SBCC Course Reviews

Santa Barbara City College

ASL 103Intermediate ASL I00000
BIOL 291Seminars In Biology00000
ART NC106Exploring Watercolor: FOA00000
ART 171Intermediate Sculpture00000
ART 101Visual Literacy00000
ART NC439The Art of Jewel Lev 1: FOA00000
BIOL 101Plant Biology00000
AJ 111Criminal Investigation00000
ART NC723Glass Arts Workshop: FOA00000
ANTH 101Physical Anthropology00000
ART 140Studio Art Foundations (2-D)00000
ART 108History of Asian Art00000
ART NC748Monotypes and Monoprints FOA00000
ART 193Beg Printmaking: Silkscreen00000
AH NC007Medical Assistant II00000
AUTO 113Auto Fuel and AC Systems00000
ART NC154Beg. Watercl. Paint. flow: FOA00000
BIOL 124Biological Oceanography00000
ADC 120Alcohol and Other Drugs00000
BLST 111African-Amer Music Experience00000
AJ 250The Study of Murder00000
ART NC126Splashing Watercolor: FOA00000
ADC 124Chemical Dependency & Family00000
ART 103HPrehist. to Gothic Art, Honors00000
ANTH 103Intro To Cultural Anthropology00000
ART 132Fund Of Painting00000
ART 114History Of Photography00000
ART NC218Figure Drawing: FOA00000
ART 152Advanced Ceramics00000
AH NC020Personal Care I:Basic Care00000
ART 190Introduction to Printmaking00000
ART NC135Art and the Environment: FOA00000
ART 216Survey: Islamic Art & Architec00000
ACTW NC215Fundamentals of Income Tax00000
AUTO 101Introduction to Auto Mechanics00000
ART NC896Clay Handbuilding: FOA00000
AUTO 218Automotive Specialty II00000
AJ 104Introduction to Corrections00000
BIOL 112Evolution and Adaptation00000
ART NC585Art Exper. & Convers: FOA00000
BIOL 141Biology Laboratory00000
ACCT 230Financial Accounting00000
BLST 101African-Amer: Us Hist To Ww II00000
ART NC211Beginning Drawing: FOA00000
BMS 107Human Anatomy00000
ADC 122Pharm&Physiol Effect-Alch&Drug00000
ART NC180Color Capt. Lght: Beg Wtr: FOA00000
AJ 265Crime and Human Behavior00000
ART NC168Pastels: For Older Adults00000
ACTV NC101Intro to Accounting Basics 100000
ART 102AEarly 20th Century Art00000
ANTH 101HPhysical Anthropology, Honors00000
ART 104HHist Of Art: Ren-Modern,Honors00000
ADC 126Treat&Case Mgmt-Chem-Dep Indiv00000
ART 111Survey Of Tribal Arts00000
ANTH 109Comparative World Cultures00000
ART 124BClassical Animation II00000
ART 119Art Field Studies00000
ARBC 101Beg Modern Standard Arabic I00000
ART 134Theory & Application in Paint00000
ADC 152Clinical Process00000
ART 150Fundamentals of Ceramics00000
ART NC444Jewelry Workshop: FOA00000
ART 155Glaze Formulation00000
ACTV NC003Year End Procedures00000
ART 180Sculpture Fabrication00000
ART NC192Art a la Carte: FOA00000
ART 191Intermediate Printmaking00000
AH NC006Medical Assistant 1B00000
ART 195Printmaking, Theory & Applicat00000
ART NC190Abstract Painting: FOA00000
ASL 101Beginning ASL I00000
ACCT 160Accounting With Quickbooks00000
ASL 150Individual ASL Skills Develop00000
ART NC705Beginning Stained Glass: FOA00000
AUTO 111Engine Rebuilding00000
AHV NC021Personal Care Attendant II00000
AUTO 116Engine Performance00000
ART NC115Color Exploration: FOA00000
AUTO 290Work Exp: Automotive Service00000
ACTW NC002Monthly Procedures using QB00000
BIOL 103Cell and Molecular Biololgy00000
ART NC433Southwest Style Jewl: FOA00000
BIOL 122Ecology00000
AJ 107Concepts Of Criminal Law00000
BIOL 130Methods in Field Biology00000
ART NC823Ceramic, Opt. for Creatve: FOA00000
BIOL 161DNA and Society00000
ACCT 110Introduction to Accounting00000
BLAW 101Business Law00000
ART NC142Watercl. & the great Outd: FOA00000
BLST 102HAfr-Amer:Us Hist Civ Rts-Pres00000
AJ 125Introduction To Criminology00000
ART NC443Lost Wax Casting: FOA00000
ACCT NC002Monthly Procedures using QB00000
ACCT 130Payroll Accounting00000
ACTV NC102Intro to Accounting Basics 200000
ADC 131Attitudes, Motiva and Behavior00000
ANTH 295Internship In Anthropology00000
ART 123Figure and Portrait Drawing00000