SBU Course Reviews

Stony Brook University

AMS 361Applied Calculus IV: Differential Equations00000
AMS 548Optimization techniques in biomolecular simulations00000
AFH 476Undergraduate Teaching Practicum II00000
AMS 151Applied Calculus I00000
AFS 363Blacks and Mass Media00000
ACC 598Forensic Accounting00000
AMS 519Internship in Quantitative Finance00000
AAS 444Experiential Learning00000
AFS 308Women Islam and Political Change in Africa00000
AAS 500Intellectual History Of East Asia00000
AIM 104Literary Analysis and Critical Reasoning00000
AFS 392The Black Power Movement00000
ACC 314Federal Income Taxation II00000
AMS 317Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis00000
AAS 372Family, Marriage, and Kinship in China00000
AMS 502Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems II00000
ADV 476Undergraduate Teaching Practicum II00000
AMS 534Introduction to Systems Biology00000
AAS 323Language and Society in Korea00000
AMS 569Probability Theory I00000
AAS 475Undergraduate Teaching Practicum I00000
AFS 340Human Rights and Africa00000
AAS 330Language and Society in South Asia00000
AFS 374Environment and Development in African History00000
AAS 545Acquisition of Asian Languages00000
AFS 540The Black Power Movement00000
AFS 447Readings in Africana Studies00000
ACC 214Managerial Cost Analysis and Applications00000
AMR 488Internship00000
AAS 352Environmental History of China00000
AMS 303Graph Theory00000
ACC 590Advanced Auditing and Assurance00000
AMS 335Game Theory00000
AAS 300Intellectual History of East Asia00000
AMS 459Write Effectively in Applied Mathematics00000
ACH 475Undergraduate College Teaching Practicum00000
AMS 513Financial Derivatives and Stochastic Calculus00000
AAS 391Humanities Topics in Asian and Asian American Studies00000
AMS 527Numerical Analysis II00000
AFH 329Pan-African Literature I00000
AMS 540Linear Programming00000
AAS 232Introduction to Asian American Fiction and Film00000
AMS 560Big Data Systems, Algorithms and Networks00000
AFS 221Introduction to Modern African History00000
AMS 571Mathematical Statistics00000
AAS 327Great Epics of India: Ramayana and Mahabharata00000
AFS 325Civil Rights and Black Power00000
AAS 488Internship00000
AFS 346Political and Social History of Africa00000
AAS 240Confucianism and Daoism00000
AFS 370The African-American Family00000
AAS 505The Pacific, Travel and Empire00000
AFS 381AIDS, Race, and Gender in the Black Community00000
AAS 334English in Asia00000
AFS 410Computers and Technology in Africa00000
AAS 565Food, Labor And Asian America00000
AFS 502Research Methods in Africana Studies00000
AFS 476Undergraduate Teaching Practicum II00000
AAS 587Supervised Research in Contemporary Asian and Asian American...00000
AFS 585Independent Studies00000
AAS 343Modern Japan00000
AMR 475Undergraduate Teaching Practicum I00000
ACC 311Federal Income Taxation I00000
AMS 103Applied Mathematics in Modern Technology00000
AAS 280Islam00000
AMS 261Applied Calculus III00000
ACC 543Corporate Governance00000
AMS 311Probability Theory00000
AAS 367Meditation and Enlightenment00000
AMS 325Computing and Programming Fundamentals in Applied Mathematic...00000
ACC 596Financial Accounting Theory00000
AMS 342Operations Research II: Stochastic Models00000
AAS 220China: Language and Culture00000
AMS 412Mathematical Statistics00000
ACH 102Undergraduate College Seminar: Arts, Culture, and Humanities00000
AMS 492Topics in Applied Mathematics00000
AAS 382Japanese Buddhism00000
AMS 510Analytical Methods for Applied Mathematics and Statistics00000
ADV 101Advising 101: Transfer Seminar00000
AMS 516Statistical Methods in Finance00000
AAS 321Korean Literature00000
AMS 522Bayesian Methods in Finance00000
AFH 205Contemporary African Literature00000
AMS 531Laboratory Rotations in Computational Biology00000
AAS 400Seminar in Korean Studies00000
AMS 536Molecular Modeling of Biological Molecules00000
AFH 444Experiential Learning00000
AMS 546Network Flows00000
AAS 212Asian and Asian American Studies Topics in the Humanities00000
AMS 553Simulation and Modeling00000
AFH 487Research in Africana Studies00000
AMS 562Introduction to Scientific Programming in C++00000
AAS 459Write Effectively in Asian and Asian American Studies00000
AFS 283Community Service00000
AAS 118Introduction To Asian Studies00000
AAS 217Introduction to Korean Culture00000
AAS 250Languages and Cultures of Asian Americans00000
AAS 337History of Korea00000
AAS 575Multilingualism & Communication in Asia00000
AFS 488Internship00000