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SCAD Course Reviews

Savannah College of Art and Design

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHAR 340Non-human Character Setup00000
DRAW 312Color Drawing00000
ARLH 470Documenting the Built Environment00000
BDAL 749Business Design and Arts Leadership M.A. Final Project00000
ARTH 347Great Masters' Materials and Techniques00000
ARCH 706Architectural Practices00000
CREA 362Fiction Writing III: Voice and Revision00000
ANIM 322Acting for Animators00000
ARTH 110Survey of Western Art II00000
ANIM 390Animation Business and Professional Practices00000
ARTH 796HCollage, Bricolage, Montage: Issues in the Art of Assembly00000
ARTH 407Hidden Histories: Savannah's Layered Past00000
ANTH 107Introduction to Visual Anthropology00000
BUSI 355Entrepreneurship Studio00000
ANIM 250Digital Form, Space and Lighting00000
CINE 737Graduate Seminar in Cinema Studies00000
ARLH 309Villa and Garden00000
DMGT 732Facilitating Creative Thinking00000
ADVE 207Fundamentals Of Typography For Advertising00000
DWRI 272Introduction to Playwriting00000
ANIM 356Advanced Character Setup00000
ARTH 281Ancient Art and Architecture00000
ADVE 353Interactive And Digital Media In Advertising00000
ARTH 368British Modernism00000
ANIM 459The Short Short00000
ARTH 777Critical and Theoretical Approaches to Photography since 194...00000
ARTH 493Visiting Scholar/Curator00000
ANIM 756Animation Character Performance00000
BDAL ACCTAccounting Competency00000
ADVE 781Professional Collaboration00000
BEAU 440Collection II: Branding and Launch00000
ARCH 406Architecture Design Studio VI: Capstone II Comprehensive Des...00000
CERA 220Ceramic Tableware Design00000
ADBR 460Competition Creative and Presentation Work00000
CINE 205Reading Films00000
ARCH 760Sustainable Design00000
COMM 305Techniques for Professional Presentations00000
ANIM 3033D Character Animation: Performance Essentials00000
DANC 311Jazz Dance Styles00000
ARLH 369The City in Film and Media00000
DRAW 200Life Drawing I00000
ADBR 254Copywriting: Inventing the Brand Personality00000
DSGN 115Creative Thinking Strategies00000
ARLH 750The Classical Language Of Architecture00000
DWRI 356Writing the Feature Film Adaptation00000
ADVE 304Art Direction I: Traditional and Digital00000
ARTH 21218th-century Art00000
ANIM 369Technical Animation: Animation Look Development00000
ARTH 326Christians, Barbarians, Kings, and Emperors00000
ADBR 332Art Direction: Advanced Visual Integration00000
ARTH 357Greek Art and Archaeology00000
ANIM 411Technical Animation00000
ARTH 381Italian Renaissance Art00000
ADVE 440Advertising Final Portfolio00000
ARTH 436Collage, Bricolage, Montage00000
ANIM 565Animation M.A. Candidacy Review00000
ARTH 750Interpretations Of Ancient Roman Art And Archaeology00000
ARTH 496JMapping00000
ANIM 725Environment Look Development00000
ARTH 794Hidden Histories: Discovering Savannah00000
ADVE 729Art Direction00000
ARVR 300Game Engine Applications for Immersive Computing00000
ANIM 772Directed Projects in Animation II: Idea Resolution00000
BDAL 739Funding Arts and Cultural Initiatives00000
ADBR 374Copywriting: Brand Films and Social Content00000
BEAU 320Beauty and Fragrance Marketing and Management00000
ARCH 319Structures: General Structure00000
BUSI 101The Design of Business00000
ANIM 190Survey of Animation: Professional Pathways00000
BUSI 746Entrepreneurship Practicum00000
ARCH 438Urban Issues Seminar00000
CERA 325Ceramics II: Concepts, Designs, and Technical Applications00000
ACCE 749Accessory Design M.A. Final Project00000
CHIN 150Journey the Yangtze: Survey of Chinese Culture00000
ARCH 719Structures: Lateral Forces00000
CINE 703Analyze This: Cinema Studies Methods and Practices00000
ANIM 2722D Animation: Character Set-up and Pipeline Creation00000
CMPA 100Survey of Computer Art Applications00000
ARLH 202Architectural History in Savannah00000
CREA 178The Short Story00000
ADVE 130Introduction To Advertising00000
DANC 205Dance History00000
ARLH 344African Art and Architecture00000
DMGT 565Design Management M.A. Candidacy Review00000
ANIM 313Collaborative Experiences: 3D Production Pipeline00000
DMGT 783Design Futures: Trends, Foresight, and Intuition00000
ARLH 431Economies and the Built Environment00000
DRAW 240Inventing Environments00000
ACCE 364Footwear Design I: Introduction to Design and Construction00000
DRAW 502Drawing Methods Studio00000
ARLH 726Art And Architecture Of The Gothic Period00000
DSGN 225Architectural Fundamentals Studio III: Spatial Relationships...00000
ANIM 346Non-human Character Setup00000
ARLH 761Analyzing American Cultural Landscapes00000
ACCE 205Introduction to Fashion Accessory Design00000
ACCE 430Senior Collection III: Final Collection00000
ADBR 351Popular Culture in Advertising00000
ADVE 705Typography for Advertising Designers00000
ANIM 713Drawing in Motion00000
ARTH 716Pyramids00000