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SBCC Course Reviews

Santa Barbara City College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ACCT 230Financial Accounting41341
MATH 137College Algebra42451
BIOL 124Biological Oceanography54531
BLST 103African-American Culture00000
BIOL 102Animal Biology00000
ART NC138Painting in Acrylic: FOA00000
AHV NC009Integrate the Work Environment00000
CA 111Hospitality Controls00000
ART NC168Pastels: For Older Adults00000
CA 230Food Service: Nutrition00000
ART 120Fundamentals of Drawing00000
AUTO 111Engine Rebuilding00000
ART NC192Art a la Carte: FOA00000
BIOL 140Principles of Biology00000
ADC 152Clinical Process00000
BOT 121Plant Diversity00000
ART NC142Watercl. & the great Outd: FOA00000
CA 124Principles of Baking00000
ACTV NC214Exploring IRS Enrolled Agent00000
CHEM 211Organic Chemistry I00000
AJ 104Introduction to Corrections00000
ACTW NC002Monthly Procedures using QB00000
ART 133Intermediate Painting00000
AJ 125Introduction To Criminology00000
ART 141Studio Art Foundations 3D00000
ART 154Ceramic Sculpture00000
ASL 103Intermediate ASL I00000
ART NC218Figure Drawing: FOA00000
AUTO 217Automotive Specialty I00000
ADC 126Treat&Case Mgmt-Chem-Dep Indiv00000
BIOL 123Ecology Laboratory00000
ART NC525Antiques for Older Adults00000
BIOL 295Internship In Biology00000
ACTV NC101Intro to Accounting Basics 100000
BMS 128Human Nutrition00000
ART NC722Chin Callig & Brush Paint: FOA00000
BUS 103Business Mathematics00000
AH NC007Medical Assistant II00000
CA 115DCatering Organization00000
ART NC723Glass Arts Workshop: FOA00000
CA 212Charcuterie00000
ACCT 120Nonprofit Accounting00000
CAV NC014ServSafe Food Safety: Module B00000
ART 103HPrehist. to Gothic Art, Honors00000
CHEM 222Organic Chemistry Lab II00000
ACTV NC215Fundamentals of Income Tax00000
ART 124BClassical Animation II00000
AJ 110Introduction To Forensics00000
ART 137Advanced Painting00000
ACCT 150Intro To Accounting Software00000
ART 151Intermediate Ceramics00000
AJ 255Terrorism&Criminal Justic Syst00000
ADC 120Alcohol and Other Drugs00000
ART 170Introduction to Sculpture00000
ANTH 101Physical Anthropology00000
ART 172Advanced Sculpture00000
ART 180Sculpture Fabrication00000
ASAM 101Comparative Asian-Amer History00000
ANTH 299Indep Study In Anthropology00000
AUTO 101AIntroduction to Auto Mechanics00000
ADC 124Chemical Dependency & Family00000
AUTO 114Automotive Power Train00000
ART NC704Stained Glass: FOA00000
AUTO 290Work Exp: Automotive Service00000
ANTH 102Introduction To Archaeology00000
ART 190Introduction to Printmaking00000
BIOL 112Evolution and Adaptation00000
ART NC153Light and Shadow in ART: FOA00000
BIOL 125Marine Biology00000
ADC 131Attitudes, Motiva and Behavior00000
BIOL 161DNA and Society00000
ART NC896Clay Handbuilding: FOA00000
BLST 101African-Amer: Us Hist To Ww II00000
ACCT 110Introduction to Accounting00000
BMS 107Human Anatomy00000
ART NC433Southwest Style Jewl: FOA00000
BMS 146Human Form and Function00000
AH NC021Personal Care II: Dementia00000
BOT 123Field Botany00000
ART NC906Individualized Sewing00000
CA NC013ServSafe Food Safety: Module A00000
ACTV NC102Intro to Accounting Basics 200000
CA 115ACatering Prep00000
ART NC434Specialized Jewel Tech: FOA00000
CA 117Culinary Fundamentals I00000
AHV NC006Medical Assistant IB00000
CA 200Food Service Practicum00000
ART NC107Oil and Acrylic Painting: FOA00000
CA 215Modern Food:Style/Dsgn/Theory00000
ACCT NC002Monthly Procedures using QB00000
CA 270Advanced Pastry Arts00000
ART 102BLate Twentieth Century Art00000
CHEM 155General Chemistry I00000
AJ 101Intro Administratn Of Justice00000
ART 192Advanced Printmaking00000
ART 112Survey Of Pre-Columbian Art00000
ACCT NC001Setting up QB for sm. Business00000
ACCT NC003Year End Procedures00000
ACCT 215Fundamentals Of Income Tax00000
ADC 122Pharm&Physiol Effect-Alch&Drug00000