aspects of Evidence00000
ATHL 002AWomen's Fall Intercollegiate Basketball00000
CJ 060Probation and Parole00000
ART 011Survey of Modern Art00000
COMM 006Argumentation and Debate00000
ATHL 050BIntermediate Peak Performance00000
COMM 060Business and Professional Communication00000
ART 042Screen Printing00000
COSM 102Cosmetology III00000
BIO 012LEnvironmental Science Laboratory00000
COUN 062Helping Skills: Creating Alliances & Facilitating Change00000
ACCT 183Principles of Income Tax00000
DANC 004FBeginning Hip-Hop Dance00000
BIO 018Biology Of Sex00000
DANC 004Dance Appreciation00000
ART 045CTypography00000
BIO 099Biology Honors: Special Dissection00000
ACCT 001Principles of Accounting Financial00000
AERO 102Airframe Maintenance Technician Airframe Structures00000
ART 001Art History00000
ART 024Intermediate Ceramics: Hand Building00000
ASL 046American Sign Language 100000
CDFS 052Children with Special Needs00000