SCAD Course Reviews

Savannah College of Art and Design

ANIM 7243D Naturalistic Character Animation00000
ARCH 436Applied Structural Technologies00000
ANIM 253Core Principles of 3D Character Animation00000
ANIM 488Animated Capstone Film: Postproduction00000
ANIM 330Animation Layout and Character Design00000
ADVE 729Art Direction00000
ANIM 790Animation M.F.A. Thesis Completion00000
ADBR 441Creating Contagion: From Experience to Entertainment00000
ANIM 306Scripting for Animators00000
ADVE 204Advertising Copywriting00000
ANIM 395Collaborative Experiences in Animation00000
ANIM 3522D Animation Effects: Mastering the Elements00000
ADVE 447Art Direction For Broadcast00000
ANIM 709Computer-generated Modeling and Design00000
ADBR 335Creative Technology: Engineering Brand Experiences00000
ANIM 748Animation M.A. Final Project00000
ANAT 100General Anatomy00000
ARCH 319Structures: General Structure00000
ACCE 740Accessory Studio II: Production Planning and Execution00000
ARCH 715Construction Management00000
ADBR 485Undergraduate Independent Study00000
ANIM 318Stop Motion II00000
ADBR 150Introduction to Advertising: Concept to Content00000
ANIM 345Story and Concept: Storyboarding and Staging00000
ADVE 302Business Practices For Advertising Design00000
ANIM 385Story and Concept: Concept Development for Animation00000
ANIM 3622-D Character Animation II00000
ADVE 415Copywriting For Campaigns00000
ANIM 4233D Character Animation: Believability and Nuance00000
ADBR 312Art Direction: Typography and Persuasive Design00000
ANIM 565Animation M.A. Candidacy Review00000
ADVE 709Advertising Studio I: Creative Strategies00000
ANIM 715Character Look Development00000
ACCE 715Presentation Methods I: Portfolio Development00000
ANIM 732Character Animation: Acting and Performance Essentials00000
ADVE 770Advertising Portfolio00000
ANIM 760Stop Motion Animation I: Fabrication00000
ADBR 354Copywriting: Long Form Content00000
ARCH 101Introduction to Architecture00000
ANIM 223Historical Adventures in Cinematic Animation00000
ARCH 406Architecture Design Studio VI: Capstone II Comprehensive Des...00000
ACCE 364Footwear Design I: Introduction to Design and Construction00000
ARCH 490Portfolio Preparation and Presentation00000
ANIM 289Technical Animation: Fundamentals of Character Rigging00000
ARCH 717Graduate Architecture Studio I: Urban Design and Development00000
ACCE 750Directed Studies I: Thesis Collection Research and Developme...00000
ANIM 313Collaborative Experiences: 3D Production Pipeline00000
ADVE 150Creative Concepting00000
ANIM 3233D Character Animation: Expressive Character Acting00000
ACCE 372Handbag Design II: Advanced Patternmaking and Design Techniq...00000
ANIM 3333-D Character Animation I00000
ADVE 210Understanding Client Objectives00000
ANIM 349Technical Animation: Digital Modeling for Environments and P...00000
ADBR 212Typography for Brand Presence00000
ANIM 356Advanced Character Setup00000
ADVE 321Copywriting For Print And Digital Media00000
ANIM 3822D Animation: Digital Production and Compositing00000
ANIM 365Story and Concept: Seeding the Narrative00000
ADVE 353Interactive And Digital Media In Advertising00000
ANIM 3922-D Character Animation III00000
ADBR 305Brand Innovation: From Physical to Virtual00000
ANIM 411Technical Animation00000
ADVE 440Advertising Final Portfolio00000
ANIM 448Animated Capstone Film: Production00000
ACCE 501Accessory Design and Development00000
ANIM 504Character Animation Basics00000
ADVE 503Software And Production Essentials00000
ANIM 7042D Animation Essentials: Concept to Production00000
ADBR 332Art Direction: Advanced Visual Integration00000
ANIM 7143D Cartoon Character Animation00000
ADVE 719Advertising Studio II: Branding Solutions00000
ANIM 721Storyboarding and Previsualization00000
ACCE 320Accessory Design Industry00000
ANIM 725Environment Look Development00000
ADVE 749Advertising M.A. Final Project00000
ANIM 737Collaborative Project00000
ADBR 351Popular Culture in Advertising00000
ANIM 753Animation M.F.A. Thesis Exploration and Research00000
ADVE 791Advertising M.F.A. Thesis00000
ANIM 772Directed Projects in Animation II: Idea Resolution00000
ACCE 725Computer-aided Design for Accessories00000
ANTH 106Language, Culture, and Society00000
ANIM 190Survey of Animation: Professional Pathways00000
ARCH 301Architecture Design Studio I: Human-centered Design00000
ADBR 374Copywriting: Brand Films and Social Content00000
ARCH 341Construction Technology II: Building Systems and Technologie...00000
ANIM 250Digital Form, Space and Lighting00000
ARCH 421Advanced Architectural Presentation00000
ACCE 120Materials and Processes for Accessory Design00000
ARCH 461Environmental Control II: Mechanical, Lighting, Acoustics, a...00000
ANIM 275Core Principles of Animated Storytelling and Concept Develop...00000
ARCH 706Architectural Practices00000
ADBR 461Career Strategies for Advertising00000
ANIM 3033D Character Animation: Performance Essentials00000
ACCE 101Accessory Design Immersion00000
ACCE 205Introduction to Fashion Accessory Design00000
ACCE 415Senior Collection I: Research and Design Development00000
ADBR 254Copywriting: Inventing the Brand Personality00000
ADVE 334Art Direction II: Integrated Campaigns00000
ANIM 372Collaborative Experiences: 2D Production Pipeline00000